Troy Polamalu Fits The Bill Health-Wise According To Mike Tomlin

So far, so good for Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, who looks as though he might finally have the calf problem that has plagued him for the last four seasons behind him.

Head coach Mike Tomlin was asked Tuesday during his press conference if this year’s version of Polamalu looks better than he has in previous years and while the Steelers head coach said he’s not into playing the comparison game; he did sound upbeat about where his safety is at right now health wise.

“He’s really had a good preseason,” said Tomlin. “I really don’t compare him to in the past. I really just look at their readiness relative to what we need him to be right now and man, he fits the bill. It’s been a good preseason and training camp for him.”

Polamalu talked during the offseason about how he had been working with a new physical therapist in an effort to break down the scar tissue that had built up in his calves. That therapy included some intense massages, that according to Judy Battista of, weren’t very relaxing.

“You get used to the pain,” Polamalu told Battista a few weeks ago. “People have to do it with knee injuries. This is what every football player goes through when they get a massage.”

The Steelers let both of their experienced backup safeties go during the offseason as Will Allen and Ryan Mundy signed elsewhere during free agency. Mundy wasn’t a loss, but Allen did play well last season when Polamalu was out injured.

This season, the Steelers have young safeties Shamarko Thomas, DaMon Cromartie-Smith and Robert Golden backing up Polamalu and Ryan Clark, so it is imperative that both stay healthy this year. While Thomas figures to be the heir apparent to Polamalu, he still needs to develop some before he can be expected to start and play well.

In addition to everything else, if Polamalu is unable to stay healthy this season; the Steelers might have no choice but to release him next offseason because of what he is scheduled to earn in 2014, the final year of his contract.

Polamalu has played in 14 or more regular season games just three times in the last seven seasons, and the Steelers defense will surely suffer if that number doesn’t become four in 2013.

  • Mkeller

    Man I hope he stays healthy. He’s too damn fun to watch and has looked unbelievable this pre-season.

  • steeltown

    Im not too worried about our Safety depth, we have some good players on that list..the problem is some of these guys (Shark, Golden) might be asked to play nickel CB if/when injuries occur at the CB position, by default that hurts the Safety depth…

    Here’s to hoping for a healthy season

  • cencalsteeler

    It’s definitely a different D when Troy is on the field!

  • dgh57

    Polamalu staying healthy will go a long way in this defense even getting better than last year! Add Woodley returning to form and this defense could be awesome this year!

  • Bob Codding

    Dave , the post on Steelers depot doesn’t have the time posted when the article is made.anymore


    Glad to hear Troy made it thru pre-season w/o injury, but I think we need to temper any real enthusiasm at least until he clears the bye week w/o injury…imo he’s a HOF player, but he will need a good season this year to cash in on the final yr of his deal.

  • Mike.H

    Some have said Troy resembles a Lion mauling down a zebra in the wild…

  • 2443scott

    when ever i see some one mention how troy is and all healthy its like opening a window and letting in fresh air …seems to build up and flow through whole team as well when you hear them talk of it …..i have all good thoughts of the def-line only prob i worry over is off-line tackles left and right rest of team seems ready to go …i feel once the tackles get few games in the line should all come together …..on to season opener .

  • Nolrog

    Without question.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I will just say this that you know when troy is is written all over the football field!!!