Linebackers Williams And Wilson Both Had Their Moments Monday Night

Pittsburgh Steelers veteran inside linebacker Larry Foote was forced to watch the 20-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals Monday night on television as he continues to recover from surgery on his torn biceps, but he paid close attention to the play of his replacements, Vince Williams and Kion Wilson, just the same.

“They looked good,” said Foote during a Tuesday morning interview on 93.7 The Fan. “They made tackles. I saw a couple of missed assignments, but they made tackles; they were getting off blocks; they looked physical and the main thing; the defense didn’t look confused.”

Williams and Wilson combined to make 11 total tackles Monday night and while each made a few mistakes in the game, overall it wasn’t a bad showing by both despite both failing to make plays on the two touchdowns scored by the Bengals.

“I thought they had their moments,” head coach Mike Tomlin said about Williams and Wilson during his Tuesday press conference. “I think there are obviously opportunities for growth with both men. We’ll continue to work with those guys.”

While Wilson started the game alongside Lawrence Timmons, it was Williams, who was drafted in the sixth-round this past April out of Florida State, that received the lion’s share of the snaps. Neither, however, were on the field for nearly 20 plays when the Steelers used their dime sub package that included four safeties.

The Steelers next take on the Chicago Bears Sunday at Heinz Field and there is a good chance that both will see similar playing time in that game as they continue to get their on-the-job training with Foote now out for the season.

“I like where they are, and I like where they’re going,” said Tomlin.

  • HopalongCassidy

    The Steelers would be 2-0 if they had an offense.

  • steeltown

    No doubt.. even minus James Harrison and now Cortez Allen and Foote the Defense is stout

  • steeltown

    No doubt

  • Kenneth Wilt

    The defense right now is keeping them in games…I just hope they have something left if the O ever figures out what they are supposed to do.

  • Ahmad

    Both players blew a few assignments but considering they are rookies in LeBeau’s defense, I thought they did quite well. This really has me wondering if rookies really can’t play in this defense.

  • Rosco

    Is there a way some our dline can play oline?

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Williams and Wilson’s best moments were spent on the bench. Did either make a tackle within 5 yards of LOS? Timid, weak, overmatched…that has to get much better…fill that whole like you mean it or go home.

    Prefer to use Worilds as OLB and JJ inside on running downs, then extra safety on passing downs.

    BTW, I like Timmons, but was he playing with one arm tied behind his back? Dude, you’re paid big coin, 82 plays is plenty of opportunity to show that you’re more than just a roster filler.

  • Jay Jaber

    well said. people keep saying are defense is old and slow thats not the case the steelers defense has been the most consistent and the most dominant the past 12 years. people are always talking about how good Seattles secondary is but we led the nfl in reception yards in the past 2 years. ike taylor(the most underrated cb in the nfl) has a lot to do with that

  • Bilgewater D

    Well considering they are both rookies, relatively speaking, and it was Monday Night Football for their first start, I’m going to give them a pass.

    Let’s see what they do with one week under their belt and film to study. I bet they get better.

  • Mike Sweeney

    Hopefully, Sunday night, all 3 phases of the team, will be successful for a W. Week 1 Defense only L Week 2 Defense/Special teams L. If the offense can get a pulse and be successful, chalk up our 1st win Sunday. Let’s go 3 phases of team effort!!!!!!!

  • cencalsteeler

    Right now, our Offense is the worst enemy of our Defense. The O needs to stay on the field longer and give that D some rest.

  • hector flores

    offense went form dink n donk to clunk and junk “fire todd haley”