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Steelers Mike Tomlin Post Game Press Conference – Week 2 – Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the media following the 20-10 loss Monday night to the Cincinnati Bengals and below is the transcript from the press conference.

Opening Comment: We are a frustrated group right now. I just told the group that is a natural response. More important than that a couple of things we have to accept and acknowledge and number one we weren’t good enough tonight. We accept that. I emphasize tonight, like I just emphasized it to that group in there. There is a certain amount we need to swallow with this and rightfully so. We’ve got to remain unwavered collectively. We need to continue to work and move forward. It starts with that acknowledgement that they were a better team tonight. Our margin for error was minimal. A splash play there in the first half and then turn the ball over and then didn’t have the appropriate response on defense. That sequence was probably a minimum of a 10-point swing. Early in the second half I thought we had a big third down conversion that was going to flip the field and we had a penalty. That brought that drive back. We didn’t move the ball enough in the second half collectively to remain in the thing in a manner in which we would like to. We have work to do. We don’t hide from that. We accept that, embrace that and understand there is a certain amount of misery that comes with the position we are in.  We’ll wear it. We won’t like it, but we’ll wear it. More importantly we’ll continue to work and get better as a football team and particularly with our next opportunity.

After the David Paulson fumble, it looked like Ben Roethlisberger was going to run a play real quick, spike it or something, but didn’t. Was that his call there?
That is always a collective thing. Sometimes when you are on the grass you have a different perspective or a better perspective than maybe those on the sideline. I don’t know what he saw. He is probably in better position to answer that. But largely when you get those types of plays, particularly on the road, they are not going to allow you to get up there and snap it. Their replay booth is going to work in conjunction with their sideline to make sure they get the necessary looks. The bottom line is the ball was on the ground.

You called last week unacceptable. It sounds like a softer tone this week. Is this something you build on?
This is unacceptable too. We step into stadiums to win and we didn’t do that tonight and I started by just acknowledging that fact.

Do you think the answer is in that room or do you need to look outside?
I believe honestly the answers are still in that room.

Will Markus Wheaton be a part of that?
He will be.

Re: Offensive line
I thought they battled. It was a hostile environment and so forth. When we got down by double-digit points in the second half it gets somewhat one dimensional. It tilts in the favor of those rush men. Largely I liked the look in their eyes the remainder of the night. We didn’t have the type of success we need to have in order to win football games and that is probably largely what is most important.

That tripping penalty was a tough call?
Yeah, I referred to that earlier when I said we had a big third down that looked like it flipped the field and it was a penalty.

Were there communication problems with the Tyler Eifert’s long catch and the Giovani Bernard 26-yarder?
Good plays by them. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that. They are a good football team. They executed well in those instances you referred to.

Did you see better offensive line play this week than against Tennessee?
I haven’t looked at it that way. I am focused solely on what it is we did tonight and it wasn’t good enough to win tonight. I am not looking with a broad brush as of right now.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Shannon Stephenson

    Once again he says all the right things but we need results and not clever statements.

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    Has no skills to overcome a thing, remember The unleash hell in december, or that he would take ST under his wings to improve them, he is cluelees, he is our HC just to endorse the Rooney’s rule, other than that he won’t get hired even to sling burritos!

  • Christopher Wilkes

    The coaches blew an opportunity to run a play after that fumble, but Tomlin’s right. The bottom line is the ball was on the ground. I do not like Paulson at all. I was cringing seconds before the fumble with the way he was holding the ball. I think he caught another ball and it looked like someone came from behind him again and almost had an opportunity to pop it out.

  • Jakob

    You’re an idiot

  • nick

    Tomlin needs to shut it.he’s bad ..Haley is a retard shrek calling plays. and we need to draft Michael Jordan to catch bens passes.

  • Michael Briscoe

    Great comments tonight, except for Marcela Garza, your an ignorant jackass! Here is how it breaks down again the O line is terrible They must rebuild it they have bums at those positions , 2 the Steelers have no direction on Offense they just look like they are calling school yard plays Fire Haley we have lost our Id. Your going to get Ben Killed and wasting The D solid effort tonight.

  • Vic

    Tomlin is another mike Singletary. Just another motivational speaker

  • Vic

    Tomlin has no game plan or approach. This offense has no direction thats why they cant recruit the right personal.

  • Vic

    Trade ben get some picks free up the cap space. Lets face it this team is going nowhere. Whats the point of paying ben all that money to sit on the bench hurt. Tomlin and The whole offense coaching staff needs to go.

  • r4kolb

    Like I’ve said in earlier posts Tomlin’s talk is getting old. Haley has no clue, which in turn is turning Ben into a middle of the road QB. At some point Colbert will need to be held accountable for his drafts too. This team is mediocre at best. I get Heath will be coming back but can he really make that big an impact on the offense? Bell? If there aren’t any holes to hit it doesn’t matter who is gonna carry the rock. Did anybody else notice DeCastro going at the Bengals linemans knees in the first half? Is this what the new O-line coach preaches? 6 loss’s away from another 8 – 8 season. Wow.

  • Rod Hedrick

    Maybe they really like Clowney?

  • Bruce Warren

    Same old BS after the last 13 games. 1-12 in that time. Just what did get they do during in pre season? Nothing has changed since last season, nothing. We draft how? Seems that NE and everyone of the elites reload every yr. the way the Steelers used to. Offense, laughing stock. 42 yds. rushing, not acceptable. OL line a joke. Hell from what I’ve seen put my 56 yr. old ass out there and pay me to let Ben get hit every down, same thing, only I would be a true bargain! Haley, ain’t worth my time to bitch about him anymore.

  • Luke Shabro

    I’ve been a Tomlin supporter and defender but I’m getting really sick of this. The calm and stoic look works for a time but when guys are sloppy like that, get fired up, get mad. Act like you care. I’m sure he does and he’s just trying to show this calm demeanor but I want to see Tomlin show some emotion. He doesn’t have to be throwing a temper tantrum every five minutes like Jim Harbaugh but Jesus man.
    Can anyone tell me why Redman got any snaps at all? Any? I saw him get one five yard gain last week and that’s the most he’s gotten. Literally stuffed on every play. I understand plenty of that is on the line but keep Felix and Dwyer in there. At least they can make a little something out of nothing. I don’t understand this coaching staff sticking with Redman. I swear it’s like sometimes they stick with guys purely out of stubornness.

  • Luke Shabro

    1-12? What team were you watching?

  • Luke Shabro

    Jack Bicknell Jr. is friggin’ terrible. He has to be the worst offensive line coach in the league

  • Luke Shabro

    I’ve liked Tomlin and Colbert both for a while. I don’t think Colbert is nearly as bad as many fans make him out to be. However, this scenario is the same thing that did in Polian and Caldwell. No depth at all, held on to “core” players for too long and didn’t have the ability to coach themselves out of a bad situation. If Caldwell could’ve gotten them to even 6-10 or 7-9 I think he keeps his job. If Tomlin can’t get this team to a 7-9 or 8-8 record he could be in trouble. I could be completely off base but I think it comes down to not the fact that they’re losing but how they’re losing. Maybe I’m exaggerating because the game is still fresh in my mind but this team doesn’t seem to handle adversity very well. Pouncey goes down and everyone’s confidence goes down the tubes. Paulson coughs up the ball and everyone’s confidence goes down the tubes. Beachum gets called on a BS tripping penalty and everyone just gives up. It’s really disheartening and I feel like this speaks volumes about the coaching staff right now. When are these guys going to get up for a game? It’s like they don’t get fired up at all until they’re already in a hole with not enough time to catch up. Great team in garbage time… I looked at after week 3 and thought we’d be 2-1 AT WORST. Now it feels pretty much like we have a realllllyy good chance of being 0-3. Blame is deserved all around on this team.

  • 2443scott

    tomlin looked shocked in that interview …and he should be …you cant call for a running play then run right at a def-line and expect to get 4 or 5 yards a pop but seems thats the play call half the time ….that short passing game to wr on out side will never work if the te cant get over there in time to help out ….what ever happened to the zone blocking for the running backs i dont see any that going on and where is the drop ball off to back or screen plays i was expecting more this from line and haley this year …and for tomlin to now put pressure on wheaton a rookie to be the savor is wrong even though wheaton has shown he can be a help they cant use him like that ….sanders as always shows signs as a good wr but then he goes back to being a 3rd wr mind set ….so far every team has been boxing the steelers on line and stoping steelers for 1 yard runs because they know they run right at them …till we get our te`s back and bell we are going to have to wait out this storm but we need some sorta play calls from coaches that even a high school team can do like run to out side follow a blocker through hole not call a play where running back runs right into a line all the time ..spead the off-line out with wr`s and drop ball off to a back at lease do something diff the other team is not waiting for ..

  • Bruce Warren

    Going back to last season and including this past pre season. What were you watching?

  • Bruce Warren

    Bell is not coming back. PERIOD. And even if he does he will be another No.1 bust!

  • treeher

    I hate that Ben is being wasted on this team. Besides lack of talent on offense, Haley is one of the worst coaching mistakes ever. After the FOURTH wide receiver screen for -0- yards, I stopped yelling at him, figured it was a lost cause. Even MNF announcer was complaining … “Let Ben be Ben.”

  • Luke Shabro

    The preseason was ugly but I’m not counting the preseason in W-L total

  • Luke Shabro

    Let’s run an end around with our slowest receiver. Good call Haley! Coordinator of the Year right there!

  • JPDQ

    Ding ding ding. Give the man a prize!

  • dave d

    long season ahead, cant win with what we got ,mabey hockey?

  • Bruce Warren

    Losing breeds losing, regardless if its regular or preseason.

  • Bob Graff

    Here are some interesting things that happen during the game. Tyler Eifert is good he’s a good receiver and if you watch the replays he was handling J. Jones with no problem by himself. We will have to contend with him for years to come. This line can’t block plain and simple and anybody who thought that this new zone blocking scheme was going to help, you are obviously wrong.Our defense can still hold em to 20 but like i said in the past can we score 27-30 a game so far the answer is no. Is the talent being misused? Or is there just a lack of talent or both? tune in next week.

  • Bob Graff

    Don’t give them any ideas. We need substance not more b.s.

  • Tom Savastano

    Bell was a 2nd round pick..

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    Great comment Jakob, maybe I hurt your feelings because you are slinging burritos!

  • SteelerCop

    WOW…do you really think the HC is clueless….Do you really think he does not have the team prepared to win…Sooner or Later you will see what the real problem is….and that fact is that our players are not that good. They might get better after working together with each other a little more…BUT, the blame must be put on The GM and The OC…The GM did not draft plug-in…”next man up” players…he drafted players that needed to be developed…that takes time! The OC…HALEY, deserves the other half of the blame by not adjusting to the players strengths…If they focus on what the offense can do well…then they can try to outplay the opposition…but it will be hard to outplay the opposition when they can not even play their own offense very well.

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    Michael Briscoe, So you are educating us with your break down, sadly but it all starts with the head, if things are not working its HC fault, why the HC get recognition when everything goes well?

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    The sad thing is that the Rooneys won’t fire Tomlin he would last here forever!

  • Ken

    Five reasons they lost to the Bengals
    1. Todd Haley – I have never seen more random play calling! He really doesn’t know how to make plays feed of each other. He needs to be gone.
    2. Ben R. – Worst game as a Steeler. I’ve never seen him that off.
    3. Issac Redman – I used to like him. He is done. get someone that is hungry.
    If Bell doesn’t rescue this group, they will are the worst in the league.
    4. Emanuel Sanders – too inconsistent for #2 guy. How many years are we going to have to watch him not go for the ball. He has real trouble on deep patterns of finding the ball and going after it. Put Wheaton in asap.
    5. Tomlin – He has got to show more fire. Why was he smiling and laughing after a 3rd and 3 run that was stuffed, forcing another punt?

  • Ken

    Haley is clueless as they come. Put Wheaton in there for that . Good gosh.


    Why was he smiling and laughing after a 3rd and 3 run that was stuffed, forcing another punt?

    Yes I saw that too!!! WTF?

  • SteelerCop

    LMAO! :-)

  • Dan

    You’re not getting bashed because of your criticism of Tomlin’s performance. You’re betting bashed because of your reference to the Rooney rule.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Tomlin needs to quit talking the talk and start walking the walk. Doesn’t this guy ever get fired up ?

  • lefnor

    Right now he doesn’t have an above average offensive lineman to work with. And there is two 2nd and one first round pick out there (I don’t count Pouncey). That is the really scary thing. They have to rebuild the OL when it should have been completed.
    When will they admit that the OL drafts went wrong?
    You can’t build an OL during an offseason when you need 3 new starters. It takes years. Until than?
    Adams an Gilbert is a huge bust. The former simply can’t use his hands, every pass rusher run to his body without contact. The latter is fast but weak, he can’t run block anyone except at the LBs level. Foster is average in everything. DeCastro’s playing strength is VERY disappointing. Zeitler looks to be the real deal from that draft…
    There is absolutely no depth.
    Bicknell got into a nightmare situation.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Dude, you can’t put the blame on the GM and the OC and leave the clueless leader without fault. Snap the goddamn ball already, your QB knew it was on the ground, it took about 40 seconds for the Bengals to throw the flag. And Redman? Please. My favorite was this exchange:

    Haley: “Mike, let’s set the tone and run the ball three straight times to start the game”

    Tomlin: “Huh, what?”

    Haley: “Our O-line is terrible, they wouldn’t be able to identify a block in a kindergarten class, the Bengals will never expect it.”

    Tomlin: “Oooh, I like it…oh, and then later we can do an end around to Beachum, they’ll never expect that”

    Haley: ” Let’s not go overboard Mike, we’ll pull Brown and Sanders off the field so they think we’re probably running, then we’ll put Wheaton in…AND run the end around to Cotchery!”

    Tomlin: “Love, it, love it. Hey, no matter what we’ll blame the players, collect out checks, and I’ll be smiling down 10 in the fourth…the Rooney family rarely changes coaches…I am so set!”

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Lately, a not so motivational motivational speaker. Bunch of snaps in second half the ball was snapped yet no one on the D-line made contact with an o-lineman for over a full second….and getting run on when you know they are going to run? Sad, unmotivated, sad.

  • JPDQ

    I can’t even read this crap beyond the opening statement… “We accept it…” “We’ll wear it…” “We embrace it…” “We acknowledge it…”

    When you gonna DO something about it?

  • Michael Briscoe

    To say Tomlin is part of Rooney Rule is ignorant and Plain stupid, yes he does have a responsibility, however he doesn’t block nor make a call for a reveres to a 31 year old possession wide recv, no does he overthrow wide-open players. He is quilty of having poor players and not having them prepared game plan wise but wtf does that have to do with Rooney rule? save you racism for hockey season jack ass

  • Patrick J Brophy

    I believe what we see is not the same as what the players see.

  • Patrick J Brophy

    You are saying he was hired because he black? WOW.
    Please block this user Steelers Depot.

  • Patrick J Brophy

    This movie script needs a rewrite.

  • treeher

    Tomlin’s done nothing since 2008 SB. Been a steady decline. Team has not been able to draft quality players. Too many misses on the high draft picks. Finally, most of Tomlin’s coaches have been “relationship” hires and have not had past performance records that would merit hiring them.

  • Luke Shabro

    I don’t call going to a Super Bowl (regardless of the fact that they lost it) and posting a 12-4 record the following year doing nothing. 2012 was rough and this year has obviously been bad so far. I’m not saying Tomlin is perfect but lets not run him out of town just yet. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater

  • treeher

    Sorry, I’ve just seen steady decline in the team and chronic problems not fixed. Defense has been pretty steady despite lack of turnovers and sacks – credit Dick LeBeau (Cowher holdover) and the coaching team he’s assembled. Offense has been a disaster despite having one of the game’s premier QBs. We haven’t had an OL since Russ Grimm. We have (we had) two #1 and two #2 draft picks on the line. We can’t have missed on most of them. I blame coaching and am disgusted that we revert to chop blocking schemes. I’m convinced that part of the reason we’ve had so many crucial injuries is due to bad coaching. Ask Pouncey if he agrees. Roeth is being wasted and it kills me to see that because he’s got the talent to win. I’m not saying get rid of Tomlin, but I am saying that his choice of coaches has been terrible, with Haley possibly being the worst.

  • SteelerCop

    LOL…that was funny…but I must say…that I believe Tomlin does not have much involvement in what the coordinators do…I think he just manages the game…he is not Chip Kelly…or Andy Reid calling his own plays….SOOOOOO, the blame goes to Haley…because he manages the offense…and the GM for picking these players…The End! :-)

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