Cowboys Have Released Former Steelers S Will Allen

Former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Will Allen was released Tuesday by the Dallas Cowboys after playing just 170 snaps in the first five games of the 2013 season.

Allen, who signed a one-year deal with the Cowboys during the free agent signing period, started the first two games of the season, but quickly found his way to the bench.

Allen, who filled in last season for an injured Troy Polamalu after Ryan Mundy failed to do so, is merely a special teams player at this point in his career. Being as the Steelers have now committed to a youth movement at the safety position, they are unlikely to have any interest in Allen.

We will have to see if the Steelers receive credit for Allen as far as compensatory draft picks go, but even if they are given credit for him being a loss, it would only likely cancel out the addition of free agent running back LaRod Stephens-Howling.

  • Intropy

    If this really is Ryan Clark’s last year, I can see Will Allen being brought in next offseason to compete for a backup spot with Golden, Cromartie-Smith, and new face or three.

  • Berlusconi

    I’d rather like to see Ryan Clark compete for the backup spot if Thomas really is going to be the answer at the FS position. I don’t think Clark would be demanding a much bigger contract than Allen, probably both would only be offered the minimum.

  • Nolrog

    I don’t see why he’d have a place on the team.

  • TJimmy

    I thought he played well last year. Hope the best for him.

  • mem359

    He even got the second interception on Eli for their season opener. I thought that was a promising start, but I guess things went sour after that.

  • cencalsteeler

    Agree. We need to stop this vicious cycle of releasing players and then bring them back after they have been regurgitated from elsewhere. “Being familiar with the system” isn’t enough justification, that’s what coach’s get paid the big bucks for.

  • alex

    me to…he had a good season for us…whats up with the Dallas washout?

    is it a switch to another style that kills some players, ala Asomugha and others, or does the drop off after 30 just come like a cliff to some players?

  • Whcr Communicators

    surprised but at least he has his full salary

  • lalaland

    He just re signed with the Steelers today!

  • TJimmy

    Lots of players who played well in the Steeler system didn’t find success on other teams.

  • Dr. Doom

    he was at team facilities but no contract yet.