More Details Of The Lawsuit Against Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley Surface

By now, you all are likely aware that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and his wife Christine are being sued by a home builder who claims the couple reneged on million-dollar rent-to-own agreement. In addition, the Haley’s are also being accused of doing damage to the home in question.

Following up on the Tuesday report of WPXI-TV, Deadspin now not only has a copy of the email that Christine sent to the builder, but pictures of the damage done to the house as well as a copy of the lawsuit.

Reading through all of the facts, it certainly doesn’t look good for the Haley’s, who have filed a claim of their own against the builder. Both parties, however, have agreed to try to resolve their differences through a mediator and the outcome of that will certainly will be interesting.

At 0-4, the Steelers certainly don’t need a distraction such as this and it will be interesting to see if Haley answers questions regarding his legal situation when he talks to the media on Thursday. I doubt he will as his response will most certainly be that he’s not allowed to talk about it until the suit is resolved.

  • TJimmy


  • Luke Shabro

    I’m expecting the usual “I’m not going to discuss ongoing legal prcoeedings blahblahblah”

  • Dr. Doom

    He will not even respond to this, real nice guy though.

  • dennisdoubleday

    His wife’s letter claims that Arizona preferred Haley over Arians but they wanted to stay in Pittsburgh? Was that story confirmed anywhere at the time?

  • CrazyTerry

    I was one of those who are one of the few who doesn’t think Haley ruined our offense(He didn’t improve it either but let’s face it Arians got the benefit of defensive turnovers and the average scoring was still poor under Arians).
    I was thrilled when they hired him. But now, i gotta concede that there is something wrong with this guy. He got the benefit of doubt in KC when he accused Pioli of bugging his office because Pioli is well .. Pioli.
    But then his wife had a ridiculous lawsuit where they sued some restaurant. Then you had the restaurant fiasco with the KC fan (which I don’t blame Haley for, quite frnakly) But then this? At some point, you gotta wonder about his personality. His dad Dick Haley should talk to him about making the family name a joke.

  • Dan

    I suppose it could be argued that the condition of the house is due to remodeling in progress and that they’re not trashing the house out of spite, but there’s certainly plenty of contractual violations. This guy sure is in the middle of a lot of disputes.
    You are correct CrazyTerry….there’s something wrong with this guy. Let’s cut our losses (so to speak) and get his replacement.

  • Dr. Doom

    That is plain ole cooky talk.

  • Curtis

    looks as if its new construction

  • Shannon Stephenson

    To say they trashed the house is a lawsuit by itself. The house did not looked trashed and we need before and after photo’s to see what it was in it’s original state but I am sure Haley could throw 10G’s at him for that and call it a day. The rest I do not know.

  • Shea Fahr

    As long as we start winning games, he can burn houses down to the ground as far as I am concerned.

  • Johnny Loose

    haha YES

  • Johnny Loose

    looks like some remodeling is going on. not like a bobcat drove through every wall in the house. jeez

  • Pete

    This is news? Next it’ll be Todd Haley and his wife are being sued for farting in public.

  • SteelersDepot

    Let me make it where you do not have to see it.

  • disqus_6wLDLEg5Ai

    Dude this is a Steelers blog. Where rabid fans check for updates several times a day (like me). If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  • Mike Carroll

    Maybe I’m missing something because I just breezed through this information and looked at the pictures, but it seems as though the Haleys decided not to buy the house, the contractor believed the Haleys $62,000 deposit was non-refundable and kept it, the Haleys felt that money was rightfully owed back to them and took the fixtures and such from the house as payment of sorts for the withheld deposit. Anyone else think this is what’s going on?

  • Shawn S.

    This was probably all the wife’s doing, her fingerprints are all over it. If she’s anything like my wife, Haley probably didn’t know about any of this it until he watched the news. đŸ™‚

  • CrazyTerry

    After i read the entire deadspin report, I am beginning to think the crazy one in this couple is his wife and she is a bad influence on Todd.