A Steelers Nightmare: Tom Brady With His Finger On The Snuff Button

By Michael K Reynolds

Even the five hopeless optimists left in Steelers Nation would have to agree: This Sunday’s game is the last gasp of playoff hopes for the Black and Gold.

And what could be more troubling for Steelers fans than the notion of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with his finger on the snuff button?

Among the Steelers faithful, these are the same Patriots who rank as one of their most loathed opponents and the model-married Brady as one of the least favorite players.

And why is this?

Some will say it’s because his princely good looks don’t belong on a football field. Others will claim he’s arrogant. Then there are those who can’t see any of the Patriots and Coach Bill Belichick as anything but cheaters since Spygate.

Yet, in a moment of honesty, with microphones turned off, most Steelers fans will reluctantly admit to the main reason for this level of hostility. Brady is scary good and his Patriots have been one of the few teams able to consistently embarrass even the best of Pittsburgh’s defenses.

Sure there have been a few key Black and Gold victories in the recent Steelers and Patriots confrontations. But there have also been some mighty beat downs delivered by the Bostonians.

Tom Brady holds a 6-2 edge over the Steelers, having been 4-2 against Pittsburgh in the regular season and 2-0 in the post season.

Of course losing in the playoffs hurt the most but who could forget the infamous Anthony Smith game? This was the one in which the second year Steelers safety guaranteed a victory against the Patriots only to be personally and patently scorched on national television by Brady in a 34-13 whooping.

I always thought Smith got a bum rap because at least he had the courage to talk smack BEFORE the game. Brady always acted the choir boy saying he did his talking with his play. But that was only until his team had a commanding lead, and then he would rant and rave and point fingers. A great player, but one you hate to lose to because he was such a poor winner.

The good news for Pittsburgh coming into this game is that the Patriots aren’t as good as their record indicates and there are rumors abuzz that Brady’s “contusion of the birth certificate” is finally slowing down his Hall of Fame chops.

This is little consolation for a Pittsburgh Steelers team that has proven perfectly capable of losing to the worst teams in the league.

If the Patriots get an early lead like the Raiders did there won’t be any shutting down of the offense as was the case with Terrelle Pryor. Tom Brady will gladly put his cleats on the throat of the Steelers and put them out of their season-long misery.

But here remains one of the last hopeless optimists who believes the Steelers might be able to steal one this Sunday while Boston is still recovering from their World Series hangover.  These are the kind of upset specials the Steelers win.

If the Steelers do manage a miracle will it be enough to ignite a flame, a wildfire sweeping them to the playoffs? Probably not.

But it will delay the heartbreak for at least another week. And it will keep Brady…of all people…from having the pleasure of dancing on our grave.

About the Author

Michael K. Reynolds

Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic and author of the acclaimed Heirs of
Ireland series. MichaelKReynolds.com


    6-2 is 6-2, but imo not really that impressive when you look at who they have beaten. I don’t see a whole of difference in them & PIT talent wise (especially w/o Wilfork)…sure Brady is to be respected. However the blueprint to beating NE is out there…I would go old school on them and let Clark & Allen man up on their WRs at the LOS, dbl Gronk, and get after Brady. Doubtful PIT plays a snap in Jan. but I like their chances this week.

  • Robert Truax

    Scheme it so as taylor or allen are on gronk at all times, we actually have the secondary depth to pull this off. But a piece of me wants pitt to lose and keep losing….we need that 3rd or 4th pick for a top left tackle and gives the young guys the rest of the year experience.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    We can win this game. call me a homer. 🙂

  • HopalongCassidy

    After seeing what happened to Indy and KC the past two seasons, it appears to me that going 2-14 is the formula for making the playoffs the next year.


    I would think they would give Timmons the underneath coverage on him with Troy or Thomas over the top, but I could see one of the CBs in the mix.

    Draft status…I hear ya…the 3 OTs at the top of this draft don’t seem to have the Joe Thomas lock type talent…I’m of the opinion it won’t matter who we put @ LT…Ben’s style of play is just conducive to being among the most sacked QBs. I’d rather go Nix @ NT, or give Ben another legit playmaker with size to throw to.

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    UHHHHM How impressed is anyone with the team that have cleaned our clock, put Taylor or Allen on Gronk and watch the all time completion and yardage records fall.

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    YEP, A nose tackle, that will surely improve our pass rush.

  • cencalsteeler

    Unfortunately, it seems Brady thrives against LeBeaus defense. He can read it. He can make the line adjustments and he loves the soft cushion our dbs give the receivers. That, coupled with no qb pressure, it could be a recipe for a long day.

  • Eric

    Luckily Gronk has multiple injuries and is limited in practice this week

  • Eric

    We still need the best OT we can get. Nix would help us, but I would not use a top 10 pick on him. I would like to get some offensive weapons, but that will be hard to do since we must take a left tackle.


    I thought KC was foolish for taking Poe top 10 as well…I don’t feel that way now. Hali, Johnson & Houston were great LY on a 2-14 team…Poe has really help turn that entire DEF around. If you’re going to play a 3-4 you have to have that beast in the middle, and we don’t.

    Look at teams like MIN, JAX, even CLE who have really high picks playing LT…and Joe Thomas is a PB player. I’m sure you will say they don’t have a QB…granted. P. Manning lost his great LT (Glady) for the season early and they really haven’t missed a beat. Brees…his LT is 2nd rd pick.

    I’m with you on improving the LT position, but I don’t see him as being a cure all for this team.


    NE is living in part on reputation imo…I watched both games vs the NYJ and they beat up on the NE OL…they are not the Patriots of old…obviously PIT is not the Steelers of old either but BAL beat them LY, MIA should’ve beaten team last week….not saying PIT will win, but I think the game will be much closer than the records might indicate.

  • r4kolb

    OK, I will. You are a homer!!!

  • r4kolb

    Much closer than the records might indicate? This ain’t horseshoes.

  • r4kolb

    If you remember the last time we beat them we played tight coverage all around. Question is do we have the personnel to play like that again? Plus you know Belicheat will have something to counter it this time.

  • Eric

    I can guarantee you that it will take a lot more than any one position to cure this team. Right now, unless Beachum or Adams show great improvement at LT, I would say that LT remains our biggest position of concern right now. I would love to get Anthony Barr in the draft as I think he will be an immediate impact player, even more than Clowney, but we should not take OLB’s 2 years in a row in round 1. We need a CB with some size to deal with the Megatron’s and Bryants, but the highest ranked CB’s are all 5′ 11″ and smaller. Trading down is an option, if we are going to start with a tackle, but I became a Steeler fan in 1972, so I know a lot about drafting the best player available regardless of position.

  • His receivers lead the NFL in drops and their run defense is terrible. its not impossible nothing is impossible

  • Shannon Stephenson

    lol….I expected that but dont start jumping on the bandwagon when they win. 🙂

  • r4kolb

    I’ll make you a deal…I won’t jump on the bandwagon if they win if you don’t jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge when they lose.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I can go for that.

  • sean mcmartin

    belicheat is showing what good coaches do, Come into the game with a counter strategy ..hope the next Steelers head coach actually knows how to coach and make game plans each week.

  • r4kolb

    Agree completely.