Dick LeBeau Thinks Sean Spence Will Be Successful

With second-year linebacker Sean Spence now back practicing this week for the first time since he suffered his serious knee in the 2012 preseason finale, it is still unknown whether or not he will eventually get removed from the Pittsburgh Steelers PUP list over the course of the next few weeks in order to resume his career. Defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, however, said Thursday during his weekly talk with the media that he believes the young linebacker has a good chance of playing again.

“It’s great [to see him back on the field],” said LeBeau. “I had a special feeling yesterday when he stepped on the field and in uniform. You know what that young man has been through, and the work that he has put in. He is going to be a success in life, and in all probability, a success in the NFL. He is a special young man.”

Spence is slowly getting back into the groove of things and his removal from the PUP list will not take place this week. The Steelers will still have two more weeks, however, before a final decision needs to be made on his status for 2013, but LeBeau’s words certainly sound encouraging as do the words of fellow linebacker Jason Worilds.

“He’s that much smarter now,” said Worilds, according to Will Graves of the Associated Press. “Whereas a year ago, he was making plays but he was making plays off his natural ability. Now he’s learned. It’s going to be exciting.”

Spence is indeed a special player and when he returns, you can bet that LeBeau will find a way to utilize him and it will certainly be exciting to see.

  • steeltown

    Man, I still cant get over this.. by all accounts most reports and comments have been encouraging. Even if he’s activated but not really utilized at first, even if its next season before he fully gets acclimated.. It will be amazing

  • Dr. Doom

    Good for him.

  • Jason

    Very nice to have Vince Williams continuing to improve which allows Spence to take as much time as he needs. At the very least a healthy Spence provides depth at a position we need it regardless if he eventually beats Williams out as the starter or not. Does anyone know the probability of reinjury with this particular injury with nerves being involved?

  • Douglas Andrews

    Saw some video of him practicing. He looks really quick and moves well. Even if he only plays on special teams its a great story of courage and determination. Cant wait to see him out there!

  • Chad H

    Mr. Spence you are one of the bright spots in this Steelers season! Can’t wait to see you on the field.

  • cencalsteeler

    I don’t think anyone is not pulling for this guy. If his heart and desire is that big, I can not wait to see what he brings to this team in the future. What a feel good story!

  • kev4heels

    I would be elated if he could come back to 90% of what he was by training camp next year.

  • Mike Carroll

    I saw that video too. Not sure how he looked in practice before, but he looked good this week.

  • Jeff

    It’s encouraging looking at the linebacker position moving forward, especially if Sean Spence ends up being the guy the steelers thought he would be when they drafted him. Yes, there is a lot of growing pains, but you can see the potential in all these young guys. This could end up a very very good group of LBs over a good period of time.
    If this guy ends up succeeding as a Steeler at some point, wow, he is going to be one of the more popular guys in Pittsburgh and a true fan favorite.

  • Lizard72

    The great thing is now he’s doing things with an emphasis on technique and football smarts, not relying on the natural ability. Still think time will tell whether he can get back to what he had physically before the injury.

  • colingrant

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Seems like an impossibility. Even 90% seems far fetched. I look forward to reports on how he looks when in coverage and changing directions.

  • Luke Shabro

    If he gets healthy enough to play by next year at the very least we could have decent depth at ILB. It might not be as much of a position of need as we might’ve originally thought.

  • srdan

    I am pumped to see him and Shamarko on ST together. Shamarko as a gunner is a ST coach’s nightmare. Sean last year in preseason was the same. Both are very powerful and low COG.

    I’m puuuuuumped!

    We’re getting younger in a hurry!

  • I hope he can at least be another Jerry Olsavsky-like story.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I think with Sean Spence; we can expect some of hybrid defense like Ravens’. That’s my only explanation of Jarvis Jones’ pick.

  • Johnny Loose

    Cannot wait to see what happens with this kid. Good to hear he’s focused on technique and all, but instinct (which he has) cannot be learned. Every Steeler fan I know is pulling for him. I know I know, temper my expectations…. STILL THOUGH!!!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I love this story but before we crown him King we have to remember he never really had much playing time in preseason. He is still an unknown commodity although the coaches did like what little they saw of him on the field.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    it’s not his ability as a football player we are crowning, but instead the hard work as a person to overcome that tremendous obstacle.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    a lot of people are and that is great but a lot of people think that he is going to come in and be a savior for us. I think it is great what he has accomplished myself as well but that doesn’t mean he will ever be a decent football player but we can all hope because it would be a GREAT STORY!

  • PA2AK

    Timmons, Williams and Spence with still some decent young talent behind that would make it a certain strong point!