New Steelers Rule: Young Players Can’t Play Pool Or Ping Pong During Business Hours

The veteran Pittsburgh Steelers players have apparently had their meeting following an 0-2 start to the season and as a result, the younger players have a few new rules that they must abide by in the locker room.

According to Jory Rand of KDKA, Steelers players with less than four years of NFL experience can no longer play pool or ping pong in the locker room during business hours. Rand also reports that at one point there were signs posted all around the locker room announcing the new rule.

The veterans are obviously trying to let the younger players on the roster know that they haven’t earned the right to play in the locker room during business hours. Instead, they want them focused on the task ahead, which is winning Sunday night against the Chicago Bears.

There are sure to be some quotes to come out about the recent locker room change in the next day or so and I for one can’t wait to read them.

For now, no reindeer games for the young reindeer.



  • DoctorNoah

    Strong work, vets. Way to show ’em who’s boss… Probably about as useful as getting the O-line in a room and sitting them down and saying, “next week, stop playing like crap.”

  • Garrett Hunt

    I really hope this wasn’t the only change stemming from that meeting. I mean sure it’s a good idea, but the people with less than four years experience aren’t the only problem to this team.

    I would rather the veterans lead by example in preparation and execution than try to be the coaches and tell younger players what to do.

  • Vic

    Big ben, go play catch with your receivers. You need to work on your accuracy. And take ike Taylor with you he can practice catching.

  • Vic

    Tomlin haley and ben need to go. Trade ben for a draft pick free up the cap space. Meanwhile bring in a real coach and coordinator that has a system and recruit players that can flourish in their system.

  • SteelersDepot

    Would somebody like to take Vic out back so I don’t have to? I’m busy.

  • Reader783

    I think Vic is providing us with a parody of overreacting Steelers fans.

  • Mkeller

    Childish. Good to know the vets have no problem pushing the blame to the young guys while accepting no responsibility themselves. An awful display of leadership.

  • BigBSerrano

    @ Vic Wow! Are you serious??? Did you forget that the NFL is parody league? You forget that this regime has gone to three Super Bowls in the past 8 years?? Who would you bring in to replace them????? Is this how most steeler fans react in PA?? Thank god i’m in Los Angeles..

  • dkoy85

    I can’t believe all the negative comments on this. You all think this was the only thing the vets did in the meeting? Calm down. This was one report of something that is going to change. I’d put my life’s savings down, that the vets didn’t get together to have full range of the ping pong table during business hours. Obviously it was a privilege that’s been taken advantage of by the youngsters.

    This is an example of the fact that the vets haven’t been the leaders they are supposed to be and they are taking the initiative to become the leaders they need to be. No sh!t the whole team needs to take responsibility, but it starts from the top right? Well here you have it.

  • Starbuck63

    Sadly, not a parody…

  • alex

    does that include the new coaching staff…?!

  • dgh57

    If this means more time for the young players in the film room learning or working with coaches I’m all for it!

  • Mike Carroll

    I sure hope there were more substantial decisions made at this meeting than just this. And if the veterans felt it was necessary to ban ping pong, they should have included themselves in the ban, since that has less of a dividing effect.

  • moderatelysane

    This is probably the tip of the iceberg and a public part of a message sent to younger players. For those of you who think this or anything else merits firing Tomlin or Ben…get a freakin brain. Franchise QBs are rare, even in today’s NFL where a rookie can make a splash for a couple of years, but not 10 years. Let’s be real here. When the full body of work is in at the end of the year, see if Tomlin is still the guy to lead the team another year. The only possible question of firing at this point is Haley. That’s not because the offense is terrible, rather it’s because there’s no aim, rhyme, or reason to it, and there appears to be no in-game adjustment. Even so, there has to be egregious ignorance, ineptitude, or mutiny to consider firing midseason. Let’s all just keep our wits about us.

    And I’ll let Vic take himself outback for a whacking.

  • T R

    I think vic is already out back… He apparely has lost his damn mind… and buried it in the back yard

  • Marcela Garza-Meza

    I won’t trade Ben, but certainly I don’t like the HC and his entire staff, even Lebau seems to have lost it

  • Dale

    Someone remind me who on this team HAS earned the right, It would have been a stronger statement if the vets had decided to have the games removed altogether.

  • Reader783

    I like the idea of putting up signs around Redman’s locker saying “No more fumbling during business hours”.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Great news. You target the problem, then show no mercy in eliminating it. Smooth sailing from here on out. I remember when the ’27 Yankees did the same thing.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    This type of sarcasm isn’t helpful. What do you have to say about Tuesday’s interview where DeCastro admitted the reason he gets thrown around every play is because Shamarko Thomas is always too busy practicing his ping pong serve?

  • DoctorNoah

    You think everything’s just a joke. Just be glad they don’t have foosball in the locker room like they do in Cleveland

  • JPDQ

    Bingo. How sad and utterly ridiculous. As if it’s okay for ANYBODY to be playing ping pong during “business hours” after the way this team has performed. I pray that this doesn’t get play in the national media, or we’re going to be the laughing stock of the league. You know that’s exactly what the Steelers PR folks were thinking and the reason why the signs were taken down.

    Jesus, what’s next? Do the “youngsters” get stickers for their helmet every time they make a tackle? Gold stars on their lockers for a sack? Merit badges?

    THIS is how we solve problems on the Pittsburgh Steelers now?

  • Bell Cow

    New Rule : Play Better and Coach Better
    Consequences : You will be released or fired during or at the end of this season.

  • sean mcmartin

    and after they play like pop warner players again, They might get no cel phones for a week..

  • Vic

    Let’s face reality this team is not a super bowl or playoff contender. Whats the purpose of keeping and paying Ben a big salary when the O line can not protect him and for the reason will probably end up hurt on the bench. How does that situation help the team? Also outside of Miller who is a known play maker on offense? This team needs talent and the team has missed on the draft and because the cap issues we can not keep the players who develop. I realize pro sports teams have their up n downs all im saying is lets speed this rebuilding process.

  • Vic

    And for those that want to question my loyalty to the black n yellow, I been a fan for 35 years and grew up in the 80’s . I lived through the 4- 12 season. I seen bill cohwer take over and I waited ten years after that heart breaking superbowl 30 loss to see my team win the super bowl. I had the opportunity to jump on another teams wagon but I refused and I still refuse because I bleed black and yellow and im entitled to give an opinion.

  • Gary Thomas

    I thought that was the head coaches job……to teach discipline…..oh I forgot Tomlin is one of the guys… took him ? To do away with all the Good Chuck Noll brought to the team

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Why on earth does there need to be a ping pong table and/or a pool table in the locker room anyway? This is a freakin’ joke..!!! a REAL leader would’ve dragged that crap out into the parking lot with a can of gasoline and a match. UNFARKINBELIEVABLE…!!!!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    Yeah, no kidding.

  • skeptic2525

    Noll wasn’t a disciplinarian. He famously let his players go out and party every night up until the day before their first Super Bowl win (they were in New Orleans, after all).

    And he was no motivator either. I remember one interview where he said he told his players if he had to motivate them, he’s just replace them.

    Maybe you were thinking of Cowher, but that doesn’t make sense either. He was even more of a “players coach” than Tomlin.

  • skeptic2525

    No ping pong for you Todd Haley.

  • skeptic2525

    You meant parity league?

    But yeah, that’s how a lot of fans in Pittsburgh are. They love to bitch and moan about their teams, the city, the weather, and everything else. That’s why I moved to Miami. But Pittsburgh will always be home.

  • skeptic2525

    And if they suck out again this Sunday, no X-Box either.

  • skeptic2525

    Don’t be so hard on old Vic. He’s been sitting on a bar stool for the last 40 years waiting for the steel industry to come back to Pittsburgh.

  • Nolrog

    Just a thought, but shouldn’t the veterans also concentrate on winning on Sunday as well?

  • steeltown


  • r4kolb

    Vic, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect yours, unlike some people who should know better. That being said, the Steelers have now lost 11 of their last 13 games and every fan should be frustrated. However, to throw in the towel after just 2 games and want to sell the farm is a little too quick. People need to remember this O line has NEVER had a full season to gel. Can anyone tell me the last time we had an O line that played together a full season? Half season? It’s been a while. This O line is young and now have a new O line coach and blocking system to learn and that will take time. How much time is anyone’s guess. Who knows maybe they gel and grow together to be the next great Steeler O line like back in the 70’s. We need to give them at least one full season to see if they can improve.
    As far as trading Ben, a franchise QB only comes along once in a great while, I.E. Bradshaw to Ben. Watch Bens play this year, he has happy feet because in his head he knows he isn’t going to have a lot of time to throw. I believe that is what is affecting his accuracy. Haley is a bigger problem to our O because he seems to not be able to adjust on the fly. You have to play to your teams strengths. We (I think) have a good receiving core and have to ability to get some YAC. Why would you not mix a short passing game into your play calling on first down? Anyway I could comment more but I used enough space. Would like to see if anyone agrees or disagrees?

  • JPDQ

    Hey, I certainly agree with your first sentence, but that’s the way this site is run.

    Secondly, your point about the O-line never having a full season is true, but I would guess that less than 25% of the teams in the NFL have had the luxury of playing the same five guys throughout a season. Plenty of other teams seem to be able to put in a new system or coordinator and not need three months (or more) to make it work. Haley’s been here two years, the new O-line coach has been working with these guys all offseason and preseason, and it still looks like a train wreck. If we really need 16 games for this O-line to “gel” then I guess we’re just screwed.

    I’ve always been hesitant to buy into “the O-line needs time” the “defense is too complicated for rookies” and “it’s a new system” excuses. Lots of teams have success changing their system, coaches, strategies, etc. These guys are supposed to be professionals. I think it’s an excuse that is thrown around too frequently among Steelers fans. Not to single you out or anything – that’s not my intention. Plenty of people feel the same way.

    Two glaring realities seem to be emerging in today’s NFL: 1) multiple, season-ending injuries are going to happen to most teams, and 2) the Steelers seem less equipped to deal with it than some others.

  • Chad H

    Exactly lead by example. The games should be removed from the locker room. More film time, more team building.
    This has to start with Tomlin. I have said this on other posts, “Tomlin is buddy, buddy with his players. Wants to be the cool guy.”
    Coach Tomlin, please start coaching. Demand greatness, demand oneness lead these players. Demand more from your coaches.
    There are no single players, we are a TEAM veterans and rookies should follow the same rules until the team performs and puts up hard fought wins!

  • Bradys_Dad

    Here’s an idea – take the stupid “toys” out of the room all together. These guys are being paid millions in many cases (or a helluva lot more than the rest of us ) and I seriously doubt that many (if any) of us have ping pong, pool, foosball or any other kind of distraction around our work places. Can you just imagine the conversation; player “I’m sorry Mr. Lombardi, I was busy playing ping pong with whomever.” Yikes !

  • Steeler Wheeler

    I like that BB can perform w/o an o-line…right now the Steelers have invested picks into the line and pretty much none have worked out yet. That said, BB is not an elite QB and his performance vs. cap number is pretty horrific. Steelers gotta pay for that in future years, not sure if you can trade away bonus money already paid that hasn’t come due. We fans are ‘stuck’ with BB and that puts us in better shape than many.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    No, I think BB Serano meant parody…the Steelers play this season is a parody of Steeler football.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Buddy Ryan had a good quote back a few years ago when he wanted the front office to let a running back go. He said…”trade him for a sixpack and it doesn’t even have to be cold”. I think someone should tell Colbert that with respect to several of the offensive linemen.