Sean Spence And Matt Spaeth Can Return To Practice Next Week If Deemed Healthy

Next week is an important one for Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Sean Spence and tight Matt Spaeth as both can begin practicing with the team if deemed healthy enough to do.

Spence, who was placed on the Reserve PUP list at the start the season, can begin playing right away per the rules of PUP, but that’s not likely to happen due to all of the time that he’s missed. If he is able to resume practicing next week, however, and there’s guarantee yet that he will, the Steelers will likely want to slowly acclimate him back into action being as he hasn’t practiced since tearing up his knee in the 2012 preseason finale against the Carolina Panthers.

The Steelers don’t have to rush their 2012 third-round draft pick along if he’s not ready as they will have a three week window starting next week in which he must begin practicing. However, once he does begin practicing, a new three week window will then open at the end of which he must be placed on the active roster or on injured reserve. In other words, they could string this out for several more weeks if he’s not quite ready.

The situation with Spaeth, who suffered a Lisfranc injury during training camp, is a bit different being as he was placed on the injured reserve list with the designated to return tag in week one. While Spaeth can resume practicing as early as next week, he cannot play until week nine as the rules state that he must miss at least the first eight weeks of the season.

Just like with Spence, once Spaeth resumes practicing, the Steelers will have a three week window open in which they must place him back on the 53 man roster or on the season-ending injured reserve list.

Spaeth suffered his injury on August 7, so as of right now he’s had just over nine weeks worth of recovery time. Initial reports stated that it would take him 8-10 weeks to fully recover.

When head coach Mike Tomlin meets the media next Tuesday, I suspect he will be asked to update the status of both Spence and Spaeth at that time, so we should have a little more clarity then.

  • Dr. Doom

    Would like to see Spence for curiosity sake, but he may be doing good to just walk without a limp. Spaeth is needed to block.

  • Mike Carroll

    Let’s go Spence! Keep on keeping on. We’re watching you even if we can’t see you.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    I have always been rooting for Spence to fully recover from his injury but I think the immediate impact would be Spaeth in the lineup. With any combo of Miller, Spaeth and W. Johnson on the field our running game behind Leveon just got exciting to watch. If we can do one aspect well (pass or run) which I think we have a better chance to make a quicker improvement running the ball than throwing it then that improves our ability to get in the win column. Spence may need more time to continue to learn the defense before he’s able to make a significant contribution. This is still good news all around for both players though.

  • Ike Evans

    Idk if you guys follow Spence on Twitter or not but
    1. This kid is waaaaaay bigger and not fat bigger
    2. He has videos of his training….he’s not gimpy or on crutches….not sayin he’s ready to go but he’s not away in a corner somewhere….he’s workin with the team

  • Mike.H

    To this day, Steelers beat writer “Ed B.” continues to cast debt Sean Spence would play this year. Source, per his weekly chat…

  • Mike.H

    I’ve been calling Spence’s tackling style as “human bullet”… “Polamalu” like in intensity and veracity.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Maybe not this year. But next year is better than never.

  • Bilgewater D

    If the guy can come back from this injury and play in the NFL, it will be a great great comeback story. I really hope this happens for him.

  • Fivesevenzero Sports-Radio

    He was always a hard worker at Miami! If he is able to get his game back he’s 1000 times better then Williams! The only question is how will he respond with his knee

  • Johnny Loose

    Glad to hear it! I just want to see the kid get a shot.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Me too…if this doesn’t get us going nothing will. Go Spence!

  • gene mann

    Reports Spence still having issues Turning which is well expected

  • Bell Cow

    A healthy Spence would be a Godsend for this team going into next season.


    Spence…it’ll be great to see him get back on the field…Apparently they see the kid giving the effort, but Tomlin/Steelers…have showed class again here. Understanding the nature of his injury…this year might be too soon, but I would hope he can come back to camp next year fully healthy.

    Spaeth…I’d love to see him and Miller in some two-TE formations, with Bell.

  • Dutchess Hershberger

    why do either of these two have roster spots? spence career is over its sad bc he was going to be good but its a fact and this is a business
    spaeth is an average blocker at best and stinks as a pass catcher yet he gets a roster spot? whoever has final say on these roster decisions needs to be 2 nd guesses