Steelers Versus Titans Winners And Losers – Week 1

The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped their 2013 season opener Sunday at Heinz Field to the Tennessee Titans and in a game that included only a few plays worth cheering about, here are my winners and losers from week one.


Jerricho Cotchery – While he only caught four passes in the game for 34 yards, Cotchery made all of his catches count. Two came on third downs on the Steelers opening drive and one resulted in a touchdown on fourth down late in the game. It was the Steelers only touchdown of the game to boot.

Antonio Brown – Brown caught five of the seven passes thrown his way for 71 yards and did not make a mistake as the punt returner. I wish I could jazz that up more, but that is both the long and short of it.

William Gay – Gay was thrown at several times during the game and only gave up two catches by my count. He was credited with two defensed passes and three total tackles.

Brett Keisel – Keisel really looked good Sunday moving down the line and rushing the passer, and he was responsible for six total tackles and a quarterback hit to go along with another pressure.

Robert Golden – The second-year safety registered two special teams tackles during the game.


Offensive Line – The Steelers offensive line looked anything but gelled together Sunday and once Maurkice Pouncey left the game with his knee injury early, things only got worse. Kelvin Beachum had problems with a few snaps at center and the rest of the line allowed pressures throughout the game. Ben Roethlisberger was sacked five times in total and that’s certainly not the way you need to start a season. The Steelers rushed for just 32 yards on 15 carries.

Emmanuel Sanders – While he did catch seven passes for 57 yards in the game, Sanders had two critical drops. One was a deep ball early in the game that looked as if it went right through his hands. The play could have been a game changer.

Isaac Redman – Eight carries for nine yards and two fumbles, one of which was lost near the goal-line, is not considered taking the bull by the horns.

Larry Foote – Before exiting the game with a torn bicep, Foote missed two key tackles by my count and maybe even a third.

  • TJimmy

    I noticed that Marcus Gilbert really struggled, especially in the first half. The rest of the line didn’t do much better.

  • Jeff Johnson

    o-line is the biggest problem with the offense, 2nd is the RB group. Steelers just can’t find a way to get a good o-line together

  • bgsteelfan

    Add Tomlin to the losers for once again not having the team ready for an important game.

  • sean mcmartin

    Oh no don’t want to hold Tomlin Accountable. That would make it a Real scenario..

  • Mike.H

    Steelers OL gave up 2 sacks each to Defensive players whom each had 3.5 sacks all season last year. Zack Brown and Jarrell Casey. Thumbs WAY down.

  • Rod Hedrick

    With a better O line RB wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Jonas

    Ziggy looked good!!
    Worilds was okay, but still he had one or two stupid fouls called!

    And overall, the defense looked not bad! The Titans running game hadn’t good numbers (in average). And perhaps next week Troy makes the plays.. etc.
    But sometimes they have to cover tighter as the Titans were able to catch and get the first down, then they’re tackled! Especially on third down it was difficult to watch!

  • Brandon Andrews

    were u in the meeting room

  • bgsteelfan

    Does it matter? Facts are facts. The fact is, they weren’t ready. And Tomlin is responsible for that. You can throw out any misdirections you want, but the buck stops at him.

  • T R

    Why is DeCastro not listed alone for being a loser. That was a straight out bad dive at Pouncey need. He should clearingly seen Pouncey’s leg. But ole well

  • steeltown

    You can add Woodley to the winners list… it’s funny ALL offseason we’re talking about Woodley and how he needs to step up, in the end, he’s not the problem

  • steeltown

    Well.. atleast our special teams coverage was good, the rest of the Team is well below avg but hey the special teams coverage is good…spent all that time and all those roster spots making sure our ST coverage would be solid and forgot that Offense is a pretty important aspect of the game as well…. good grief

  • rizzo29

    I think the Fan,s that stayed and watched the whole game are the real winners,the Rooney,s should give everyone who went a refund

  • rizzo29

    If we didn,t know any better it looked like it was done on purpose

  • T R

    I refuse to accept that.

  • T R

    You got that right brotha. I almost left my house. Lol. But I still had to pay mortag

  • Soliciting Steelers

    Add Woodley to the Good; Decastro, Wheaton (ST), and Cortez Allen (only because Brotha gotta stay on the field, he’s had more injuries than games played) to the BAD

  • rizzo29

    I meant If Castro had a Tenn jersey on and that happen all the talk would be what a cheap shot

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Put the coaching staff on the bad. This is the 3rd year this team has come out of preseason not ready.

  • conan

    dave bryan is a race baiter, he would never put Decastro onthe loser list

  • cencalsteeler

    My MVP was McClendon. I think Steve had a solid game and made his presence known out there, definitely a winner yesterday.

  • T R

    I hope this is the hardest winners loser game you have to report.. but not likely…

  • Weiss Chad

    Id put polamalu on winners.Id make it really easy and throw the whole offense on losers minus cotchery and brown

  • StrengthOfVictory

    I’m really having trouble sticking up for this O-line anymore. I mean it feels like the Steelers just invested in Blockbuster Video in the age of Redbox…but are still pretending they’re in business.

  • Jay Jaber

    finally you realize how bad larry foot actually is. 4th and inches he had that wide open tackle in the back field and running back just shrugged him off which led to the touch down. soft ass linebacker lets see what vince williams can do for us

  • JohnnyV1

    I think the team of Colbert & Tomlin deserve some votes for Losers, as they put the team together, then coached them. I think any of us would’ve been glad to see Legursky at #2 Center yesterday. Would it have spelled a win, probably not, but it would have helped and be better than the alternative than we now have in the next 15 games. The ridiculous decision of placing Spaeth on IR -Designated To Return just wasn’t a good idea. After game 1, we can now see why. I could go on, but will stop here.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Yeah same Larry Foote that knocked out Redman in training camp…geez.

  • Reader783

    Special teams was a loser in my book too. Just when the field position swung back to us, we had a few bad punt coverages and penalties that pinned us back inside the 20. Once again, we saw the opposing team pin us inside the 5, while we couldn’t cover a punt downfield as it winded up putting them on the 45. Even when we would field a punt and take it to the 45, a holding call would almost certainly bring it back to the 20. It’s so frustrating, year in and year out.

  • Reader783

    You can’t blame them for this one though. It’s not like they haven’t invested in it. 2 first rounders, 2 second rounders, but no unity on the line. Injuries plague us every year on the line. I feel so bad for Pouncey, he just can’t play a full season. DeCastro missed last season (for the most part), Adams and Gilbert clearly need more reps and experience. The line looked like it had promise, but is still clearly a work in progress. But don’t forget, we’ve won with worse lines than this.