Video: James Harrison Misses Dick LeBeau – Interview With Jon Gruden

I am sure that ESPN will run the full version of this prior to the Monday night game, but in case you missed the teaser during the Sunday Conversation, here is Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison talking to Jon Gruden.

During the interview, Harrison is asked by Gruden to give his thoughts on Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin, and finally when he gets to Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, well, just watch.

  • Matt Smith

    Says a lot about the man Dick LeBeau is. Says a lot about James Harrison too. Tough to see him in the orange and black.

  • Rosco


  • Gloria Burke

    I think the Dick LeBeau is a man who can be admired, respected and his players will do whatever they can to make him successful. James succeeded under his direction. That lack of words says it all.

  • Dom


  • Shannon Stephenson

    WOW! I was honestly moved by Harrison’s reaction to LeBeau.

  • greeny

    Wow…That was beautiful……We all miss you James. Please go ez tonight on Big Ben.

  • schlong

    I miss Silverback

  • Christopher Wilkes

    This says so much about not only LeBeau but also our current team. It’s no wonder this defense is continually near the top every year. I just wish the coach and offensive coordinator could reach that level of respect.

  • Lucero

    doesn’t matter what uniform he’s wearing. james Harrison will always be a Steeler

  • Douglas Andrews

    Last year at an autograph signing he was the only one coach or player that came out…Not Tomlin…A Brown laughed but Coach LeBeau stayed signed autographs n talked with all the fans…class act

  • Mike

    The difference between Harrison and Wallace leaving and returning to Pittsburgh, will be a specticle to see. James is one of a kind and I found myself watching “Hard Knocks”, just to see how he is doing.

  • JPDQ

    Tonight… ain’t gonna be good!

  • JPDQ

    Nice to see. Wish we coulda figured out a way to keep this guy AND draft JJ. Wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

    On another note, James gets a lot of face time in the new film The United States of Football. Must watch for any football fan and/or parent trying to decide whether or not to let their kid play this sport.

  • Gloria Zanes

    I cried when seeing this in tv. You can tell he really misses being a steeler. I really hope they bring him back next year!!!!

  • Michael Vidovich

    everyone respects Dick LeBeau

  • Hp B

    The toughest thing about James Harrison is the fact he doesn’t lie about anything.
    Ask his mother..