Mike Tomlin Says Levi Brown Was A ‘Critical Acquisition’

During his Tuesday press conference, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin might have dropped a few hints as to what he thinks the starting offensive line might actually be Sunday against the New York Jets.

The Steelers of course acquired veteran tackle Levi Brown via a trade last week with the Arizona Cardinals and Tomlin called the move a “critical acquisition” during the opening statement of his weekly press conference.

“He’s a veteran, battle-tested offensive tackle,” Tomlin said. “Still working to establish a role, still working to make him familiar with our football. Obliviously, just had one day of on-the-field work, but his presence is needed and valued.”

Critical? Needed? Valued?

Those sound like some pretty strong words for a player that hasn’t played well so far this season and in 2011. That poor play led to the Cardinals virtually giving him away to the Steelers for a ham sandwich.

Tomlin also chose to use the word “critical” a few minutes later when discussing  the health status of left guard Ramon Foster, who is currently trying to overcome a pectoral injury.

“Ramon Foster worked in a partial capacity yesterday with a left pec strain,” said Tomlin. “We’ll anticipate him to continue to do so as we push through the week. Obviously, what he’s capable of doing in pads is going to be critical. We’ll get a look at that a little later in the week.”

If the game against the Jets took place today, it sounds like Foster wouldn’t be able to go. Tomlin admitted Tuesday that he’s likely to be limited Wednesday and possibly Thursday as well. in fact, he probably already knows that Foster won’t be ready come Sunday.

Should Foster indeed not be ready to play against the Jets, then Brown will more than likely start at left tackle as Kelvin Beachum would have to fill in at left guard. Should that wind up being the case, then the addition of Brown was indeed a critical, needed and valued one.

  • dkoy85

    If it were Brown and Beachum starting would anybody blame Roethlisberger for coming up with a phantom illness?

  • Douglas Andrews

    If it were Adams and Beachum I’d bet Ben would pull a J Clowney…..Uh Coach i’m sore and I can’t play lol

  • Shea Fahr

    If Foster cannot go, we need Levi at LT and Beachum at LG. There is no way I want Whimper in there under any circumstances.

  • Dr. Doom

    He was the best they could get, for what they were willing to pay. Adams could not do anything right, anything.

  • Mike Sweeney


  • Dr. Doom

    I don’t even want him practicing.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    He makes are team dumber just by showing up.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    depends on what side of the ball you were on. Defenses thought he was the best thing since sliced bread

  • Ike Evans

    Im very optimistic about the rest of the season actually….I like the moves this team has made in the bye…I like beachum at LT, I like Levi Brown to come in and play that swing position since Beachum is going to be starting. I Like Cam heyward in for ziggy hood..I like Shark getting more snaps….im hopeful…we may not make the playoffs but i have a feeling this team is going to get better and better as the season goes along and thats much better then how it looked the first couple of games

  • alex

    Gilbert, Adams, Beachum, and now Brown…

    motivation by demotion?!

  • charles

    I like what yo ur saying.

  • treeher

    Adams seemed serviceable last year on the right side. I wonder if they’ll put him back? The left tackle experiment sure didn’t work. Question for Colbert: Did you not look at his feet in college and see that they didn’t move?