Steelers Sign CB Isaiah Green To Practice Squad; Release CB Devin Smith

Cornerback Isaiah Green cleared waivers Tuesday and the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him to their practice squad on Wednesday.

Green had originally made the Steelers 53 man roster but was waived Monday when the team claimed defensive back Antwon Blake off of waivers from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

To make room for Green on the practice squad, the Steelers released cornerback Devin Smith, who originally signed with the team during training camp.

Green finished the 2012 season on the Steelers practice squad, so he will likely be a mainstay there this year unless injuries force the team to promote him to the 53 man roster.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Isaiah is my 3rd favorite CB in the Steelers pipeline (which is sad). He’s quicker closing on the ball than most people give him credit for. And he never seems to be too far away from his WR when running deep down the field.

    Heaven forbid either of our starting CBs go down with injury. But if they did, and Green had to play, I bet he’d surprise some people.

  • cencalsteeler

    I like this move. Green has upside, a nice investment.

  • steeltown

    ..and all is right with the World (save Whimper)

  • Game_Time

    This move makes it official…… 5th rd pick T. Hawthorne is gone

  • dgh57

    I’ll 2nd that opinion!

  • steeltown

    ….except maybe Whimper

  • patrick Mayfield

    Maybe – something that’s not talked about is roster moves that might happen when Heath is back in what seems like only a couple of weeks. Presumably, they’ll cut Paulson or Palmer, opening up a roster spot.

  • joed32


  • Doni609

    Love how Tomlin and Colbert keep rearranging those Titanic deck chairs. These clowns would certainly qualify for a position with Obama’s State Department with logic like they use.

  • joed32

    Good point.

  • dgh57

    When Devin Smith made the PS over Hawthorne to me that made it official that Hawthorne was gone. Green replacing Smith confirms it even more.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    If you don’t mind, I think all of us here prefer to leave politics at the door. As for your clown comment, I would be interested in hearing exactly what you mean. What rearranging do you disagree with, and what moves would you have done instead?

  • OIF3gunner

    I know this wasn’t directed at me but I would like to answer anyway!
    I would have cut Gay, Whimper and Cromartie Smith. Anyone but Whimper. Any of the young corners for gay and Cromartie hasn’t made the 53 in years… Just not good enough for a hat in my opinion.

  • steeltown

    Cromartie-Smith was in the top 3 in total preseason tackles, had an INT and he’s a stout special teamer.. DCSmith earned that spot this year, more so than Golden did, but more than that when you look at the fact that the coaches intend to use Shark Thomas a lot at nickel CB (especially if there are CBs injured) then keeping a 5th Safety is important,

  • bgsteelfan

    No political trolling please.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing though- if an undrafted free agent outplayed a 5th round pick that coaches were high on just might be a good sign. Of course, this is with an upbeat attitude of mine, could easily just be way opposite.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    No but I don’t think they just plan on playing Shamarko only at nickel or safety though, Shamarko is a much better box press tackler than Polamalu is, we just could put Shamarko in that sub-packages considering only Lawrence Timmons can really cover out of all our inside linebackers, we don’t have Sean Spence back.

    A random remark, but if anyone have seen Shamarko in person (I have but anyway) he looks really… muscular and best part is that he look like a player who could easily get bigger, in future he just might be our Mike/Safety hybrid, something we already occasionally utlitized Polamalu with, but we could do much more damage with Shamarko, love the idea!

  • GoSteelerz

    Well I was hoping that maybe they’d keep Green and Smith (I don’t get signing Moore, he didn’t do anything special to me, and we need true cover [and tackle] corners right now with all the special teamers we have), but at least they did keep Green, a player with some potential as a legit defender and special teamer, too. I really wish they’d get rid of Brown. Surely there’s got to be somebody out there with comparable special teams ability but who can actually play some defense as well. I guess we’ll see as the season goes on. Maybe Green will be that guy and they’ll take a look at another CB with potential and put him on the practice squad. I would be very concerned to see Brown forced into defense duty. It would not be pretty…

  • Kolie Oak

    But isn’t he like 5’5″???

  • steeltown


  • Game_Time

    yeah, pretty much

  • Game_Time

    I’m all for “the best man” winning a roster spot…. I just hate the
    fact that a 5th rd pick has gone to waste when this team has depth needs in so many areas.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    That’s just part of draft. Undrafted free agents usually have less tape on them and in college they usually play to team’s strength, so there’s not much on tape for your best fit.

    Example: the best safety in recently class was Vaccarro. Was he the true best safety? Or is he just the best overall fit for 32 teams in NFL? Cause Shamarko Thomas, who despite had plenty showing on tape that was the best safety on Steelers’ board (debateable but point being) now that Shamarko landed Steelers, chances for Shamarko is greater of being the better safety. When you play in NFL, you could sign a cheaper free agent for much more talent than a rookie with a 1st round pedigree, how?

    Coaches’ input. Scouting information, Tomlin brought Mewelde Moore because Tomlin had inside information on him and when he came to us, the signing pans out and became our best RB during Super Bowl run in 08′. It wasn’t 1st round we lost out on- its only 5th round pick, not a big deal.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Lol 5’5″??? Seriously… to be “specific” he is 5’9″ 3/8 but yes, he’s 5’9″.