Roethlisberger Listed As Fourth Most-Disliked NFL Player In Recent Poll

In a Monday story by Forbes Magazine, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was listed as the fourth Most-Disliked NFL Player, according to the latest surveys from E-Poll Market Research.

Listed ahead of Roethlisberger are Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, San Diego Chargers linebacker Manti Te’o and Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Roethlisberger, whose foundation continues to provide grants for police and fire departments throughout the United States with a particular emphasis on support for K-9 units and service dogs, apparently still hasn’t broken free from past investigations into sexual assault accusations that never yielded any charges.

Roethlisberger, who wound up being suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season under the NFL player conduct policy despite never being charged for a crime, has since married and recently announced the forthcoming birth of his second child.

Roethlisberger continues to be a model citizen, but the public perception about him is one that won’t likely go away as long as plays in the league.

  • Jacob

    Not many know about his k9 charity and if they did it probably wouldn’t change the way people feel. I see change in him though for sure.

  • Xclewsive

    Ben has a long way to go before anybody can forget his discretions. Its a shame too, because he could be a very likable player.

  • T R

    They will get over it…If they don’t oh well.. Long Live Big Ben… Hail to the KIng!!! Im sure their porch is way dirtier, they need sweep off theirs… called guilt or jealous….

  • Eric

    In the court of public opinion, you are guilty upon accusation.

  • Richard Edlin

    My first reaction is that a bit tough on Manti Te’o …

  • Luke Shabro

    Can you imagine how guys like Joe Namath and Derrick Thomas would’ve been viewed in public opinion with as much media scrutiny as there is now for the NFL? Craziness. Honestly, I get so tired of hearing people give me crap everytime I wear my Roethlisberger jersey.
    Random Person: “Hey Big Ben Rapelisburger!”
    Me: Awesome joke man. You’re the first person to ever come up with that…”

  • 20Stoney

    The fact of the matter is, that once you’ve been accused of a sex crime, it doesn’t go away. Combine that with what a lot of people see as a pompous cocky attitude, and there you are. Really what difference does it make if people like him or not? It might cost him some endorsements, but he’s not hurting either way.

  • steeltown

    I’m actually surprised he’s that low… I would think Vick, Roeth, Suh… I guess the dumb Te’o thing was more recently blown up in the media, but everybody makes the jokes about Ben, people who don’t even watch Football assume he’s a rapist

  • dkoy85

    Just this past training camp my wife and I were lucky enough to have Ben and Woodley walk over to where we were standing to give out autographs- some lady behind us was yelling to him to get him to sign an autograph for her 80-some year old mother and in conversation she swore a couple times and Big Ben toned her down pretty quick with a “Hey, watch your mouth, there’s children around!” Thought that was pretty cool.

  • r4kolb

    Unfortunately the in the court of public opinion you are guilty until proven innocent. Like Dave said he’s never been charged. That being said I wonder if it were Tom Brady how would we as Steeler fans be reacting. Guessing a lot of us would feel the same way. Heck, Brady has never done anything and he’s #1 on my most disliked list. Although he did cheat to win 3 Super Bowls……..Ba Bam..

  • Garrett Hunt

    Even as just a fan it is annoying to hear people talk about “Rapelisberger”. I mean sure I really have no idea what actually happened but I find it hard to believe that a drunk college girl at a party wouldn’t be trying to sleep with an NFL quarterback. Even more than the alleged rape, people see Ben as a bad person, but if they would just watch current interviews and so forth with him then they would find the opposite to be true.

    If I feel this way about having to hear unfair criticism not even about me, I’m sure it must take a toll on Ben as well. Although, it is probably not as bad in the home city, Pittsburgh, than here in SC.

  • JohnnyV1

    That list is stupid. Ndamukong Suh is up there. Manti Te’o is a rookie, haven’t heard a peep from him all season. What about Bill Belichick? Or T-Sizzle? Or Hernandez? I could go on, but will stop here. Ben messed up (fairly large) and is on a much better path. Next….

  • Madi

    Wait, why Te’o? I get the others, but why Te’o? I thought he seemed like a nice guy. Being played for a chump makes everyone hate you these days?

  • Chad H

    Convicted of anything? No. Lacked maturity and poor judgement? Yes. Overall I hear he is a good person.
    Teo being hated for what?
    Wow NFL fans get a clue. At least we don’t have a Dallas WR who punched his mom!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    The combination of success and doing things that are bad in the eyes of the public will do this. I do not think Ben will ever get the stench of what was accused of him ever off of him.

  • Mike Carroll

    Ben is a likeable player. You happen to notice when Moye dropped his TD pass? Ben grimmaced for a second and seemed to say “Oh, crap”. But, that was it, a split second disappointment and nothing more. No tantrum (like Brady), no whining (Peyton), no eyerolling (Rodgers). The week before, after throwing the TD to Sanders you saw joy on his face as he celebrated with his teammates.

    But, I get your point and sort of agree with you. Some people will never like him because of the accusations.

  • Mike Carroll

    Some people think Te’o, in some form or fashion, used the girlfriend hoax as a means to gain Heisman consideration.

  • bonairsfavoriteson


  • Jay Jaber

    Couldn’t have said it any better

  • Douglas Andrews

    I feel like going on ESPN and doing a T.O……”That’s my QB” in my sobbing voice!

  • Dr. Doom

    That’s my quarterback, and that’s unfair

  • Dr. Doom

    should not have put himself in the situation, but probably people hating 2 super bowl wins before age 30.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Ben’s partying days in Pittsburgh are well documented. Especially by those living here, and various bars up and down the South Side. Because of that, because he’s famous, and because there were multiple accusations, it became easier for many to believe all the stories/allegations involving him. I don’t know if they are true … none of us do. We can probably say Ben was guilty of immaturity … even carelessness in his early years in the league. But Ben has settled WAY down since then.

    As for the public opinion, we all know there’s a tier system of crimes. Animal cruelty (Vick) and violence towards women (allegedly Ben) are up there at the top with crimes against children. People would rather you be a murderer, frankly.

  • srdan

    What worries me about him is that he was team captain for a while, and now he is not. He is not liked in the lockeroom. Or I should say, he is not viewed as a great leader in the lockeroom.

    But the old adage applies: “Winning cures everything”

  • Starbuck63

    A. Turn off your caps lock…If you’re gonna spew hate you don’t need to shout.
    B. This is a sports page, not a politics page. Whoever told you that insulting people is a valid argument was wrong.
    C. Tebow?!?!!? Really? He is no saint. He milked his overblown, wholesome, religious, media-driven image for a lot of money. But you are right about one thing; a hall of famer he will never be.

  • Xclewsive

    Ben isn’t a prima donna by any expense. My point was how Ben is viewed by the American public/media. The hatred or dislike for Ben will go away in due time, similar to Ray Lewis, Kobe Bryant, or any other superstar player that had issues.

  • HopalongCassidy

    There is a lesson here for younger players. Ben has lost untold millions in outside income due to his off-field indiscretions and likely has permanently stained his reputation outside of Steeler Nation. Sure, we know that he is an good guy here but the rest of the world only remembers the negative stories and never gets to see the Ben we see. There is little chance for redemption beyond Steeler land. Once you have been stained, it is almost impossible to ever get that stain removed. Bottom line, guard your reputation and image by being a class act at all times on and off the field. Watch what you say and what you do. People are watching. There are few things more precious than your good name and reputation.

  • SteelerFan

    Uh, Ben is so a captain. Check your facts. Are you IN the locker room? You know this how?

  • SteelerFan

    This is a tired old non-story, the default for bashing #BigBen. Educate yourselves to the facts. Otherwise, move on. Ben has. #getalife

  • SteelerFan

    All based on jealousy. I’d take Ben over a Brady or a Manning any day. They’d be dead behind our oline. As for the story, who cares? That poll was taken from 1100 people. That’s hardly a fair sampling of real opinion. And no one asked me.

  • SteelerFan

    Ben has moved on. If only everyone else would…

  • SteelerFan

    No imagination.

  • Terri Bey

    Some “Christian Country” we are. I mean seriously? Get over it people. He should be forgiven as we have been forgiven.

  • Terri Bey

    I don’t care about “likability.” However, I agree with you. There will be those who will never like Ben because of the accusation. Michael Vick, I get. He was convicted. Ben, I don’t get. Great post.

  • mlc43

    This is really kinda funny. Vick is the only one that has served time for a crime. Manti Te’o….really. Are people really this judgmental? There were never ANY charges at all brought against Ben. Vick has served his time and has been a pretty model citizen since. Te’o got scammed or told a lie about a girl. Suh is just an idiot. Let’s give all the guys in the league Convicted of Domestic Assaults and and other crimes a pass. Lets just pick on the dude that paid his price and others that really haven’t done anything. Love it.

  • Johnny Loose

    People would never admit it, but they actually hate Big Ben more because he can stiff-arm their favorite linebacker and throw a TD pass against their teams D. Te’o on the list just confirms that most people are ignorant and follow the media blindly. Glad David shared but this is no news..

  • Gene Parmesan

    Donte Stallworth killed a man, Aaron Hernandez is alleged to have killed a man, maybe more than just one, and they don’t make the top 5?

  • johnhoien

    Don’t be like that people… Just hating the skills you don’t have !

  • PA2AK

    Could you imagine if he shot at helicopters?!

  • Riverstko

    People are jealous of Ben because he came from a small school to the nfl and won two superbowls at a early age. Haters gonna hate!

  • Riverstko

    There not in the nfl anymore.