A Mike Tomlin Video You Obviously Need To Watch

Over the last few years, it’s become a running joke as to how many times Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin uses the word “obviously” during his press conferences. For your viewing please, the folks from Benstonium have put together a remix video from Tomlin’s Tuesday media session in which they counted the use of the word. You obviously have to watch it.

  • Dr. Doom

    ha! I imitate him with my kids sometimes.

  • Shea Fahr

    He obviously likes to use the word obviously…they gave him a half point for just saying obvious. HA

  • Jarod Wells

    “The standard is the standard.” “We will unleash hell here in the month of December” My favorite is unleashing hell because he knew we were playing the raiders, chiefs, and some other sorry team that month, yet we still lost them all. He is a moron.

  • Dr. Doom

    Your entitled to your opinion wrong as you maybe

  • TJimmy

    Obviously, the more losses he has this year, the more likely he will break his record of 28.

  • Xclewsive

    Obviously Steelers fans are spoiled and can’t remove themselves from Cowhers tenure. Obviously Mike Tomlin is a good coach there isn’t one in the league that doesn’t have his warts. But obviously Steelers fans are to blind to see that.

  • T R

    Obviously they are wrong for the video…

  • 1stepforward

    “Obviously” is Tomlinese for “these questions are retarded and this press conference is a colossal waste of my time.”

  • Decades ago, I heard the yogi tenet that “extremes become their opposites.” Tomlin’s overuse of “obvious” calls to mind another word I’ve thought of often in recent years relation to the team’s management and coaching: “oblivious.”

  • Patrick J Brophy

    Your selfie photo makes me not trust your wisdom.

  • TJimmy

    I think he says obviously a lot to let people know that he realizes he is stating the obvious and he isn’t saying things because he just discovered them. In other words, “I know what I am doing here but I am only saying this because it is a press conference.”

  • steeltown


  • Brendon Glad

    I noticed that too. It’s a condescending word to the media and viewers. I don’t like it. But if he knew how to hire Strength and conditioning/training, OL, and Special Teams coaches more effectively, then, obviously, I wouldn’t be reading analysis of his pressers and typing comments. lol

  • Dr. Doom

    It drives me crazy, apparently cowher won 15 superbowls, and never lost a game, ever!

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Captain AllTalk NoWalk obviously realizes that even the most ardent of fanbois are seeing his schtick wear thin.
    Sooner he’s gone, sooner we might* be good again.

  • Dr. Doom

    You solved every problem, thank you. Now turn off Xbox and come back to reality. Fire Yourself.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Haven’t had Xbox since around 2006. Now come to modern technology and 2013. Fire whoever purchases electronics for your household. I’m sure that sending that sad email via your dialup conxn and AOL account won’t take away from too much of your trolling of posters you disagree with.

  • tkylv

    Maybe you should turn on your brain, open your eyes and see that Tomlin needs to own up for his team’s lack of preparation and drive week in and week out. A coach’s job is to lead and to bring out the best in his players. Not sure which games you’ve been watching, but I’ve seen none of that. Belichick took a Pat’s team led by Matt Cassell and still went 11-5 what’s Tomlin’s excuse?

  • tkylv

    Honestly I’m not seeing a lot of people clamoring for Bill back, so not sure how that’s relevant. The only comparison I ever see is that Tomlin mostly succeeded with a team Bill put together. Either way Tomlin is just not a leader, he doesn’t adjust well at all and he doesn’t bring out the most in his players, which is what a coach is supposed to do. Nothing personal, he’s just not the right fit to get the most out of this team.

  • chris ward

    Haha good stuff from Benstonium.

  • Dr. Doom

    Losing’s never fun, but here’s a little something to pick your spirits up… (flips bird) It’s real nice…I got it at Target…it was on sale.

  • Dr. Doom


  • Dr. Doom

    I don’t want to be here but if I don’t I will get fined. So I am going to sit here and say nothing for 20 minutes.

  • Dr. Doom

    I don’t use AOL that post made no sense, just like you’re argument

  • tkylv

    You managed to avoid addressing any points that I made about Tomlin. For all of your complaints about people overreacting with their criticism of Tomlin your reaction seems equally irrational.

  • motown_98

    Obviously Tomlin needs to have Haley get rid of the WR screen from the playbook. Haley should accept it and embrace it!

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Swing and a miss, clown. That was the point. Nobody uses Xbox anymore. It’s obsolete, just like your trolling and failed-genetic code.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Fanboism , by definition, implies irrationality.

  • tkylv

    Yep, it’s sad when people put on blinders and go crazy on either side of this issue. Tomlin isn’t the worst coach in the world, he’s just not a very good coach.

    I still remember when he played Ben in 2011 at Cleveland when Ben was still recovering from an injury. Ben was subsequently injured further ensuring he was not at 100% for the game in Denver. Tomlin’s reason given for playing Ben when it was obvious he need more time to recover “when a man says he can play who am I to say no”

    Who are you? You’re the head coach. Of course Ben would say he can play, who wouldn’t it’s a pride thing. It was Tomlin’s responsibility to step in and say “I know Ben can play and he wants to play, but the best thing for the team is for him to be at 100% for the playoffs, so as coach I’m making that call”

  • Eric

    That is obviously obvious

  • Douglas Andrews

    Showed it to my Gf and now we both cant stop saying obviously lol

  • alex

    holy shnagies, that was freakn’ funny…

    always love coach and his straight up honesty in front of the camera…


    OBVIOUSLY, you boys were not ready for the season and OBVIOUSLY, you better get back to the drawing board really quick or this season is OBVIOUSLY,


  • Xclewsive

    Tomlin hasn’t gotten the best out of his players? Comical! If you haven’t seen fans “clamoring” for Bill Cowher then you a little detached. Tomlin has warts, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying he doesn’t get the “best” out of his players. When he gave a position to a UDFA journeyman who later on won DPOY. Had countless average OL but yet still competed with the best teams in the league. Again Tomlin has warts as his like of accountability sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. There are only a handful of coaches I believe are better then Tomlin and some have lucked into some talent in their own right.

  • Bob Graff

    In the NFL the head coach is more like a field manager than coach. Here lays the problem Tomlin has surrounded himself with poor coaches and old and less than average players. This is very obvious, but how is this problem fix? The Steelers honestly recognizing there own short comings is a great place to start. obviously

  • Doni609

    Obviously you’re seeing Tomlin through rose-colored glasses which obviously makes him purple. A perfect match for Minnesota and not the Burgh.

  • Doni609

    When our team is 0-4 this is the kind of reporting you get. Obviously Tomlin has a limited vocabulary to go along with his limited coaching skills.

  • Whcr Communicators


  • Bob Graff

    I know i have been pretty hard on the Steelers this year. There’s a reason, they should have known with the great turnover in players this year that there were going to be some growing pains. But instead of using the preseason to give these new starters extensive work they acted as if they were seasoned veterans. Now they are using the regular season to experiment on what the right combinations will be. I saw this coming a mile away, they will eventually start winning some games but they certainly have wasted this season. I just hope in the future that they learn from there own mistakes. You can’t just show up and win games because you are the Pittsburgh Steelers. NOW THAT, I HOPE IS OBVIOUS

  • Xclewsive

    Tomlin team is losing right now because they can’t stop from turning the ball over. Something he can emphasize, but it’s up to the players to execute. The biggest culprit is arguably the best player on offense and maybe team. Defensively sound angles and tackling is mor then likely preached, but it’s the players that have to execute. Tomlin biggest warts are accountability, clock management and the unwillingness at times to replace struggling players. But that’s a lot of coaches problem int he NFL.

  • Marshall Biles

    I believe whu people compare bill cowhers stand to mike tomlins standard is simple. Quite simple actually. Bill was an emotional coach who lit a fire when needed. When the refs made a bad call he was in their faces. When his players made stupid penalties and what not he was in there faces. He also pucked them up whwn they were down. He spoke to them with a much lesser articulate way as compared to tomlin. When cowher made a speach everyone was waiting to hear what he had to say. because he has earned the respect of his players, city of pittsburgh, and the fans. It was his how he wore his love for football on his sleeve and didnt care who was looking. When that chin was out you knew someone was in for an ass chewin. It was inspireing. Tomlin is a great coach but comes off too professional at times and fans and everyone cant relate to that as much. Hes bland and stoic on the feild. Shows hardly any excitement either. Thats my take on why people like bill cowher over tomlin. Inspiration.energy, and everything else but articulate. Cohwer always said no matter what happens in a game as long as you play physical or go punch them in the mouth. Thats cowher football. In essence thats steeler football.