Report: Steelers DL Al Woods Fined For Facemask Penalty On Vikings RB Adrian Peterson

Another week another fine for a Pittsburgh Steelers player as defensive lineman Al Woods has reportedly been fined $7,875 for his first-quarter face mask on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, according to Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The play in question happened during the Vikings opening offensive possession of the game during a second down run by Peterson and you can see the replay below.

Woods is the third Steelers player to be fined this season. Running back Jonathan Dwyer was $21,000 last week for lowering his head and hitting Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte at the conclusion of a long run while wide receiver Antonio Brown was fined over $16,000 for two infractions in the same game.


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Dave Bryan
I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • James Kling

    Why is this a fine, and not just a penalty?

  • dgh57

    Multiple choice: LOL!

    A: because of the severity of the facemask
    B: because it was a Steelers player
    C: combination of both the above

    C is my answer :-)

  • James Kling

    Looks like he snagged and released, not sure it was all that severe.
    D. Because Roger Goodell is an arse.

  • Jason

    How long until every penalty is a fine?? Will it be announced by the ref?? For example: “Holding #76 offense, 10 yd penalty repeat 1st down. #76 will be fined $5,000 by the league for this penalty.”

  • Jason

    I just realized #76 is a bad example since he is rarely close enough to the defender to hold.

  • Jeff

    I would like to see cortez hit peterson on that play. He didn’t know it was a facemask, and Peterson was still up seemingly struggling for extra yards. Maybe we start forcing some fumbles if players start hitting.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    I’d like to see Greg Schiano as commishoner, he’d probably pay the athletes for this instead

  • dgh57

    Look at AP’s body as it makes almost a complete turn. You don’t do that unless your facemask is being pull.

  • Greg Loyd

    The replay shows that Jarvis Jones face mask is also being grab

  • HopalongCassidy

    This fine stuff is getting to be a joke. It seems that the NFL is only interested in stealing the players money now. Maybe they’ll just have the refs. carry a credit card swipe machine in the future and bill the players on the spot. The players association needs to threaten a lawsuit over this crap. Roger Goodell is suffering from Barack Obama Syndrome. It’s about time for him to go.

  • Mark Tercsak

    The chief problem with the steelers is the Offensive Line, with the exception of our new center, he can play because he hustles 100% and has the eye of the Tiger and is a bull. Its not just Mr. Adams its the rest of the crew as well there fat and happy not lean mean fightin machines, they donot hustle.
    Another issue is the way Ben deals with these guys he kiss’s there rears instead of kicking them in the pants some times guys need a kick in the pants.
    Also There are x’s and o issues as well these guys lack lateral mobility for the type of line play they are supposed to execute and with them not hustling it really exposes a major weakness, Thus teams beat them to the inside and out side gaps.
    In the running game they are beaten to the point of attack on almost every single play.
    This is where the coaches are at fault for they have not adjusted.
    They need to tighten the line gaps between the offensive line men and teach traditional pass cup blocking, Where you block inside/out.
    In the running game they need to use more dive plays, and short traps and off tackle plays.
    They also need to use more two back sets with a full back in the back field in run pass situations, in one back sets pass situations they need to throw short to medium routes quick passing game.
    The receivers have improved but they still drop two many balls they should have caught, why is that ?
    Its the gloves these receiver are wearing, they inter fear with the hands and receivers have to catch the ball differently, get rid of the gloves use your hands.

  • GhettoBelligerent

    Well said – I vote D.
    Goodell is a horrible.

  • James Kling

    I agree that he got masked, but the fine is idiotic. I also think that when Woods realized he snagged the mask he released.

  • Troy Gilmore Jr.

    How dare Milke Tomlin,fine Woods for the face mask on A.P., and not Rothlisberger,for all the lousy play he has done in the four games when it comes to holding on to the ball carrying it like it was a load of bread.Hie play in loosing the pas two games because of the way he has held the balls does not warrant a fine or what?
    I feel all these coaches and players need to be evaluated by Dan and Art Rooney and kick to the curb because with the exception of Troy Polamau,and Heath Miller,these are a bunch of lousy players,I have ever seen the Pittsburgh Steelers have in all my years of being a fan which goes back to the late 1960s.when they had those ugly uniforms as well.Mike Tomlin and upper management drafted these guys as well as getting re-tread Jone & Redman and how has that worked for my my team.If your going to fine one player for a bad play than quit showing favoritism and fine Rothlisberger for his handling of carrying the ball like a five years old just learning how to hold and handle the ball because that is exactly what he looks like.I mean it is obvious the playoff picture and the entire season is lost,and what is that/The play of Rothlisberger,the offensive coordinator,the lack of encouragement of the Head Coach,and all the coaches with sub-par players as well has caused this 0-4 start,and I hope Dan & Art Rooney,clean house after the season is because it seems like to me coaches and players have becomes to laxs and comfortable in the job and performance on the field.DAN & ART ROONEY CLEAN HOUSE WHEN THE SEASON IS OVER.
    Mike Tomlin,if your going to fine one player for bad play make sure you be fair on all players like fining Ben Rothlisberger,he has been pathetic again and has the Gold & Black Twisted Panty Award” two weeks running because he has been out right terrible on the field plain and simple.

  • Whcr Communicators


  • SteelersDepot

    Troy, the league does the fining, not Mike Tomlin. Please tell me that you knew that. Also, Roethlisberger was the only reason they had a shot in the Vikings game. You really should actually watch the games before commenting.

  • gsmscooter22

    EXACTLY GREG…..Where is the flag on the Vikings?

  • Jason

    DON’T DRINK AND POST!!! You say you’ve been a fan since the late 60’s but in all honesty my 11 year old son could analyze this team better than you and certainly articulate it better. You actually think Tomlin is fining Woods??? I hope this whole post was a joke.

  • Troy Gilmore Jr.

    Of course I know the damn league does the fining and I was not talking to your ass in the first place,I am pissed off about the damn coaches have turned my team into and that asshole Rothlisberger.So don;t come talking to me about this issue I know damn well the league does it and I have probably been following football longer than you.Since I have been following football since the late 60s OK?

  • Jason

    Well if you know that the league hands out fines the first line of your post makes no sense. If you’re going to call Ben nasty names at least spell it correctly. R-O-E-T-H-L-I-S-B-E-R-G-E-R. And I’ve only been alive since 1979 but evidently I’ve picked up more knowledge in my 34 years than you have in your 50+.

  • PA2AK

    He’s probably the same type of fan that love Bradshaw when he was winning rings and hated him shortly after, and loves him again now that he has been gone long enough…probably didn’t like Cowher from 99-2000, and has loved him since he’s gone now. Probably liked Ben a few years ago when he was bringing rings to Pittsburgh, and now hates him and Tomlin, because it isn’t going so well.

  • PA2AK

    I also hope he doesn’t think AR2 isn’t to blame for any of this to begin with. If so, he clearly forgot how AR1 and Dan ran the franchise when they were in charge.

  • Troy Gilmore Jr.

    Listen you fucking Asshole you would not want to meet me in person,because I’d break your fucking face and bust a cap in your sorry ass.And as for PA2AK go play with your self as you do every damn night because ur fat ass wife is to big for you to crawl up there both u sorry ass MOTHER FUCKERS.And you better believe I would not hesitate or have a problem busting a cap in both your sorry asses.So you both need to mind your own fucking business when no one is talking to your hillbilly asses!!!

  • Troy Gilmore Jr.

    Hey Bitch so what you have been around since 1979 the same year my son was born what the fuck is ur point with this.And I do no how to spell Rothlisberger,Go fuck ur wife or bring her here so I can not like that little pipe you have.Did u serve bitch? I served in the Army & Navy and would not have a problem taking you out so you need to mind ur own business,Also if u think u cannot be found just from this page you and that other asshole think again anyone can be found these days u got that,

  • Jason

    So You Change Your Name To Low Rider And You Still Make No Sense. And You Resort To Threatening To Shoot People? Very civilized. If YoU Actually Did Serve I’m Disappointed In Your Ignorance

  • SteelersDepot

    I blocked that goon.

  • Jason

    Thank You. Wow Talk About Taking Things Too far