Steelers RB Jonathan Dwyer Plays Big Role In Two Long Touchdown Passes Against Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer did a very nice job in pass protection on both of the long touchdown passes to Antonio Brown Sunday night against the Chicago Bears and below are the animated gifs of both plays.

On the first play, Bears safety Chris Conte blitzes off the edge while D.J. Williams comes delayed. Dwyer easily recognizes it and steps up square on Conte in order to keep him away from Roethlisberger. That might have been the prettiest pocket that the Steelers quarterback had all night.

Dwyer Blitz

On the second touchdown, Bears safety Major Wright comes on a safety blitz and Dwyer meets him with a thud after carrying out his play-action fake, which he sells quite well. It’s too bad animated gifs don’t have sound as Dwyer smacks Wright pretty good.

Dwyer Blitz

If Dwyer fails to make either of these pickups perfectly, there is a good chance both of these throws don’t go off without a hitch. Matthew Marczi wrote a while ago about how good both Dwyer and Isaac Redman were last season in pass protection and while Redman failed on one of his attempts Sunday night, Dwyer nailed his.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Nice job by JD last night one of the few bright spots on the offense line besides Valasco and Decastro out in space!

  • Ahmad

    Dwyer was a pleasant surprise last night while Redman had me wanting to spit fire.

  • chris ward

    Dwyer played with some intensity last night. Great job by Dwyer in pass protection.

  • CrazyTerry

    What took haley and Tomlin so long to recognize that as they kept the worst blocker Felix in too long when the line had blocking problems?

  • steeltown

    Dwyer had himself a damn fine game.. its pretty easy to see that Dwyer and Felix are the Teams to best options, even when Le’veon returns Dwyer and Felix should be #2 and #3

  • Gary Thomas

    Dwyer being cut shows the poor decisions this organization has been making….Uncle Tomlins refusal to use him last week aonly shows he is image conscious……This Defense still has the character of what this team has been built on…..The offens has the character of wher Kevin Mike and Massa Art are taking it…..Anyone else think why some of the Rooneys wanted out?…Massa Art ?

  • T R

    and your racist comments should be blocked or deleted from this site.. Its no place in NFL or Fan base for that.. grow up…

  • Pete

    Agreed. Dwyer’s protection last night was great. Felix is useless blocking and Redman is not as good as Dwyer. I hope Bell is a good blocker because Ben is going to need it. I’m really hoping this young O line can grow and become better as the season wears on. Also, Will Johnson blew me away last night with his catching.

  • CrazyTerry

    I cant believe this idiot is stupid enough to publish his picture with a comment like that.

  • cencalsteeler

    Both Dwyer and Brown played with desire last night. I hope it’s contagious!

  • Pete

    LOL. Collinsworth commented last night that if not for Dwyer, Ben would be on his back all night long. It was nice to see Dwyer get some love because it’s like he’s constantly in Tomlin’s dog house. Felix cannot block his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • steeltown

    I think you mean David Johnson (2rec for 51yds) yes he’s a far better option than Paulson at this point because he can actually BLOCK

  • Bilgewater D

    Interesting racial comments. The only problem is that it has been reported by Jim Wexell that Tomlin and Co. wanted to keep Dwyer and it was the Front Office led by Colbert that cut Dwyer.

  • SteelersDepot

    Goodbye Gary.

  • Bob Graff

    What are you smoking!! I think all 3 of you are out in space.

  • Bob Graff

    How many times!! Bell hasn’t played yet and can’t return to somewhere you have never been. NO ONE KNOWS IF HE’S ANY GOOD YET

  • Garrett Hunt

    Dwyer is our best healthy back. Period. Until bell returns he deserves the start. I would love to see what he could do with a decent line!

  • Shawn S.

    Collinsworth had a lot of good lines last night.

  • bgsteelfan

    Yep. He is the best blocker, and while he isn’t consistent as a runner, he is still the best overall.

  • steeltown

    Returns to the field, returns from injury, however you want to say it.. I think we can all agree that he’ll be given the ball as soon as he’s 100% healthy, so as soon as he “returns” from injury

  • Bob Graff

    He’s never been on a pro field yet. Yes he will get the ball but , what will happen? There have been far more 2nd busts than winners. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched [with this front office chances aren’t good]

  • steeltown

    No one is counting anything, my point was (considering the good reports from OTAs, camp and practices and his pedigree and the below avg running game thus far this season) he WILL be the starter when he returns and is 100% healthy… making Dwyer and Felix #2 and #3

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I have mentioned a while ago, Dwyer is the currently most complete RB on roster- I also said the Steelers won’t let him go. Dwyer most definitely isn’t the most explosive or decisive RB right now but he gets it done. Don’t even understand WHY we let him go in first place.

    It doesn’t take a bandwagon fan to know this- when you throw in a rookie running back behind a banged-up O-line like ours, he will get hurt!

  • Harold Hal Bubby Wright

    Dwyer is consistent as a runner,the o-line isn’t consistent. Get Dwyer behind a consistent o-line and he will a 1500 yard season. He is the best running back on the team to include Bell!

  • Harold Hal Bubby Wright

    Ive been saying all along Dwyer is the best and fastest running back on the team! Now maybe he will get more playing time! Wheaton needs to play a lot more too his speed is a huge factor! Beachum need to start on the o-line. Ben needs to understand the defense wants the BALL not him,he needs to protect the ball ALOT better!

  • Mike Carroll

    Exactly. Bell is still something of a mystery, but it’s no secret the team will start him as soon as he’s ready. It may be wishful thinking, but there is still some chance he comes in and plays well. It was encouraging to see Felix break a few runs last night.

  • Bob Graff

    This is the same crew that said Redman was going to answer the bell in a big way, and watch out for this new zone blocking and J.Jones is a sack machine [HE MAY BE GOOD IN TIME BUT THAT TIME AIN’T NOW]. I am a very big Steeler fan but i have watched enough football to know when i’m being feed B.S.

  • John Mazza

    Anyone else notice that the entire O line is 7 yard behind the line of scrimmage? Geez this is frustrating. I was impressed with dwyers protection that night. Nice couple runs too

  • John Mazza

    I couldn’t believe how open he was getting. That okay action of bens is awesome. Don’t know why, cuz of how hard it’s been to run the ball

  • John Mazza

    I agree with your comment but not with the intensity. Went don’t Kano what we have with bell. But we do basically know what we have with the crew we have. That’s why he was drafted and will hopefully get the bulk to see what we have

  • CrazyTerry

    Felix was a decent stop gap. But I hope Bell pans out because Felix is a horrible blocker.

  • Steve

    Dwyer need to show Adams how to pass block.