Steelers Offensive And Defensive Snap Counts From Week 3 – Bears

Below are the snaps counts from the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday night loss to the Chicago Bears.

As far as surprises go, rookie wide receiver Markus Wheaton only played eight snaps in the game after head coach Mike Tomlin hinted last week he would see more playing time moving forward.

Tight end Heath Miller played 39 snaps in his season debut and that was nearly 60% of all offensive snaps. Miller, according to Tomlin, was on a snap count.

Kelvin Beachum played 16 snaps Sunday night and three of those came at left tackle in place of Mike Adams. The other 13 coming snaps were at right tackle in place of Marcus Gilbert.

Defensively, rookie linebacker Vince Williams once again saw the lion’s share of the work at the buck linebacker position. He played 32 snaps while Kion Wilson played just 11 snaps on defense.

Safety Robert Golden played 19 snaps against the Bears as that’s how many plays the Steelers defense used their quarters’ package on.

R.Foster G 66 100% 5 14%
D.DeCastro G 66 100% 5 14%
F.Velasco C 66 100% 0 0%
B.Roethlisberger QB 66 100% 0 0%
A.Brown WR 65 98% 5 14%
E.Sanders WR 65 98% 0 0%
M.Adams T 63 95% 5 14%
M.Gilbert T 53 80% 5 14%
J.Dwyer RB 39 59% 8 23%
H.Miller TE 39 59% 0 0%
J.Cotchery WR 33 50% 0 0%
D.Johnson TE 26 39% 0 0%
F.Jones RB 18 27% 7 20%
W.Johnson FB 17 26% 3 9%
K.Beachum T 16 24% 5 14%
D.Paulson TE 13 20% 22 63%
M.Wheaton WR 8 12% 9 26%
I.Redman RB 7 11% 0 0%
R.Clark FS 62 100% 7 20%
T.Polamalu SS 62 100% 7 20%
L.Timmons LB 62 100% 7 20%
L.Woodley LB 59 95% 7 20%
W.Gay CB 58 94% 11 31%
I.Taylor CB 58 94% 11 31%
B.Keisel DE 57 92% 7 20%
J.Jones LB 39 63% 14 40%
E.Hood DE 38 61% 7 20%
C.Heyward DE 33 53% 13 37%
V.Williams LB 32 52% 8 23%
S.McLendon NT 31 50% 6 17%
J.Worilds LB 26 42% 9 26%
S.Thomas SS 24 39% 23 66%
R.Golden FS 19 31% 11 31%
K.Wilson LB 11 18% 30 86%
A.Woods DE 7 11% 10 29%
D.Cromartie-Smith SS 4 6% 12 34%
C.Carter LB 0 0% 20 57%
T.Garvin LB 0 0% 20 57%
M.Palmer TE 0 0% 16 46%
C.Brown CB 0 0% 15 43%
S.Suisham K 0 0% 11 31%
G.Warren LS 0 0% 8 23%
A.Blake CB 0 0% 8 23%
Z.Mesko P 0 0% 8 23%
  • dgh57

    Don’t understand why Wheaton only got 8 snaps!

  • Douglas Andrews

    IKR…Sanders played the whole game and where was he? I like Cotch but this depth chart needs to be shaken up. Wheaton on the outside and Sanders working the slot. Wheaton had a bad drop last night but only 8 snaps? He needs more chances

  • steeltown

    Im not sure we can take Cotchery out of the game more than he already is at this point, he’s the only consistent receiver we have so far this season. I’d rotate Sanders and Wheaton… I’d also have Sanders return some punts to relieve A.Brown every now and then

  • steeltown

    I am glad to see they went with Heath and DJ this week and reduced Paulsons overall snaps..let him play special teams till he learns how to block.

    Beachum needs to see the field more and so does Wheaton

  • chris ward

    Free Markus Wheaton!

  • Ahmad

    It’s nice to see Robert Golden getting quality reps. It will only help further his development.

  • cencalsteeler

    Even though last nights game produced an L, I saw a much more improved team than the previous two weeks. The Oline is still the weak link, but again, they’re making strides in the right direction (Bears Dline needs some credit with their stunts and twists). Overall, minus the turnovers (both takeaway and giveaways) the team is steadily improving. And I must also acknowledge the great special teams play and low amount of penalties the team has produced.

  • Pete

    I have to say this. Roethlieberger called the offense last season a ‘dink and dunk’ and he was having a banner year. Cutler got the ball out quick last night on most snaps and it worked well. Ben should accept the quick pass plays that Haley tried to implement last season as part of a game plan that includes shots down field and intermediate passes. We see how effective they are just on the quick slants that he hit Brown with last night and Miller last season.

  • Luke Shabro

    Don’t understand why Tomlin says one thing and does another so much lately. Maybe I’m just now noticing

  • Luke Shabro

    The quick slant routes are killing opposing defenses and I cannot understand why we don’t do it more. I remember them getting good gains on the Bengals running it

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Nothing personal, but I think Paulson had 13 more snaps and one more game check than he should have.

  • kev4heels

    Fairly obvious Vince Williams is taking over at ILB. Like him but he needs to keep his head up when tackling. Last night on 4th and 1 at the GL, Timmons had Forte stood up and Williams could have easily knocked him backwards, but he chose to lower his head and ended up sliding off him. Forte then fell in the EZ.

  • Garrett Hunt

    I think Vince Williams deserves the start and a good 70% of the snaps.

    He has more upside so why not give him quality reps for development.

  • Mike Carroll

    I agree. I like what I’m seeing out of the offense, if not the results yet. I’m stunned that so many fans seem to have so little faith in this team. It’s as if they forgot what the 2008 season looked like.

    We didn’t hear one word about Devin Hester, so you know Danny Smith is doing something right.

  • alex

    i agree, great special teams, some movement on offense, maybe cause we now use Heath and the Johnsons instead of Paulson and were utilitzing 15-16 players on either side of the ball, except Wheaton…

    BUT, the mistakes are EXPONENTIAL…

    both tackles are major wiffers on the outside, one glove on a defender and there on the way to BEN…and BEN, you really need to learn how to throw the ball away and fight another day