CBA Mandates Players Have Four Consecutive Days Off During Bye Weeks

The Pittsburgh Steelers wrapped up their final practice of the week on Wednesday and will not practice again until Monday. When I posted that earlier this morning, several wanted to know why an 0-4 team wouldn’t be practicing again this week.

It’s called a CBA, folks and below are the rules related to bye weeks.

Section 2. Bye Weeks: During any regular season bye week period occurring during the term of this Agreement, players will be given a minimum of four consecutive days off. Such four-day period must include a Saturday and a Sunday unless the Club is scheduled to play a game on the Thursday following the bye week, in which case players may be required to report to the Club on the Sunday preceding the Thursday game. In such an event, the four-day period shall be Wednesday through Saturday. Any injured player may be required to undergo medical or rehabilitation treatment during such four-day period provided that such treatment is deemed reasonably necessary by the Club’s medical staff.

The earliest the team can return to work is Monday and that is exactly what they will do. The bargaining agreement mandates the days off, so this isn’t a case of head coach Mike Tomlin running a country club.

  • Showboogie

    Thanks for the clarity Dave

  • dkoy85

    What a bunch of b.s! CBA is really starting to irk me!

  • Jeff

    Maybe some time away from the field will help…. Some banged up guys will get a chance to heal too…. Hell, I don’t know, just trying to stay positive! At least no one can get injured……… Well hopefully haha

  • T R

    they should take they asses behind a shed and make them practice anyway..

  • cencalsteeler

    You made me laugh pretty good at that one! Good job TR!!!

  • dgh57

    Well, at least Levi Brown can still cram with the playbook cause he needs to. Or is there some dumb rule against that also?!!

  • joed32

    The Union got a lot of less practice time for the players and the League got to keep the salary cap almost at a standstill. The owners are very happy with that.

  • JohnB

    This is what i really dont like about these new rules. This one and the mandated times where you can use pads in practice. No more 2 a days. I have a slight theory that a lot of the injuries are caused by them trying to prevent injuries. To play at a high level you need to put your body through a lot of training.

    But my main beef is this: how is Mike Tomlin, or any coach for that matter, supposed to get in that ass and whip them in shape after playing the way they have? Thats the kind of coach Tomlin was before they started changing these and the difference is starting to show.

  • treeher

    Well, at least this doesn’t apply to the coaches who I’m sure will be burning the midnight oil.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Four days off…great… hope no one manages to pull a Taamu these next few days. Please guys (Steelers) stay outta the news.

  • HopalongCassidy

    The O-line took the first 4 weeks of the season off already !

  • HopalongCassidy

    Trying to figure out how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear no doubt.

  • joed32

    You may be right about less hitting in camp causing more injuries during the games. Blocking and tackling need to be taught and practiced and in doing that the players get hardened. Without that they go into the games unprepared for the hits and get pulls and tears etc. Just a theory.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Cant hit anybody in the games anyways so why should they have to practice on how to tackle.

  • Curtis

    4 days off and don’t have to practice in pads but once in a while because of the collective barging agreement WOW.

  • PA2AK

    I wouldn’t worry…that playbook isn’t very difficult. Most opposing defenses pick it up in a week just looking at film.

  • PA2AK

    Haley will be at the bar…for good reason too. With his wife passin those pics around and all.