Report: Steelers LB Sean Spence To Begin Practicing Next Wednesday

Starting next week, Pittsburgh Steelers second-year linebacker Sean Spence will be eligible to begin practicing with the team if deemed healthy enough to do so. According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in a Friday interview on the David Todd Show, Spence will indeed begin practicing next week and will be removed from the PUP list.

“He is going to practice Wednesday,” said Kaboly of Spence. “They have three weeks to be able to activate him.”

Once Spence begins practicing, the Steelers will have a three week window in which he must be either activated to the 53 man roster or placed on injured reserve.

Spence tore up his knee as a rookie in the preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers in the process he damaged his peroneal nerve. That kind of injury is tough to come back from as it can lead to a condition known as drop foot.

During the 2013 NFL Draft, Keith Butler, the Steelers linebackers coach, didn’t seem too positive about the Miami product being able to play in 2013.

“It will be miraculous if he comes back next year,” Butler said. “We are going to take a chance on him and see if he can come back. To me, he is worth every bit of that.”

Spence, however, predicted back in May that he would indeed play this season.

“I know I’m going to beat the odds,” Spence said. “I’m not even worried about that. The progress that I have made, the doctors say that I’ve already beat the odds. I’m just keeping my faith in God and knowing he’s going to give me another chance.”

This is great news and I expect head coach Mike Tomlin will get into details this coming Tuesday during his weekly press conference.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Great news.

  • Mike.H

    On Spence’s twitter acct photos, he’s standing next to “I assume it’s Antonio Brown” and Sean’s bout 4″ taller and muscular…

    I hope Sean Spence plays lights out football — for the Steelers!

  • Nolrog

    Really good news. I’m pulling for the kid.

  • Afrazier9

    Man i wish this guy the best he is definently blest if he can come back and be the same player.

  • WilliamSekinger

    That is awesome news. It’s been a long hard recovery and I suspect he has several more months to go. Nice to hear he will be practicing at least. Hope they keep him active and practicing for a few months before considering placing him in a game.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I agree. So long as his knee is getting better he should be placed on the 53 so he can practice, even if he isn’t completely ready to play this year. There is enough dead weight on the end of the roster to find a spot for someone who has potential.

  • Mike Carroll

    Alright Spence!!! Keep the faith!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Anything is possible as long as you have faith!

  • Spencer Krick

    Hell yes! Go get’m kid!

  • Superdriller316

    I’ve been waiting for this day to come. I’m just glad he can get back on the field.
    I guess the big question is, who is going to get cut to make room for him?

  • Jason Brant

    Even if this kid never becomes anything, his story is one of perseverance and dominant will.

    This kid is an inspiration.

  • Terrence Phelps

    Best news all year!!!

  • John Hinton


  • Dwayne Ferguson

    God bless him… I hope he does really well.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    I checked in so late but what wonderful news! You go, Sean!

  • Steeler Goetz

    I’ve been an FSU fan and a Steelers’ fan my whole life, so I was more than ecstatic when V. Williams got the starting gig next to L. Timmons. Even though I hate UM, I not only knew that Spence was an absolute steal in the 3rd round, but felt horrible when he got hurt. I am really happy that he’s making it back, especially with how bad his injury was. I know that having 3 great inside linebackers is a great problem to have, I just hope the Steelers don’t go moving L. Timmons again.