Steelers Place TE Matt Spaeth On IR-Designated-To-Return List; Promote LB Terence Garvin

As expected, the Pittsburgh Steelers placed injured tight end Matt Spaeth on the injured reserve list Tuesday with the designated to return tag. Spaeth, who is still only about four weeks removed from his Lisfranc surgery, must now miss at least the first eight weeks of the season. He can begin practicing with team after the first six weeks, however.

The Spaeth move opened up a spot on the Steelers 53 man roster and the team filled it by promoting linebacker Terence Garvin from the practice squad. Garvin, who went undrafted out of West Virginia this past April, is currently being worked as both an inside and outside linebacker. The Steelers originally only kept four inside linebackers on their 53 man roster so the promotion of Garvin makes perfect sense.

To fill the open spot on the practice squad, the Steelers brought back wide receiver Kashif Moore, who originally signed with the team back in late January. Moore saw limited action during the preseason.

  • steeltown

    This makes sense, Garvin is talented and can seemingly play inside and outside LB… now lets see if they sign Isaiah Green or Hawthorne to the PS or not, lets hope so

  • Michael

    It says in article Kashif Moore filled PS spot

  • John

    Kashif Moore? Really? This is the best we have for the last spot?

  • steeltown

    Ha! I didn’t read the article before posting.. damn I never do that!.. the one time I do it bites me in the @ss

  • steeltown

    Nevermind.. just read it… Kashif Moore

    I think, again, they are thinking special teams implications, on two kicks he had a 25.0 return avg during preseason. He’s a low 4.4 speed guy with a really good vertical for his size. He definitely has athletic ability

  • Kolie Oak

    Really surprised they have no interest in Hawthorne

  • Matt Manzo

    No Hawthorne, damn! He was my pick for the diamond in the rough this year! Oh we’ll, CB and OL has to be top picks next year right?

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Figured it be a LB and thought Garvin would get the nod over Baxter. I’m a bit surprised Moore got the call over Woods for the PS tho, or Isaiah Green or another CB was not signed.

  • John Hinton

    Definitely puzzling…I thought for sure with the Spaeth move that Hawthorne would at least fill the PS spot.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I think the potential of Hawthorne is all in our heads.

  • JohnnyV1

    Baffling. I hope I’m totally wrong and we don’t need this one IR-To Return designation for some other player more integral to the team than the blocking TE.

    And Garvin? Not much talk of him, so he must be another special teams guy that they feel is needed now, dressing on Sunday.

  • John Hinton

    It must be but I would still take his supposed potential over Gay’s mediocrity on our roster any day of the week.

  • MoSteel79

    For sure, I am glad they added Garvin to 53 (I was hoping either him or Baxter) but surprised – shcoked even that they picked Moore over Hawthorne for PS! And even if they were going to ad a WR, him over Woods or Brown is still surprising to me

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ifo Ekpre-Olomu

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed….Thought they were high on the black cat. No interest not even PS seems odd. He was injured most of training camp so can’t believe he didn’t show enough potential to warrant a PS spot.

  • bgsteelfan

    Garvin shows a lot of promise as a depth LB. I doubt he’ll ever start, but he looks like he could be a good backup.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I don’t recall anyone having this surgery and coming back in the same season. I hope they have seen definitive signs that he will be ready and that this isn’t a wasted use of the IR-DTR.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I agree. We have Brown already so Moore was a lil bit surprising. Maybe we are worried we will not be able to sign Sanders and/or Cotch and want as much WR talent as we can get.

  • If they’d just sign QB Ryan Griffin off the Saints practice squad & release L. Jones…I’d go to my grave a happy man! Come’on Colbert and Tomlin, grant my dying wish!!!

    If that’s a ‘bridge too far,’ how about my second wish? (…replacing Curtis Brown with Green or any DB who can cover. After all, you’ve got two new toys for ST coverage skills, why not give Lake a decent extra CB?)

  • Tomlin and Colbert seem to like to pluck UDFAs with specialized positional skills from West Virginia (Will Johnson comes to mind–now Garvin). I was surprised they didn’t pipeline JD Woods as a future possession receiver.

  • CW

    Garvin was impressive in college as a nickel backer linebacker. He’s very good at covering tight ends and slot receivers over the middle as well as having very good speed to cover the field with good instincts to break down into either run or pass coverage as the play develops. That’s of course in addition to being a very strong special team player.

    Basically he’s going to do the job that the Steelers drafted Sean Spence to do, but might not ever be able to do due to injury. Spence is a little faster, maybe in game situations, but Garvin is about as close as you can get.

  • lefnor

    Two fresh draft pick couldn’t even crack the practice squad. Ouch.
    Worilds is in contract year, Carter absolutely can’t rush the passer and there is no place for Baxter on the roster. I don’t get it.
    Malecki can’t play center? Yeah, whatever. Whimper can’t play tackle either…
    I can’t believe that Michael Palmer, Guy Whimper and Antwon Blake earned 3 roster spot.

  • falconsaftey43

    7/8 Draft picks making the roster/PS isn’t bad. Hawethorne was the only one that did not make it (Nick Williams is on IR). I’m fine with Palmer and Blake being on the squad for special teams. Palmer is a solid guy that can actually block, if it weren’t for out top 2 TEs being out for awhile he wouldn’t have made it so can’t say too much about it. Blake is supposed to be a good ST, don’t know what kind of CB prospect he is, but it’s not like any of the depth the Steelers had looked stellar.

  • Matthew Marczi

    I guess they decided a 7th WR was more pressing than a 12th DB.

  • Matthew Marczi

    I figured it would be Garvin too, because they only carries 8 LBs from a deep unit, the ILBs were particularly deep, and Garvin has inside/outside versatility. He’s also probably the most likely from the practice squad to actually contribute positively to special teams. Isaiah Green couldn’t be added yet because he had to clear waivers first. Now that he has, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dump Devin Smith and sign Green to the squad tomorrow.

  • Christopher Wilkes


  • sean mcmartin

    I have to go with the coaches on this one, Since two of the greatest Steelers DB’s are coaching them.
    Woodson and Lake probably have some input on this scenario.

  • MP34

    Thanks CW, you posted exactly what I wanted to write. Especially Garvin is the new Spence. Good call.

  • MP34

    Palmer is the most complete (healthy) TE on the squad right now. He can block, (neither Paulson or Johnson can block at the line) and he can catch in the short area.

  • GoSteelerz

    I like the promotion of Garvin… I think they should have gone with a CB instead of Moore (he didn’t seem special in any way to me), like Isaiah Green once he cleared waivers, which he did. Oh, well we’ll see what develops. Our CB depth has me nervous though. I looked up film on Antwon Blake, and he looked pretty good in college as a cover guy and a special teamer. Can our coaches help him develop, we’ll see, but he can’t be any worse than Brown in coverage. I wish they’d get rid of Brown, we need guys who can play defense, too. Well, at least they got Garvin, I hope he shines.

  • walter mason

    It wont happen but I wouldnt mind dumping Carter. and signing Green.

  • Matthew Marczi

    Yeah…you know, honestly I wouldn’t shed any tears over losing Carter either, especially given the three-man rotation at the top. He’s clearly not the first guy off the bench and should only see time on special teams anyway. But really I don’t see any harm in ultimately letting Baxter sit on the practice squad for a year. It gives the Steelers a chance to hang on to Carter for next year when there’s a good chance Worilds is gone, and in the process they get to learn if Baxter is for real. Then it could be Woodley/Jones/Baxter/Carter.

  • MoSteel79

    No doubt- IF it was Lake and Woodson who made the call on Hawthorne I am 100% behind it. I just recall Lake being pretty excited about him after the draft which is what had me excited about him as well. Again just surprised, not second guessing