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Steelers Injury Report: CB Cortez Allen Sits Out Thursday; NT Steve McLendon Limited

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now released their first injury report of the week complete with participation designations for their Monday night game against the Cincinnati Bengals and a few new names have surfaced on it.

Cornerback Cortez Allen (ankle) who sustained an ankle injury in the second half against the Tennessee Titans did not practice as expected. Head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday during his press conference that they would see where he is at come the end of the week.

Also not practicing Thursday was cornerback Curtis Brown (illness), who sat out with an illness. Brown is a key special teams player, so hopefully he will be well come Monday night.

Tight end Heath Miller (knee) remains limited as he continues to push toward a return to the field.

Kicker Shaun Suisham (hamstring) was limited Thursday after suffering a hamstring injury during pre-game warm-ups against the Titans. The Steelers signed veteran kicker Shayne Graham earlier in the week as insurance just in case Suisham is unable kick Monday night.

Nose tackle Steve McLendon (hamstring) was limited Thursday with a hamstring injury, while running back Le’Veon Bell (foot), as expected, did not practice Thursday and is likely still a few weeks away from being able to play, according to reports on Wednesday.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Garrett Hunt

    Please God do not let Mclendon’s hamstring injury be serious or lingering in any form or fashion.

  • steeltown

    Great… Allen is out giving C.Brown more reps with the 1st Team, but he’s ill

    Would be awesome to hear that Cortez is a full participant tomorrow

  • r4kolb

    Wow…it gets uglier and uglier. Hammy’s are a lingering problem, ask Woodley. I blew mine out 20 years ago and I can still feel the effects today. I’m being totally serious about that. How do we reverse the curse? This is insane.

  • Gary Thomas

    Lol another no depth position

  • r4kolb

    No No you’re wrong. Remember Colbert moved up in the draft last year to get us depth at the nosetackle position…….oh wait we cut him….nevermind

  • Mkeller

    Do not bash Colbert…its a violation of the highest order. Because they’ve had past success to question anything he or Tomlin does is blasphemy. Besides any normal thinking person can clearly see what their long term strategy regarding the roster is.


    Allen, Allen, Allen oh man!

  • Jeff

    It’s a shame that Allen has been hurt so often this preseason/season. I was really looking forward to seeing if he lived up to the high expectations that the coaching staff had for him. He has been all hype thus far though. He needs to be on the field.
    And Mclendon now too….. this team hasn’t had a break with injuries over the last 3 years now.

  • JPDQ

    Yup, and your post might get deleted too.

    I was actually responding under one of your posts the other day, Mkeller, when my response got, uh, “removed.” I was asking if somebody could point out exactly what Dwyer has done that makes everybody continue to call him unprofessional and immature in the media and in particular on this site?

    I’m seriously wondering, b/c the only thing I remember is him showing up to camp overweight a couple times. Like we’ve never had that happen before on this team. It’s a total joke that this continues to be an excuse as to why he was cut. (Well, one of the many revolving excuses Steelers Depot makes on this subject).

    On a team that has recently boasted such fine, upstanding young professionals as Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Rainey, Maurkice Pouncey, Weslye Saunders, Alameda Ta’amu and even our fearless leader, Big Ben Roethlisberger, to continually call Dwyer “unprofessional” is a farce.

    I watched some video of this guy from just a day or two ago on an “official” Steelers site (god forbid you should name another website) and he’s very well-spoken and mature. I was also clarifying in my post that Dwyer clearly says he was a changed person after the birth of his son, NOT after getting cut by the Steelers, which is yet another falsely reported fact about this kid that showed up here.

    So I’m asking again, can somebody point out some TANGIBLE major red flag on Dwyer since he’s been here?

  • Garrett Hunt

    If you really want to know what people think I would suggest commenting on page that actually has something to do with Dwyer…

  • Garrett Hunt

    I know injuries are a part of the game and cannot be an excuse for team performance. However, it would be interesting to see some statistic on injuries for nfl teams because the last few years we have been shafted.

  • Nolrog

    We need to sacrafice a chicken or something.

  • Nolrog

    I would be interested in that as well. I’m also interested in knowing how many other players were lost for the year after week 1. Steelers lost 3, and that seems like a lot.

  • JPDQ

    I DID, when the thread was fresh. And it got DELETED. But feel free to go back to one of the dozen different Dwyer threads I’ve commented on and let me know your thoughts.

  • Eric

    I miss Keenan…… Ok I said it.

  • Eric

    Sacrafice a Bengal Tiger to break the curse.

  • Eric

    Not only that, its 4 starters hurt, including suisham, and 3 players out for the season

  • joed32

    I hope not but the article says he was limited at practice not out of it. They still have Woods and Fangupo if needed.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Do we want Brown playing anything in the secondary?

  • Mkeller

    Dwyer has not been able to keep his weight down making him less dependable from a stamina stand point. Trust me, if he were the talent many think he is he wouldn’t have been available to sign this week. Showed up at OTAs weighing 265lbs. He did this with 1.3 mil on the line. That pretty much sums it up. The GM and coach had to give him yet another butt chewing to convince him to get himself in shape. He’s not self motivated and money doesn’t seem to work either.

  • JPDQ

    Again, guys coming into camp overweight is nothing new or particularly unusual for NFL teams. The guy’s production speaks for itself in comparison to Redman’s. So yeah, no tangible red flags. Funny that his lack of “stamina” still translated into more yards and better average than every other back on the roster last year. Contracts aren’t predicated on how the players show up on Day 1 of OTAs, they’re based on production during the season.

  • pittsburghjoe

    Does it not comfort you to know we have Hebron Fanguopo ready and willing?

  • pittsburghjoe

    We did not cut him. He now owns a drivers education school on the Southside of Pittsburgh.

  • r4kolb

    Are you his agent? I Don’t know about you but if I had the blessing of a 1.3 million dollar contract on the line I’d be showing up in the best shape of my life. OTA’s or not. Also knowing I’ve been called out on it before would give me even more incentive to be in shape. Oh and then there’s the little added incentive of knowing they drafted a running back in the second round too. As a person who has worked in management I can tell you the people who care and the people who don’t. Dwyer’s constantly coming in out of shape tells me he didn’t care. Well guess what he was on the street for a while and no other team thought enough of his talent to sign him so that tells me, and this goes for all our current stable of backs other then Bell who we have yet to see what he can do, are average at best. That’s like saying Brandon Weeden is the best Browns QB. Who cares, they all suck!!

  • JPDQ

    Huh. Then I wonder what Casey Hampton’s excuse was. Pretty sure he was making more than 1.3mil/year. Or Bettis. Or any number of linemen. Or Polamalu. Or Roethlisberger.

    If the only reason you guys can come up with as to why Tomlin decided to get rid of Dwyer was because he was overweight in OTAs, then I can’t really reason with you. You guys are just as bad as Tomlin with his “standard is the standard” sliding scale. If I’m Dwyer, I’m thinking I led the team in rushing last year, I’m the only healthy back in the preseason, and unless I grossly, grossly underperform, I would reasonably believe I deserve to be on the roster.

    Not saying he doesn’t have issues with his off-season regimen, but c’mon, that’s not that big of a deal when he clearly has no trouble getting into shape when it matters.

    Ultimately, if you decide to field a professional football team based on somebody’s perceived attitude rather than their production on the field… well, you’re seeing exactly how that methodology is playing out over the last couple years now. It’s not like Dwyer is T.O. for god’s sake… he just isn’t the world’s greatest workout warrior.

    Oh yeah, one last thing… you better believe Brandon Weeden is better than Jake Locker. Think about that.

  • r4kolb

    Please tell me you did not just compare Dwyer’s skill level to Hampton, Bettis, Troy, and Ben. Also there is a BIG difference between a RB’s coming in overweight and a Lineman. If I’m not mistaken I think Big Snack was fined for his weight. I think your missing the point, Dwyer is average at best. To compare him with the men you did is absurd.
    Again I must ask….Are you his agent????

  • r4kolb

    Oh yeah and last time I checked Locker wasn’t a Browns QB. Guess you missed my point on that too!!! PS. you’re a Peasy fan so I respect that.

  • Crazy Bone

    Man I wish we still had Keenan Lewis. That was the one decision I did not get at all. Lewis had developed in a solid corner. Allen hasn’t shown he can stay healthy. Gay will get picked on from the first series on.

  • JPDQ

    No, I think YOU are missing the point, which is “the standard is the standard,” remember? I’m not comparing skill levels. I’m pointing out that if you are going to hold one guy accountable for something as minor as off-season weight, then how come that rule doesn’t apply to everybody else?

    The other point that should be obvious is that Dwyer was the most productive back we had last year. It’s not that difficult to understand! The guy didn’t do anything to lose his job, and in fact should have gained favor by being the only healthy back we’ve had since August. Our completely unproven “stud” second-rd draft pick has been injured the entire preseason and will end up missing at least a quarter of the season. You can say Dwyer is average until you’re blue in the face (and I’m not necessarily debating that he isn’t), but he was better than Redman all last year, so WHAT DOES THAT MAKE REDMAN?

  • JPDQ

    Oh wait, you mean that wasn’t the Browns we played last weekend? Damn, guess I was too busy fielding calls from the Steelers – ya know, requesting Dwyer’s services after Redman coughed it up twice and Stephens-Howling folded up like a lawn chair on opening day.

  • r4kolb

    Redman coughed it up once. They changed the first one to Ben now. Again I say they (RB’s) are all average at best. Also I’m done going back and forth w you on this post. This wasn’t even on the running backs.

  • steeltown

    Not really… thank the lord for Shark Thomas


    Somewhat surprising, but Lewis commanded the highest contract of all the FA CBs…no way Colbert could’ve come close. Allen is the guy that was in their plans so hopefully he can shake this off.

  • Ceelamar

    I am with you on this one about Dwyer. If Tomlin dosen’t get pass his personal feelings about his players and put the best man on the field then, he’ll be looking for a job soon.

  • Mkeller

    Its an amazing conversation I keep finding myself in. People really take this stuff personally. The guy is what he is. 31 other teams could have signed him and didn’t. He doesn’t like to work. Dwyer doesn’t seem to care, why do you?

  • JPDQ

    Sorry, dude. I must have you confused with another poster. I thought you were one of the guys that could actually apply critical thinking to a discussion, which is why I asked the original question. I care for the same reasons everybody else on this site does – because we’re fans of this team. That doesn’t mean I can’t be critical and question decisions made by the team and its coaches and owners. But I guess if you don’t care, you wouldn’t understand that, right?

    So if you don’t care, don’t bother responding to my posts. Just be glad we were able to sign Fernando Velasco — 31 other teams could have, and didn’t. Ya know?

  • Mkeller

    Good point on Velasco. Let’s see what he does before we celebrate it. And I am applying critical thinking to the discussion. I’m electing to believe what my I eyes see. Dwyer is an underwhelming player that’s had a few good moments. He’s lazy, inconsistent, and unmotivated. Is he better than Redman? Possibly. But you’re not improving the run game with either of them. Nothing would please me more than to have him prove me wrong. But the dude keeps saying “I get it this time and I’ve got a chip about it”. Its the 4th such situation. You have a right to recognize his untapped potential. I have the right to see a guy who can’t realize his potential. But unless you have a direct conduit to Tomlin or Colbert you can only speculate like the rest of us as to why they found him expendable. Evidence says they don’t like or trust the way he works. No worries though. They’ll play the games and the outcomes will tell the story. Best of luck to him I say.

  • Mkeller

    The only way they could have done that would have been to move on from Ike. Personally that’s what I would have done. The 1st yr of Keenans contract likely would have been a savings over Ike. We would be in the same spot with Allen and Gay but at least they’d be invested in a young player that appears to be on the come. I keep saying that unless Ike takes a major shave next yr he’ll likely be gone anyway and we’ll be left with Cortez and nothing else.

  • JPDQ

    I can respect your opinion and perspective on Dwyer. I personally think it’s been somewhat of a myth perpetuated through the media that the guy is lazy and unprofessional. Some of the fanbase absolutely agrees with that idea, and some of the fanbase absolutely doesn’t. My point with this particular thread was just to double check and make sure I wasn’t forgetting some issue other than his weight that solely created that perception.

    I’m not and never have argued that Dwyer is vastly superior to Redman or Jones or anybody else. All I’ve been saying is that it blows my mind that people (fans, coaches, front office, whoever) would rather cut a guy based on his offseason conditioning than his overall production and bottom line contribution to the team, particularly when that production exceeds everybody else at that position.

    It’s just terribly hypocritical of Tomlin and the staff, and it pisses me off to no end to see a team assembled with more consideration given to the coach’s ego than the talent on the field.

    Feel free to move on to other things. Thanks for indulging me.

  • Mkeller

    Last word.

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