30 Catches In Last Three Games Ties Antonio Brown With Hines Ward For Best Three Game Stretch

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was already off to a great start this season and in the win Sunday over the New York Jets, he recorded another nine catches for 86 yards and did so against cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Brown’s performance on Sunday now gives him with 30 catches over the course of the last three games and ties him with former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward for the club record for the best three-game stretch in that department.

While Brown did drop what looked to be an easy touchdown in the first half, he only failed to catch one other pass thrown his way in the game. If that wasn’t enough, the Steelers former sixth-round draft pick also completed a 15-yard pass to running back Felix Jones on a trick play midway through the second quarter.

Brown is currently on pace to catch 131 passes this season for 1,593 yards. The Steelers signed the Central Michigan product to a five-year, $42.5 million contract extension prior to the start of the 2012 season.

  • Lamarr56

    Thank god we extended AB over Wallace. Brown runs better routes, has better hands, and isn’t a diva like Wallace was. Brown also seems like a great guy I’d want on my team for years, unlike the drama queen Wallace.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Agreed. It has also been Brown providing attitude after good plays to fire this team up. Didn’t work the first 4 games, but he has that competitive fire in him that Wallace never had.

  • I’ve been saying for a bit that Brown’s new name is “Mike Who?”

  • Aric Brown

    Imagine how many catches he would have if they didn’t forget about him in the second half

  • Douglas Andrews

    We could still have Mike “Wallet” Wallace with his 22 catches and 1 TD along with his poor route running bad hands and me attitude

  • Amuzon12

    Congrats to Brown! Very impressive. I just wish he wasn’t so conservative on his punt return fair catches. The guy has some quality moves. That’s why he’s back there. Now, I sure don’t want to see him get hurt on a punt return, but if he’s the best we have playing that position….damn it, I want to see AB’s After Burners!!
    Very satisfying win by the Steelers!
    Great Weekend = Steeler victory + Penn State victory

  • joed32

    Brown is playing great but it seems like every time he has a good punt return it gets called back for a penalty and they lose 10 yards on the play. Maybe it’s better just to make the fair catch.

  • Tom Savastano

    Hes sure stepping into the the No1 receiver position nicely.. Should have be 31 catches in the past 3 games tho…he should have had that dropped TD yesterday

  • Weiss Chad

    The front office played there cards right w brown over wallace