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Steelers Tape Breakdown: Dwyer Continues To Leave Yards On The Field With Missed Reads

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer had two great blitz pickups and two nice runs Sunday night against the Chicago Bears, but he could have had another big one in the game as well.

Below is yet another example of Dwyer’s inability to read blocks as he consistently leaves yards out on the field. It is getting tiring pointing these out.

On first and ten from the Steelers own 41 yard-line, Dwyer takes a delayed handoff from Ben Roethlisberger and runs left for one yard.

As you can see in both of the still shots and animated gifs, Dwyer has a huge lane to his right that he misses. There are six Bears defenders trapped in the middle of the field and no defensive backs in sight.

The Steelers were only down seven points at the time and this was the first play of the fourth quarter. If Dwyer reads this right, he goes for at least ten yards and possibly more as he will get a rematch with safety Chris Conte, who he punished earlier in the game.

Dwyer had 39 yards rushing in the game on 12 carries. One of those 12 carries went for 25 yards and one other went for 11 yards, which was perhaps his best read and run in sometime. If you do the math, you will see that Dwyer’s 10 other runs totaled 3 yards.

A running back can’t consistently leave yards like this on the field.

Dwyer Miss Bears

Dwyer Miss Bears



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I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • Jeff

    Can’t blame the offensive line for that one…

  • gene mann

    that is right that was wide open but he needs to read those holes

  • bgsteelfan

    He does, but he is still the best healthy back we have when you consider blocking, etc. as well.

  • Bill Molinaro

    Dwyer does not have a lot of game experience at the colligate level or in the pros. I don’t know what Bell is capable of at this level and neither does anybody else. I believe Dwyer has more potential as a feature running back than anyone else who has participated this season. What he needs is repetitions and coaching during film study. The Steelers just keep interchanging personnel while giving none a chance to develop and succeed. Felix Jones is really a third down back who was drafted high by Jerry Jones really because he played for Arkansas, Jerry’s Alma Mater. The running back position needs some stability and you don’t get that by using the continuous carousel method.

  • Michael hall

    You Guy’s kill me another Dwyer Hater thread. Anyone can be a Tuesday
    night RB. If you all knew anything about Football you will notice that a
    running play is determined by the direction the quarter back opens up for the
    hand off. This play was directed to the Left not to the right. Dwyer Right Hand
    was on top to receive the hand off. The play was to the Left. He ran the
    play as called. Now if he ran to the Right as you’re suggesting he would have
    been stopped for no gain. The Coaches would have been pissed because he would not have executed the play as called. By the way if you noticed the tackle was not even engaged with the blitzing LB/DE coming in on the right. By the time Dwyer got the hand off and went around the QB to this so called huge lane, the huge lane would have been closed anyway.

    This why you write this stupid crap, always looking for anything negative to post on Dwyer., Is this all you could come up with. Do you all hate him that
    much? You don’t have to answer I already know the answer.

    This is so Senseless!!!

  • costanza2k1

    I hope Bell has better vision. If he does things may just start to click…

  • Bill Molinaro

    It’s true the play was designed to go where Dwyer went but the cutback is a great weapon for any RB. He would have needed to see it instantly because of the penetration up the middle.

  • SteelersDepot

    Take your blinders off, junior.

  • Michael hall

    The cutback is a great weapon and I have seen Dwyer use it many times last year. But when you are consistently Scrutinize in everything you do especially by coaches and constantly looking over you shoulder. you do what your told do do. it takes away from the creativity of a RB.

  • Michael hall

    Blinders watch the Clip. I don’t agree with you so I have blinders on I be to differ.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Agreed i feel the same with the ol thats why you hear the saying jack of all trades master of none i beleive they had the right idea swiching the ol positions for flexiblity due to all the injuries last season but with the wrong personell its a tricky situatation like damned if we don’t damned if we do.

  • enz1ey

    Well if you watch the gif, Adams was actually being bull rushed right into where that “hole” was. From Dwyer’s point of view, especially AFTER he had the ball in his hands and could run, not milliseconds before he even totally had the ball, that wouldn’t have been a very appealing direction to run. Watch that “hole” close after Dwyer gets the handoff. This is just dumb. He’s a person, not a supercomputer, nobody could diagnose that particular cutback option at full game speed. It’s a lot easier to do with the still photographs in front of you. If Adams hadn’t been manhandled right into that lane, maybe Dwyer would have run that way.

  • SteelersDepot

    Keep apologizing for him. Anybody can see the cutback lane was there for him. Good backs see it and hit it.

  • VaDave

    I understand where you are coming from, and you have an astute observation there, but a tenured running back will make that adjustment on the fly. Keep in mind, this was just one of many plays that could have gone for better yardage, and Dwyer isn’t the only one missing these opportunities.

  • VaDave

    Thr eis your inside ZBS system at work.. Yick. Anyway, Adams wasn’t the only fail on the play. Will Johnson didn’t exactly get a real good block there either.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Nope. I don’t agree with this at all. Sure, there’s a lane there at the start of the play, but he would’ve had to make a hard cut against the grain, and as #99 Shea McClellin is tied up with Mike Adams in the backfield you can see #55 Lance Briggs directly behind him being assisted in that direction with a block by Heath Miller. I guarantee if Dwyer did what you suggested he woulda met Briggs head on and been stopped for a 3-4 yard loss, unless he breaks a head on tackle by Briggs, but that’s highly doubtful considering Briggs woulda been almost full speed and Dwyer woulda been coming off a hard cut against the grain. Even in your still photo, where you show the lane, Roethlisberger is completely blocking Dwyer’s vision of that hole. You wanna blame someone on this play then blame the play designer. There’s a free LB coming at Dwyer with no one to block him.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    I agree, Dwyer has a tendency to miss some holes, but I don’t believe he would have been able to cut back on this play. Maybe Ben shoulda audibled to the other side, since the Bears defense seems to know that the play is coming to the left side. That’s why that hole is there in the first place.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ya know what! This play woulda been a nice run if DeCastro had pulled to the left. Look at the middle of the line. They’re completely bunched up, and DeCastro is double teaming the DT, #98, with Velasco. Pointless. But, if DeCastro pulls, then he takes out that free LB, #50, and if Dwyer breaks it outside he would only have to deal with Sanders man, #38, and it mighta been a nice run.

  • SteelersDepot

    The double team is by design to create a cutback lane. This is an inside zone play. Why is that so hard for you people to understand? The play has options for the running back.

  • dgh57

    Looks to me like the cut back should of happened after he got past the Adams/Miller block at the 39 yard line not before their blocks. But even then it would take a Barry Sanders type move to accomplish that and Dwyer being a big back isn’t going to have that quick a move or feet to do anymore than what he did on this play.

  • Harold Hal Bubby Wright

    For the idiot who put this on here ,if you look closely and if you ever played running back at this level you only have 0ne second to react to which ever hole is called for in the huddle. Dwyer went to the hole called for in the huddle and by your own snap shot above you can see Dwyers vision was blocked by Ben handing the ball off to him so he didnt see the hole,by the time ben hands the ball off to him the so called hole is blocked by that lineman being pushed back deep into the backfield ,so he made the right decision! If he did take that hole you mentioned and didnt make it through,his offensive coach would have asked him why didnt he take the hole called out in the huddle! Only a established running back who has playing time and lots of yards under his name wouldnt get questioned! 12 rushes REALLY are you kinding me,with this O-Line Dwyer would consistently need 25 rushes a game to know the tendencies of the O-Line! IF YOU EVER REALLY PLAYED AT THIS LEVEL YOU WOULD KNOW THIS! Also look at last years games when he did get over 20 rushes a game! What did he do?

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Now, now take it easy. Breathe in, breathe out. You coulda just mentioned that in the original post. Still, I think Briggs woulda stopped the cutback.

  • DerpinDickard

    A quick and decisive cut back by Dwyer would’ve put that LB/DE in an unfavorable arm-tackling position, and if he is half as good as you’re wishing him to be he would’ve ran through that arm-tackle. He would’ve seen the lane if he wasn’t staring down the left side during the delayed hand-off. Pointing out a player’s flaw(s) isn’t hate, it’s constructive criticism.. or that’s how I read the matter on hand.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    I’m not sure Dwyer could have seen that hole through Ben, by the time the ball is handed off, one of the Steelers O-linemen is being pushed into that lane, I think that forced Dwyer to run to his left even if he had wanted to cut right.

  • Brandon Andrews

    he could have gotten 12-15, C’mon Bell

  • Lamarr56

    I think if Dwyer would have gone to his right, Peppers might have beat Gilbert and taken him down for a 5 yard loss. Also, this is only one play. Even Adrian Peterspn will make a bad read every now and then.

  • NW86

    enz1ey is exactly right. In fact, both of your still shots clearly illustrate that Dwyer doesn’t even have the ball yet, and Ben is blocking Dwyer’s view of this “lane” anyway. By the time Dwyer gets the ball and gets clear of Ben, the blocker has been pushed back and is between Dwyer and that “lane”.

    If anything, there might have been a small opportunity to cut to his right AFTER he gets past the two defenders in the backfield, just before he gets to the 40 yard line. But I have the chance to watch the play over and over again, from the sky, so I’m not going to crucify Dwyer over that. I’m sure we could second guess almost every play in every game.

  • steeltown

    Damn.. that’s a HOLE

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I find it funny that ONLY DWYER seems to be scrutinized for not being perfect. We never see any GIF’s on Jones or Redman yet you are unbiased.

  • Ahmad

    OMG I remember that play vividly! I was flipping shit when I saw it as Dwyer had nothing but daylight in front of him. I just don’t understand how you can miss a hole that damn big. Geez Albert Haynesworth could have gotten his big behind through that hole.

  • sgishusa

    Yes there is a big hole there but ONLY if you can get through the small opening between the DT and DE. Foster is blown back into the backfield by the DT forcing Dwyer left. This could easily have been a 3 or 4 yard loss to the right as another has pointed out.

  • chris ward

    Dwyer has to see that cutback lane. Hole was there for Dwyer. A good running back would jump cut that and get positive yards.

  • cencalsteeler

    Tomlins doghouse approach may have affected both Redman and Dwyers style of play. They are more concerned with ball control than running with their styles that made them NFL backs. I would like to point out something that no one mentioned in this gif. Both sides have nice arguments and valid points. The play was designed to go to the left and Dave points out the lane on the right. Now, this may be true that Ben blocked his vision once he committed to the left, but once he got to the line, there is a very nice hole if he would have followed Heath’s backside. Dwyer just puts his head into the pyle and tries for an extra yard, when he should have cut to his right and followed Heath. Brown also needs to carry out his blocking assignments longer than just a bump.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    And if he did squeek by those two, #50, unblocked, surely meets him at LOS. There was no play there. The play was left, seven in the box vs 6 blockers, and if Will Johnson does a better job on #58 there’s a three to five yard gain.

  • Bob Graff

    Look at it again. the 2 middle backers could have easily filled the right side if he had chose to leave the play.

  • Bob Graff

    Why because a hole opened away from the play.?

  • Bob Graff

    You have blinders on follow the fullback and you will see.

  • Bob Graff

    That’s one of the biggest knocks on him coming out of college.

  • dgh57

    A. Brown did a poor job of blocking and both Safeties are moving up once they see it’s a run so maybe a few more yards had he cut it to the right.

  • PA2AK

    I love your blog, and you’re usually spot on. This is not a great example of Dwyer’s inconsistency with reading the blocks. 1. Ben clearly cut off that view of the lane. 2. Adams was pushed 2 yards into the backfield by the time Dwyer got the ball. 3. had he managed to turn into Barry Sanders and made that cut behind Adams being blown up…the tackle would have likely gone for minus yards. Dwyer has no freedom to deviate from the original play. He is pulled and/or cut for most mistakes he makes. Not going to get positive yards with your run-to tackle 2 yards in the backfield. Also, as inconsistent as Dwyer MAY be, he’s certainly more consistent than the OL or any other back we’ve had on the field. Also, every time he got a decent gain…we’d come back with run after run (early on anyways)…like one good run turns us into a run dominant team? People complain about Dwyer…but we really need to temper that with these slow developing, ill-timed play calls behind an OL that needs time to gel (and Adams and Gilbert need to switch back sides…that move in the preseason was premature).

  • PA2AK

    I think you’re on to something. Ben is a fairly small QB…easy to see that cutback with little Ben standing there and your front side Tackle 2-3 yards in the backfield. DAMN YOU DWYER! in all seriousness, while he isn’t the greatest back…we have NO ONE else that is as reliable. The best we have is an unproven rookie that seems like he may be rushing back too soon. Lis-Franc is not a quick-healer. Tomlin is tweaking everything on that offense except for the O.C….also, Gilber and Adams need to revert positions…that move was ill conceived. And seriouslys…rotating them with Beachum…who thought THAT was a good idea?

  • PA2AK

    and Briggs would have likely destroyed him. have to remember we tried to run it up the gut against a fairly stout front 7 all night.

  • PA2AK

    I sure hope Bell is half as good as everyone assumes he will be in a real Pro game.

  • PA2AK

    agree, briggs was headed right there…he’s much more seasoned and free to work than is Dwyer. Would likely have got Dwyer benched…or cut….again.

  • PA2AK

    there was a front side lineman 2 yards in the backfield during the hand off. that’s plain failure.

  • PA2AK

    This sounds much more possible. I can’t imagine him making the cut prior to those (2) failed blocks. Right after them, though…he had a shot. I have to agree with you…Tomlin playing favorites/doghouse with a high level of inconsistency doesn’t seem to be working. Especially so in the RB situation and recently the rotation at tackle on sunday night. Think he’ll bring in an O.C. to rotate series? Or is that kind of decision only up to Art II these days?

  • PA2AK

    I have a vastly different memory of how you’re supposed to block the zone. Didn’t look like it to me. Could have also been due to the (2) near complete whifs on the front side. By most accounts, folks are saying we have all but abandoned the Zone block…running maybe 1 or 2 a game? Not sure what is up with that though?

  • PA2AK

    I think Tomlin playing favorites/doghouse affects the entire team, at least the offensive unit as a whole. The players are the problem. The O.C. and an owner that want to force a certain style of play instead of win are the problems, imo. The players all need time to gel and/or heal. The playcalling has to adjust to our current personnel. Art II needs to take his decrees off the table. I don’t want to get back to Steeler roots. The 30’s-60’s were not entertaining!

  • cencalsteeler

    This approach Tomlin is taking has players walking on eggshells rather than boosting their confidence. They are now heavily concentrating on not making mistakes, rather than relying on their talent that got them there in the first place.

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    AS VINCE LOMBARDI TAUGHT, run TO dAY LIGHT, it is called seeing the field and cutting back. even though it was not zone blocking, the whole premise of the scheme is cut back running any time if the hole is there, not just because a zone scheme has been called.

  • PA2AK

    couldn’t have said it any better myself (if that’s a surprise!).

  • Jeff

    No, because a truck could have drove through that hole…

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    If our running backs can’t out run a dl or lb to a hole, we need better rbs.

  • PA2AK

    Did you notice Dwyers body language after the big run to the right? Absolutely pumped…then, turned around and looked at a Tomlin who stood emotionless..Dwyer just proceeded calmly to the huddle. (of course, they ran it 2-3 times up the guy right after that – smart move too!)

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Dwyer is not making that cut unless he’s a bionic man. At full speed, these athletes travel 10 yards in 1 second. By the time he takes 1 step after getting the ball, that hole is no longer there. On the other hand if Sanders blocks better, there could be space on the outside left.

    Granted all the RB’s are running a little scared these days because Tomlin has them on a short leash, but you are incorrect this time. In the pre-season, Dwyer was running differently, trying to show some speed instead of hammering people like he did last year when he got out in the open. Why? Again, because he is fighting for a job, since he knows he is going to get yanked at the drop of a hat.

    Personally, I think Ben should get rid of the ball much quicker on most occasions. The Steelers would then be able to let loose with their defense if they can keep the game close. I believe that is the biggest problem. Other QB’s do so when their O-line is having a bad game and the best even find a way to score 20-30 points under less than ideal circumstances. Ben is going bananas on almost every play, again trying to do too much.

  • PA2AK

    I agree, but most of those play designs are not meant for a quick hitting run or pass. deep routes with double moves, play fake after play fake, etc. Those don’t help out a young OL that is still trying to gel.

  • Bilgewater D

    Dwyer’s = Willie Parker’s vision without Willie Parker speed.

  • Bilgewater D

    Not just a cutback lane, a cutback super highway. Arian Foster makes that run into a 50 yard gain.

  • PA2AK

    if a running back not being able to out run a LB to a hole makes them insufficient…go ahead and mark them all down for insufficient…i mean across the league too. Plenty of solid backs get beat to the hole from time to time…especially when they have an offensive tackle 2-3 yards in the backfield. This has no bearing here, imo. Also, no one is sayin Dwyer is the best RB in the league…just not the door mat that Tomlin is trying to make him into.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Good point. Thank you. I’m just saying I think Ben has underperformed to say the least. I think he will do better in the future and some of the successful “Dink and Dunk” strategies last year worked very, very well. They moved the football, were number 1 in 3rd down coversions through 9 games last year, still dominated the clock…. the only problem was their lack of success in the red zone. Hopefully the big TE’s, Will Johnson, Moye or some combination can help them improve if they are to be successful some time this year.
    Bottom line: Dwyer is not the biggest problem right now.

  • PA2AK

    No doubt. Would like to see him stand up and lead more in the face of his frustration with the coaching staff decisions. And he needs to find a way to shake the turnovers.

  • Bob Graff

    This particular has never worked for the Steelers. Watch it closely Ben brings the ball back to Dwyer who is standing still 7 yards deep in the backfield when Dwyer finally gets the ball everyone else is half way back to him with 2 LB’S waiting to clean up the mess. I can see how it appears as if Dwyer could get some yards going right but if he would have tried to go right 1 step after taking the handoff away from his blocking this play he would have lost yards. That hole is there before Dwyer has the ball. This play is a lead draw but it is always executed so poorly there no chance here for anything.

  • DerpinDickard

    That lane was open the entire play. He had time to read it in a delayed hand-off, unless Ben is 50 yards wide as you’re suggesting.

  • jsnine

    I don’t know why we are arguing about him hitting that running lane, everyone knows reason he didn’t hit it was due to the fact that Dwyer does not have the physical ability to do so, nor the vision, or patience – a good back has patience, speed, acceleration, and vision – all of which Dwyer is lacking.

    Look at how any of the tape of Foster, Peterson, or any of the elite backs that run the ball in this league then compare them to Dwyer. Anyone can see he does not have the speed, patience, nor the agility to make the cuts necessary to run in a zone style blocking scheme, much less run the ball period. The only reason he even had the yardage he had last year was more consistent blocking and he had Isaac Redman spelling him and vice versa all of last year.

    The real reason (everyone should know) why we followed through on teaching the zone blocking scheme this offseason was due to the fact that we drafted a running back who can run properly in it. (ie : Le’Veon Bell)

    Dwyer has had plenty of time to prove himself to this organization, hence his performance plateauing and the obvious fact that Tomlin had seen enough in these past years to let him go.

    I personally believe that the running game has suffered because Steelers & Haley completely structured the running game around the fact that we had a agile, powerful running back coming in who could play all 3 downs and catch the ball out of the backfield (and the OL blocking hasn’t helped). But the curve ball was when Bell went down in the preseason, I think that changed everything and what we have witnessed is the results of the coaches attempts to adjust to this event in the first three weeks.

    Hopefully everything comes to fruition this Sunday and we see a more cohesive offensive line, a better game plan, and better execution. Let’s all just hope Bell lives up to his expectations and does not have to go through a massive learning curve starting this Sunday!

  • PA2AK

    the first slide shows ben directly in front of that lane from Dwyer’s view. once he has the ball there is a tackle 2-3 yards in the backfield and #55 breaking free as well. I don’t think it is as wide open as you say (and of course it remained one was running there). Don’t have to be 50 yards wide to disrupt a player’s view. It would have been an amazing play to make the cut in time (seems i’m not the one with the lofty expectations of Dwyer…afterall, i’m not saying he is the next Barry Sanders…but he’s no Isaac Redman, that’s for sure). I don’t think he made the wrong decision. Either way, your exaggeration does nothing to further either of our points.

  • PA2AK

    I don’t remember ANY knocks on him coming out of college to be honest. Vision seemed to be a plus with him considering his longevity and effectiveness in such a one-dimensional offense. Either way…I think we all better hope he is at least half the back Tomlin seems to think he is. The RB spot doesn’t fix this offense. Hopefully we aren’t rushing an unhealed rookie into a spot he hasn’t truly earned.

  • PA2AK

    so who’s delusional? The folks saying this play is not a legit criticism of Dwyer…or the one crazy guy who wants to compare him to Foster?! Here’s a clue…Foster is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than any RB we have on our roster….just in case you didn’t get the memo by now. Everyone else knew that last year.

  • PA2AK

    And lets all hope Bell isn’t handled the way Dwyer has been over his career. It is a sure way to NOT get the most out of a player. Everyone knows Dwyer isn’t an AP or Foster…how come everyone thought Redman was?

  • jsnine

    I am not comparing Dwyer to AP, Foster or anyone else, I am talking about what it entails to be an elite back or great one its been quite obvious that no one we have besides a unproven rookie could possibly fit that mold.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “handled the way Dwyer has been over his career”? Explain to me what your thought process and what you mean by this statement because I don’t understand you.

    I believe that Tomlin has handled him equal to his work ethic. Did you want Tomlin to just hand him the starting job when he has consistently put the ball on the ground, last year and this year (preseason). Also constantly showing up overweight or out of shape on a yearly basis since being in the league? I agree on him not being given the starting job when he clearly didn’t earn it and Redman had his chance due to his seniority and blew it. Then also had a shot to claim the job and Dwyer is what we thought he was. Redman was a better runner when he was spelling Mendenhall, Dwyer a better runner when Redman was spelling him. (vice versa .. )

    I just don’t see your point in how “badly” he has been handled, I believe Tomlin was right not to coddle him when Dwyer had done nothing to prove himself worthy or deserve it. Both him and Redman have been proven to not be 3 down backs much less starting ones due to inconsistency and lack of skill, and consistency and talent aren’t created from just being fed the rock.

    Now do I believe that he could be average RBs successful in the NFL? Yes. But would either Redman / Dwyer be starting running backs and be consistent 1,000 – 1,500 yard rushers? No.

  • PA2AK

    You are in fact comparing Dwyer to elite RB’s. Everyone should know that Redman, Dwyer, LSH, Jones are NOT elite rb’s. What I’m saying is, everyone gets on Dwyer’s case saying he isn’t elite….well no one is saying he is…just that he’s much better and has some potential to improve than is/does Redman. Redman just stinks.

    The doghouse mentality of coaching the RB’s. How Redman et. al. are treated compared to Dwyer.
    Dwyer never saw the field when he showed up out of shape until last year…and only played last year out of necessity. He showed he was the better RB off the bench by his in game performance in spite of his shape. If he fumbled, he sat. If he missed a block, he sat. The same did not happen in Reman’s mistakes.

    Knocks on Dwyer that got him fired prior to week 1.
    1. Not in shape…he was in shape this year at camp. Clearly put the work in.
    2. Can’t read the blocks…new system, he left ‘extra yards’ on the field…at least he was getting SOME yards.
    3. Can’t hold on to the ball…his career says otherwise and this is really a joke of a basis to stand on for firing him. the rest of the backs on the roster had far more fumbles than Dwyer
    4. Money…not true considering (imo) he’s better than Red.
    5. 3rd down liability…one of the better guys we have on the team at pass blocking and only OK catching out of the backfield.

    Those are routinely the reasons they kept him in the doghouse and eventually let him go. Going down the line on all of those comparing them to #1-#3 (excluding injured Bell)…there isn’t/wasn’t another RB on the roster who did better than him in all of those. Redman was automatically given the keys when Mendenhall went down. I liked Red, but it became clear early on that he wasn’t the best on the roster. Redman can’t read blocks well, fumbles way more than Dwyer, costs the same, and is hit or miss with pass pro, and OK out of the backfield. Add in the fact that Redman is older and doesn’t have much more potential, whereas Dwyer is younger and made a big change in his character around the time he got some touches last year.

    I don’t think I’m seeing anything that isn’t true in terms of Tomlin’s handling of the RB situation. He has his favorites and his goats. He is doing it now to the OL (rotating Beachum at tackle…WTF? he’s clearly no better than what we have starting). He’s proving to be an ineffective motivator of offensive players. I think the, oh you fumbled, go sit in time out is a joke. Redman fumbles game one and sits a quick series and is back out. If he’s your man, why are you pulling him?! Dwyer busts that big run and turns around to see an emotionless Tomlin. Way to capitalize on a spark in your offense. No need to coddle anyone, but no need to put one player in the doghouse quicker than another. I don’t think any of the backs we have are going to be 1,000 yard rushers. Frankly, that’s not the road to success. We just need people who are going to do their damn assignments. So far Dwyer is our best healthy back.

  • jsnine

    On another note….

    I agree on some points with Tomlin’s attitude, such as the sit you if you fumble once or miss a block etc… Doesn’t create continuity or breed confidence for the backs themselves. Does anyone else honestly think taking out and under utilizing Felix Jones early the last two games has been a blunder on Tomlin’s part, he is averaging 4.2 – 4.5 yds a carry – Talk about a short third down when we need one?

    Back to Dwyer, he really did nothing but show up in shape this year – and if I remember correctly last year he had some costly fumbles (as did our receivers) that cost us game(s). Not to mention the fact he is regularly inconsistent, even in a run by committee approach you think someone would out right WIN the starting job by showing it … and no one so far has done that.

    In my eyes it is also pretty sad to see him finally show up in shape due to the Steelers using a 2nd RND pick on a back making him realize he’s about to lose his job. 4 years and you just get in shape to show how bad you want it? Not the kind of mentality that I like to see how out of someone who wants the starting job. He has potential but I think it is limited potential, like I said his lack of vision and patience is a huge negative on his game-play.

    He held down the fort for us last year, and has done a decent job last game. But when I heard the news he was cut, was I surprised? No.

    Do I think Bell is going to immediately be the savior of our running game? No, but hopefully we will ease him in and let him adjust to the game speed – and he will turn out to be the prospect that we all expect him to be.

    Hope he drops bombs on Sunday!

  • Bob Graff

    If you want to go to nfl .com scouting combine and look at strengths and weakness for Leveon Bell. you will notice as a weakness cutback ability and vision. I just don’t make this stuff up. he’s also a tall RB which make him an easy target. I am i huge Steeler fan and i just hate putting them down but shit they just aren’t hitting on all cylinders the last few years and someones gotta say something.My opinion is Tomlin needs to cut ties with all his buddies and bring some high quality asst. coaches on board.That would be and awesome start, then honestly reevaluate all the players you currently have on the roster. Forget about pedigree, draft position, potential and just work with the football players that can actually play. One of the first things BILL Cowher said when he got the job was. Can i cut 1st rd. graft choices?? What he did was exactly that. remember Huey Richardson.

  • MC


  • Steeler Goetz

    And the DB was going to close that hole a helluva lot faster than many think.

  • Mike Popovich

    In all fairness, he probably didn’t see that hole because Big Ben was standing in his field of vision.

  • cencalsteeler

    Look at the gif again. Instead of a spin move into the line, look at what was possible if he follows Heaths back side (cut to the right at the line of scrimmage). That coupled with a better block by Brown would have resulted in a nice gain.

  • DerpinDickard

    Watching the gifs you can see the lane was open at the beginning of the play and lasted the entire play. He had time to look left then right before Ben was extending his arm for the delayed hand-off. Again, a decisive cut back would’ve put that defender in an unfavorable arm-tackling position which I believe he would’ve broken. Although that didn’t happen because he was staring down the left side the entire time.

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