Ravens Injury Report: Marcus Spears And Terrence Cody Both Could Be Back This Week

The Baltimore Ravens have released their first injury report for the week as they prepare to play the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming Sunday at Heinz Field.

Linebacker Josh Bynes (thigh, finger), defensive end Chris Canty (thigh) and linebacker Albert McClellan (shoulder) all failed to practice Wednesday.  Bynes has an infection in his finger, according to Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, but is expected to be ready to play come Sunday.

Limited on Wednesday were cornerback Chykie Brown (thigh), defensive tackle Terrence Cody (knee), center Ryan Jensen (foot), defensive tackle Haloti Ngata (elbow) and cornerback Lardarius Webb (thigh). Cody has been out with a knee sprain for several weeks and he could return this week against the Steelers now that he has started practicing once again. Ngata said Wednesday he will definitely play Sunday even though he suffered an elbow strain this past Sunday.

Practicing fully on Wednesday were defensive end Marcus Spears (knee) and wide receiver Brandon Stokley (thigh). Spears, like Cody, could make his return this week against the Steelers.

  • Mike.H

    I’ve noticed Big Ben seemingly never gets outwardly angry / furious with his OL linemen per Jay Cutler does. Is it team culture, Big Ben’s professional manners or his unique personality?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I think he knows he holds the ball too long so he probably puts a lot of fault on him self plus I am not sure you want to publicly come down on your OL when they have your lively hood at stake.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    This remind me of the dinner before Super Bowl XLIII, Big Ben took his O-linemen out for a dinner.I think Big Ben just… give everybody an equal treatment; no favoritism, no bashing, and just looking at players and say, “damn man, I know you’ll try your best to keep them off my back!”.

  • sean mcmartin

    Could be the millions he’s paid to tow the company line.
    He knew he was going to be in trouble when pouncey got hurt.

  • sean mcmartin

    Hoping the Steelers gameplan this one correctly. Double team Torrey Smith and now without Boldin. Flacco is the average joe once again.

  • Mike Carroll

    I think that’s Ben’s natural demeanor on the field. One of his greatest attributes is his positive outlook/optimism which keeps him from getting down on himself. The great thing is he extends his optimism to his teammates. Ben expects himself and teammates to bounce back from their struggles and that outlook that has served him and the team very well over the years. Also, happens to be one more reason why I love having Ben as our QB.

  • Jason

    Ben being in trouble had nothing to do with Pouncey getting hurt. He hasn’t been hit any less over the years with the overrated Pouncey at center. Valesco is doing a nice job.

  • Jason

    Look for jump ball Joe to make an appearence. I see 2-3 P.I penalties on 3rd and long prayers by Flacco.

  • Chad H

    Cortez or Ike will cover him. We will win if we get the run game going in this one. Looking for Bell to have a big game 120 yds rushing and 60 yds receiving with 2 TDs.

  • Dr. Doom

    Personal Health concern