Report: Steelers Were Going To Use Levi Brown Some At Left Tackle Against The Jets

It’s all water under the bridge at this point, but according to Bob Labriola on the Monday edition of Steelers Live, the Pittsburgh Steelers indeed planned on using Levi Brown at left tackle at some point during the Sunday game against the New York Jets.

While Labriola doesn’t know exactly how much Brown, who suffered a triceps injury during pre-game warm-ups, was going to used, he did say Kelvin Beachum revealed after the game that was the plan.

During his Thursday talk with the media, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley indicated it was possible that both Beachum and Brown could see time at left tackle against the Jets.

Head coach Mike Tomlin will meet the media on Tuesday for his weekly press conference and the general consensus seems to be that he will announce that Brown is out for the season.

The newly acquired tackle reportedly injured his right triceps just prior to kickoff and that is the same injury he suffered last year during the preseason with the Arizona Cardinals that forced him to miss the entire 2012 season.

There is no word yet if the Steelers plan to sign another free agent tackle at this point. While Beachum did commit three penalties against the Jets in his first NFL start at left tackle, he wound up holding is own after getting off to a shaky start in the game.

  • T R

    Wow what a lemon that was…

  • steeltown

    We cant catch a break

  • Mike Carroll

    I wanted Beachum to get the start in that game anyways, so I’m glad he played the full game. Sorry to see Brown get hurt especially since there is no depth on the line, but there was enough of a record on him to suggest he would not upgrade the position much as a starter. The ceiling on Beachum, however, is not known at this point, despite his measurables that most people seem to dislike. Maybe he never will be ‘elite’ for that reason, but could he be a good left tackle? That’s all the Steelers need and (can afford) from that position. I’m excited to see how Beachum handles Suggs and company this weekend.

  • treeher

    Didn’t they have him lift a barbell when he was evaluated? Obviously the tricep was not healed, and Arizona knew it.

  • rizzo29

    Maybe a good thing it happened in warmups, rather than in the game probably saved Ben from more hits,he took plenty of them on Sun already.Just stick Levi on water duty, you can do that with one arm

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    Almost guarantees the Steeler’s number one pick next May will be an offensive tackle if the kid from Texas A M is there or the kid from Michigan, just can’t see it any other way unless an ot falls from the sky and lands in Latrobe.

  • Eric

    Actually, we may have gotten a break when L Brown was injured. I am unhappy with Adams as anyone, but its too early to give up on him. Remember Urbik? We gave up on him too soon.

  • Michael W

    Dave, big fan. First time post. Is it possible to post the OL stats based on the 0-100% scale – I believe it was something you did last year and was one of the most anticipated posts I would look forward to reading.


  • blackandgoldBullion

    Well said, Eric! I remember all kinds of people saying Buffalo sucked because they keep taking our castoffs. This was back in the spring. Meanwhile crappy old Buffalo runs the ball well despite having little in the way of a passing game. Interesting.
    Please remember that Adams was stabbed several times this past spring and his core may not be as strong as it once was, and might require some more time. He was certainly plenty strong last year. Might he end up being a backup, or perhaps a RT at some point? I believe RT. And he certainly should be dressing.

  • 20Stoney

    Agreed. When Guy Whimper can dress and a 2nd rounder doesn’t there is something wrong. Either with his selection or development.

  • steeltown

    Im not giving up on Mike Adams, no way, but for the immediate future it would’ve been nice to see if Levi could pull a Flozell and hold down the position. I’ve said all along that I think Adams needs to hi the weight room, he had a terrible bench press at the combine (Wheaton had a higher press than him) there is no reason for a man of his size to be being pushed around like he does. Another year with the strength trainers and another year of working on technique and footwork and he could be ready to go

  • Milliken Steeler

    If I were the Steelers, my first three picks next year would be an LT, TE & DB.

  • CrazyTerry

    Good riddance.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I sure hope not. While the offensive tackles look good, but I’m afraid this class is lacking elite talents. Either Lewan and Matthews both doesn’t wow you and is much more limited than one would think. I hope we are going in the opposite direction as we would sign a FA. Preferably Rodger Saffold. I know what they said, he couldn’t protect the left side but look- even Jake Long can’t! What does that say to you?

    More QBs coming out are getting ball out a lot quicker than old days. The reputation for left tackles is pretty harsh. Rodger Saffold is well-tested, much more agile, athletic, familiar with left side, and most important of all- thanks to Rams he might be cheaper after all.

    Gimme a pass-rusher or offensive weapon.

  • Douglas Andrews

    On a side note I watched some of the Ravens highlights from Sunday and Eugene Monroe looked awful. Wonder what Steelers Nation would have been saying if we gave up draft picks for him.

  • Eric

    Agreed, what ever it takes to Adams playing at the level of a 2nd round pick is fine with me.

  • Eric

    Adams is definitely a better RT, than LT, but if we move him, we still need to solve the LT dilemma. I also cannot blame the lack of a running game on any one person, unless that person is a line coach or OC. I wish I knew the answer, but I do not.

  • HopalongCassidy

    We fans didn’t give up on Urbik, Tomlin did and I felt at the time (and still do) that Tomlin has some inner prejudices which cloud his judgment on evaluating some players. I think there are some other examples of this as well.

  • Eric

    What are these “inner prejudices”?

  • Dr. Doom

    It vary well could happen

  • walter mason

    Prejudice is the wrong word but i agree if he doesnt like a player, he doesnt play.

  • walter mason

    I think the coach even said so.

  • walter mason

    Yes i also look forward to the OL stats. It was what attracted me to this site.

  • alex

    so, whats the rent on the car we signed for but couldnt drive off the lot because the wheels fell off?