Browns First Team To Three Wins In AFC North Following Thursday Night Win Over Bills

Don’t look now, but the Cleveland Browns are the first team to three wins in the AFC North following their 37-24 defeat of the Buffalo Bills Thursday night.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden relived injured starter Brian Hoyer in the first quarter and threw for 197 yards and one touchdown to lead the Browns to their first 3-2 start since 2001.

Hoyer, who took over as the Browns starter in week three, suffered a knee injury when he was hit by BillsĀ linebackerĀ Kiko Alonso while attempting to slide after scrambling out of the pocket. The Browns fear Hoyer tore ligaments in the knee and he will undergo an MRI to further assess the damage.

The Browns now have ten days to prepare to play the Detroit Lions a week from Sunday, but their win Thursday night assures that they will be at worst tied for the lead atop the AFC North following this weekend’s action.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4) are on a bye this week while the Baltimore Ravens (2-2) will play the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals (2-2) will play the New England Patriots.

  • Working Republican

    But if Cinci is playing the Dolphins AND the Ravens are playing the Dolphins…whose playing the Dolphins?

  • Curtis

    See whats happens when the QB don’t turn over the ball

  • SteelersDepot


  • Crazy Bone

    The Stains have a better roster than the Steelers top to bottom. It only took them decades to hit on some draft picks, but they have finally done it. Sucks that we gave them our third round pick considering how bad the Steelers will be this year.

  • PA2AK

    Or when he isn’t getting gang-raped every play.

  • PA2AK

    Steelers 0-4…Browns 3-2. Is this real life?

  • PA2AK

    That punt returner did some seriously special work out there.

  • Dan

    I bet you Roethlisberger won’t turn the ball over if he’s not getting mauled every third play.

  • Bell Cow

    God help us. I may need therapy after this season.

  • Mike Carroll

    The Browns have a nice roster.

  • dgh57

    Every win by our North Division opponents from here on out is really going to hurt our chances. Not that we have much of a chance anyway being 0-4.

  • Vic

    Not only do the browns have a decent roster, they also have a good coaching staff.

  • Bilgewater D

    At this point we’re in contention for the number one pick. Look at our schedule from here on out. I see a potential 2-14 season.

    Here’s a hypothetical question. If we have the number one pick, do the Steelers: 1. Trade the pick for extra ones? 2. Take Teddy Bridgewater and trade Roethlisberger for an extra 1st round pick. or 3. Take Bridgewater and keep Roethlisberger for a season?

  • Bilgewater D

    Ray Horton doesn’t look quite like the dip shit now does he?

  • dgh57

    Does Bridgewater run good? If so he’ll probably set a single season rushing record for a QB behind our porous OL!