Roethlisberger, Brown, Clark And Allen Played The Best In Jets Game Per PFF

As you would probably expect, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wide receiver Antonio Brown received the highest grades from Pro Football Focus for their play Sunday in the win over the New York Jets. Roethlisberger was 23-of-30 for 264 yards in the game while Brown caught nine of 11 passes thrown his way for 86 yards.

As far as the rest of the offense, PFF has guard Ramon Foster as their best performing offensive lineman with tackle Marcus Gilbert brining up the rear.

The pass protection, for the most part, was good by the Steelers offensive line and it was helped by the short passing game that we outlined earlier this morning. Where the Steelers offensive linemen struggled the most, according to PFF, was in the run blocking department and that’s probably not too surprising considering how good the Jets defensive front seven has played against the run this season.

Defensively, according to PFF, cornerback Cortez Allen and Ryan Clark rated the best against the Jets. Allen was targeted four times in the passing game and allowed just two catches for 15 yards while registering three tackles, according to their count. Clark was obviously aided by his interception, the Steelers first takeaway of the season, and three total tackles. This was a good bounce back game for the two defensive backs as neither played well in the loss a few weeks ago to the Minnesota Vikings.

As far as the lowest rated defensive players, defensive end Ziggy Hood and linebacker Jarvis Jones both ranked the lowest as both failed to play well against the run. Hood likely wouldn’t have played as many of snaps as he did had Brett Keisel not suffered a rib injury late in the first half.

We will break down the play of several of the players listed above in our film study post later in the week.

  • charles

    Jones nailed Smith to cause the INT that Timmons had. That is why PFF and their grades have only a hollow meaning. Remove that play and game likely ends in a diffdrent way since Geno had the Yets knocking on the goal line door.

  • steeltown

    So true.. QB pressure has a lot to do with turnovers.. PFF is not as accurate as one would assume..It doesn’t look at the overall picture

  • SteelersDepot

    He beat Jets RB Mike Goodson on the play. He would have scored lower had he not.

  • SteelersDepot

    Oh, and Goodson also tore his ACL & MCL on the play.

  • 20Stoney

    When I focus on Jones, he looks to me like he’s unsure of his responsibilities. I think once he’s more comfortable and decisive he’ll be a player.

  • Jeff

    Whether it be on kickoffs, or breaking free into the backfield towards the QB, I’ve noticed Jones has a tendancy of running right by a guy. What’s with that haha? Thought he had an easy sack early in the game on a blitz up the middle but just ran right by Geno Smith and fell on the ground.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    How did Heyward fare? I watched the game but sometimes line play gets overlooked unless they do a good play or a bad play.

  • Menace_501

    I think everyone was quick to put Allen on the dog house after one bad game. And coming off an injury. This game proves the fan base should give him more of a chance. Hope he can change his past of injuries. That is a true concern!

  • HopalongCassidy

    The Steelers need two “just decent NFL tackles” to greatly improve their o-line. Beachum is just backup material at best. Until the Steelers find some decent tackles, this line will NEVER be worth a crap and the Steelers will NEVER be able to fully utilize the offensive weapons they have. Sure, Ben can come up with a couple of big scrambles per game and make a big play or two but that does not make for a sustainable offense that can consistently move the ball. This team is two offensive tackles away from being a contender right now. How could the Steelers have not realized that after last year and done something about it ? If money were the only issue stopping them, I’d have sacrificed Polamalu and his salary or Keisel if necessary to have gone out and signed a couple of tackles worth a damn. With the offensive weapons the Steelers have, they could be a high scoring team but for the o-line holding them back !

  • Alan Felicia

    I thought Heyward was solid yesterday afternoon. He had great pressures most of the game especially in the 2nd half (even going thru double teams). Really impressed with his motor!

  • Xclewsive

    But Jones also missed a tackled that like Goodson or Powell run for 18 yds.

  • sean mcmartin

    So does this mean the Steelers will no longer pursue a OT? One try and he goes down with a warm-up injury.

  • Lamarr56

    Good to see Allen had a good game. He will be a vital part to this secondary. Him, Ike, and Gay have looked good so far as a defensive core.

  • Josh Knepshield

    Kelvin Beachum actually graded positively (+0.4) and that was with penalties, so he actually played well.

  • Dutchess Hershberger

    Jarvis jones does not have the skillset to be a top outside linebacker hew ould be much better at inside linebacker some ot tomlins roster decisisons are baffling ALAMEDA TAAMU IS killing it in Arizona as their run stopping nose he looked great in preseason then we wiave him to keep al woods and fanguapo? then we cut alan baxter who looked like the next james harrrison to keep kion Wilson on the practice squad?????????????/ come on man

  • Madi

    He also has a tendancy of blowing guys up. Not a coincidence. Those things go together. He could use some reigning in (not too much), and that will come with time.

  • Mike Carroll

    Let’s go Beachum! I thought he played pretty well after a shaky start. I think he and Heyward upgraded both lines this week which was great to see.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Jarvis Jones just being in this defense already shows you what he means to the team. He holds the end most of the time against the run very well.

    Taamu wasnt cut because of talent. He played well this camp but the Steelers are worried about his maturity. Im glad he is playing well in AZ but the Steelers think he has another oops in him and that is why he was let go.

    I do agree on the Baxter comment. Maybe he relaxed on the PS who knows.

  • Bob Graff

    3 tackles in the last 2 games. What games are you watching? So far Jones is not playing like a first round pick . Zero sacks so far for your blowing him up hero. He’s looking like an ILB more everyday.

  • Bob Graff

    He is constantly caught up taking bad angles at the runner. So far no sacks, forced fumbles, int’s, he did have a QB pressure that led to an INT but so far very average would best describe J. Jones play. Again what game or plays are you talking about. The question should be, has he been a playmaker so far ? The answer is no. I’m far more impressed with V. Williams.

  • Madi

    If you haven’t seen him FLASH major talent and hitting ability, I don’t know what games you’re watching. I didn’t say much about him at all, or even that he was a good player. I said sometimes he blows guys up, and if you check out the context you’ll see I was half referring to special teams. We were talking about how he sometimes goes for the big hit and either runs right by the guy or nails him impressively. We were discussing a handful of plays. Your stats are meaningless here.

  • MC

    Yeah that was a bad miss too. When you have contain like that you can’t take an angle which allows a RB to cut it outside, he got caught being too over aggressive.

  • MC

    Our fans usually put players in the doghouse prematurely. I was defending Vince Williams last game and so i’m glad he came back with a decent performance too.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Ta’amu has 4 tackles on the season. Calm down, please. Jarvis is not an ILB either.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Williams had a good game on Sunday, You are way over reacting to players who haven’t even had a half a season under their belts.

    They are coming into their own and again Timmons and Williams both played great on Sunday together.

    Vince was right up there in tackles with Timmons and Clark this last game.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Don’t see these guys in practice everyday, but I’m thinking Adams could turn out to be a solid RT.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I wouldn’t say “Jones nailed Smith to cause the INT” no… look, if you forced a bad pass, its because the motion of throwing has changed once you have been hit, that’s not the case with Geno Smith and Jarvis Jones. Yes there was a QB hit but that throw was just pathetic on Geno’s part.

    Also don’t forget that one play Jarvis Jones had a direct lane toward Geno and fell short. You can’t do that if you are a pass-rusher but and then again, I have said Jarvis Jones is NOT a pass-rusher.

  • PSbiggestfan

    As one of the Steelers biggest fan, I happened to know that they are simply not playing like themselves. The coaching has diminished, Special Teams suck right now, too many injuries, and Big Ben is playing Superman right now! This team is known for its spectacular defense; this is unacceptable 1-4 is not going to do it and we have a tough game coming ahead against the Ravens. LET’S GO STEELERS! Get back in it, you’ve got this!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I agree more with Bob that he hasn’t made any splash plays but you are right in that he is a rookie and we need to give him time to develop.

  • Bob Graff

    Madi, Madi ,Madi, in a 3-4 Defense LB’S are suppose to be gobbling up tackles like a turkey. This is one of the Steelers problems they anoint players good as opposed to making them prove it. So far J. jones has proven nothing. a handful of plays are as you would say MEANINGLESS. Flash or splash who cares we need players who can consistently preform at a high level.

  • charles

    Now I believe that I read a post of yours that said you had been a scout. Do you remember Lawrence Taylor. Does Jones quickness off the ball remind you of LT? We need to take advantage of Jones superior assets to make him effective whether in the run D or pass D. I believe that he has a large upside…

  • charles

    I agree. The addition of Heyward seemed to decrease the pocket enough to make the qb nervous. Which is a good step in the right direction. Take away a seemingly incorrect holding on The beach and he played damn good.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    A junior scout, yes but the position is pretty.. irrelevant. Anyway- about Jarvis Jones, he belong to inside on Lebeay’s defense or Timmons’ joker role on a Dom Capers’ defense (albeit, more of a 3-3-5) or.. a straight up 3-4 read and react OLB in Wade Phillips’ defense.

    When evaluating JJ’s combine/pro day numbers, while they usually are just for a circus’ freak show but you look at not just JJ’s reaction to the time whistle is blew, look at first 10 yards of dash and JJ belongs with the elites in that category.

    Problem? He don’t have a long speed at all, when blitzing from outside he’ll lose him footworks because he take longer strides when running from edges, you’ll get to QBs that way in college but NFL? Nope. I’d not compare JJ to Lawrence Taylor, not even close because elite pass-rushing talent isn’t there and both are different kind of players. If you ask me what’s the closest comparison I can think of; i’d say former Steeler Chad Brown. Versatility and nose for TOs. Maybe somewhere between Chad Brown and James Farrior but first we got to move him inside.

  • charles

    Well I have to respectfully disagree. Chad Brown was not quick. Furthermore quickness off the ball is an acceleration. Acceleration usually does not comport with endurance. People don’t usually say this about James Harrison, but he displayed a kind of bull rush and at the same time he challenged the edge. The result was that he could get much larger tackles backpedalling. This is a technique that Jarvis could take advantage of if he works on strength fitness. Remember that there are two kinds of fitness stamina (bodybuilders) and strength (boxer) Jones needs to increase his strength fitness. When Jones gains a little experience, imo he will quit over running plays and become a force, because he has lightning quickness and that is where my opinion differs the most compared to your thoughts.

  • Madi

    Alright, since it seems you’re not much of a point getter, I’m just going to stop now. But I take it back – Jarvis Jones has NOT been dominating NFL tackles. I really shouldn’t have said he was. My bad.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    James Harrison was a gym rat who couldbullrush anybody. You know that, you can’t really say that for Jarvis Jones. Even with a full gym training sessions do you still see Jarvis Jones improve his techniques as a pass-rusher? IMO this is much like us drafting Ziggy Hood and expect him to be next Aaron Smith. Our defense commands speciality in 3-4 OLBs and he’s not where he should be, pass-rushing wise.

    To put this in a better context; let’s compare Worilds to Jarvis Jones for sake of this argument. Longer speed means you can endurances the long push-off but when in pursuit you are able to chase a QB anywhere, JJ haven’t even display that ability. Jarvis is NOT a runner. If we were talking about the old days of Aaron Smith with Kimo (Kimo was a better read and react DE than Brett Keisel was in his prime even) maybe… just maybe this would works. Jarvis will need to stay unblocked and that’s not a bashing against Jarvis Jones for his lack of athleticism but rather more toward the kind of player he already are.

    Going in draft I expected the Steelers to acknowledge this, maybe they did- maybe not. A part of me believe they have a plan for that, Jarvis Jones is like Chad Brown; both doesn’t have a long speed and quickness, well arguementative JJ doesn’t have the quickness he just reacts much better and gets to his footing much earlier before other pass-rushers would. If you disagree with me, that’s fine but watch Georgia gametapes and tell me you truly see his future as a pass-rusher. I’d like to see others’ opinion.