A Few Animated GIFs From The Steelers Loss To The Raiders

Below are a few animated gifs of a few key plays from the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-18 Week 8 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

On the first play from scrimmage, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor goes 93 yards on a read-option. Linebacker LaMarr Woodley doesn’t protect the backside and safety Ryan Clark leaves the center of the field as he too goes for the fake. Safety Troy Polamalu, who is lined up on the slot receiver, is easy blocked and Pryor is gone.


The punt block gets charged to punter Zoltan Mesko and tight end David Paulson. While you can’t see it in this gif, Mesko catches the snap in the gut.


On the Polamalu interception, linebacker Jarvis Jones gets a free run at Pryor thanks to the left tackle not knowing what the snap count is. Pryor should have never thrown this ball.


Raiders cornerback Tracy Porter intercepts a pass intended for Antonio Brown that the receiver should have had. Did it hit the ground?


While not a play, Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver was caught by the cameras flipping the bird to officials after cornerback Mike Jenkins was flagged for hitting a defenseless receiver. The flag was eventually picked up. You can bet Tarver fill be fined.


  • dgh57

    It’s like we didn’t have a clue that Pryor had the option to run with the ball on that play! You would think that after watching film on the guy they would know to watch out for it.

    With Paulson I miss D. Johnson/Spaeth/anybody but him!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    On the Pryor run everyone was fooled.

  • Douglas Andrews

    No wonder Paulson struggles at blocking his technique is awful hands are too low and why turn a guy back inside towards your punter?

  • Eric

    Especially Woodly

  • Lizard72

    Woodley’s gaff was unacceptable! He’s got to see the option before he turns his hips and leaves his contain responsibility. He’s looking right at it!

  • Douglas Andrews

    Agreed. He could have made that tackle for a possible 2-3 yard loss

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    clark completely abandoned the center of the field and ran him self out of the play.

  • SG

    First GIF: Just awful undisciplined defense. Second Gif: Mesko sucks. Third Gif: Jarvis Jones can’t even get a sack when he’s totally unblocked. Props to Troy, he’s the only one having a solid season on this team. Fourth Gif: That ball is obviously on the ground and not an INT. But Brown made too many sloppy mistakes in this game. Last Gif: How do they pick a flag up but not explain it at all? Tomlin should have fired off a middle finger of his own. But, he’s always clueless as to what’s going on out there anywhere.

  • Virdin Barzey

    People can talk about the gaffe by the DL, LB on the Pryor run but make no mistake. Bulk of the blame lies on RYAN CLARK. For him to not know where the ball and abandon the middle of the field is absolutely inexcusable especially for a veteran.

    How can you expect the young players to step up with foolish play like this.

  • Don

    Yep. Woodley, Clark, and Timmons all completely committed on the run fake. So unbelievably wide open. Even Peyton Manning could picked up an easy first down on that play. At least that could have been more defensible to get fooled on. I mean Pryor’s running ability is not exactly a secret.

  • Don

    0 for 3, and all of them are vets. There’s no possible way that wasn’t on the film.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    “But, he’s always clueless as to what’s going on out there anywhere.”
    The Standard is the Standard.

  • Nolrog

    And Ryan Clark, who was playing centerfield and bit hard on the run.

  • treeher

    No excuse for Woodley. First responsibility is his position! What’s he doing, chasing across and behind the line? Especially after all the hype about Pryor’s running?

  • treeher

    Did Tomlin have a challenge left when the “interception” occurred and the ball is clearly on the ground?

  • treeher

    I’d give primary blame to Woodley. If he did his job, Clark never comes into the picture.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    Unfortunately the trend this year on the big plays given up by our D, it has been the vets who have made the mistakes, not the rookies or young kids.

  • Madi

    I don’t get how the same guy can overturn Miller’s touchdown based on what was visible there, and then call Tracy Porter’s play an interception.

  • Callentown

    I don’t understand how the Prior run is not Woodley’s fault 100 percent. Although, I don’t understand how there was that large of a hole either.

  • dgh57

    Troy and Ike couldn’t get off their blocks, Timmons and Clark both over committed to the inside run fake explains the hole that Pryor ran through which by the way was big enough to easily drive a freight train through. Woodley is still mostly to blame because he’s the 1st line of defense in backside containment.

  • SG

    All turnovers are automatically reviewed now. They went with what was called on the field.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Don’t forget the muffed kick-off called illegal touching. Don’t see how that was called the way it was either.

  • gshayne123

    Well the idea of a safety being a safety is lost in the Burgh..
    Mostly due to Troys talent but still theres a reason its called safety ..Let the guys up front do their job and if they dont and it breaks down be the safety valve to stop a huge play ..such as this one!

  • chris ward

    Pryor is all ready past Clark until he realizes that he has the ball. The Fullback didn’t even have to make an attempt to block Clark that’s how bad it was.

  • Steve

    I would like to see Gifs on the two field goals that Swez missed. Both look like the Mesko didn’t have the ball upright and had it leaning one way or the other.