Situation With CB Curtis Brown Starting To Look Similar To That Of Limas Sweed

The Pittsburgh Steelers Wednesday injury report included third-year cornerback Curtis Brown as not practicing and it was not because of an injury. Being as he has been inactive for the last two games, you have to wonder now how much longer he will remain on the roster or if there is something else going on with him.

In the games that Brown has dressed for so far this season, he has played only on special teams outside of one snap played on defense in the game against the New York Jets. Being as he had built a reputation in his first two seasons as being a special teams ace, he really has no value to the team at this point if he can’t get on the field.

On Wednesday, the Steelers added undrafted cornerback Devin Smith back to the practice squad once again despite all of the members of their secondary presumably being fully healthy. That is a sign they needed an extra body for practice because they knew Brown would not be available to them this week.

In weeks two and three, Brown was listed on the Steelers injury report as having an illness. He was inactive for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but dressed for the game against the Chicago Bears. Following the game against the Baltimore Ravens, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said the Texas product didn’t dress for the game because he hadn’t been performing like a top-flight special teams player. Was that the real reason, or is there something more to this illness of his.

Several years ago, something similar took place with wide receiver Limas Sweed and he wound up being placed on the reserve/non-football illness list. Sweed would later say that he just had some personal things going on in his life and that his family and the Steelers organization were very supportive of him.

Should Brown not dress for the Sunday game against the New England Patriots, it might be time again to ask Tomlin to comment on his status.

  • steeltown

    It would sure appear that there is something going on here…

    I would imagine they’ll be drafting one if not two CBs next year and with the addition of WillieG in the offseason I no longer care about the fate of C.Brown.. Isaiah Green seems to have played better than him with less preparation and less in-game experience, so if it comes time for us to need a roster spot, then C.Brown has to be considered as a candidate to be released

  • Its ashame even Josh Victorian played better

  • Eric

    One CB is a certainty, two is probable. I hope we get some CB’s with size like a Jason Seahorn type of player, 6′ 2″ with the ability to play safety if needed. As the WR’s get bigger, the CB’s need to get bigger.

  • Eric

    This is not equal to Limas Sweed. People actually bought Limas Sweed Jerseys. Nobody ever bought a Curtis Brown Jersey. Joking aside, the expectations for Sweed were many times higher than they ever were for Curtis Brown. How many people remember Sweed being referred to as the second coming of John Stallworth.

  • SteelersDepot

    you only read the title? has nothing to do with play, it is the “illness” factor.


    C.brown situation is puzzling to me…you look at the guy and he really looks the part, but if coach Lake couldn’t get it out of him, I have to assume it’s nothing more to get.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ike moved to FS at somepoint as they will likely be drafting another CB in this draft.

  • Like the dreaded lower body injury in hockey.


    I always thought out of simple dignity that the Steelers and local media didn’t publicly scrutinize and discuss the mental health aspects peculiar to the career of Limas Sweed. Perhaps one day someone will have a very candid interview with Limas to shed some light.

  • Maybe he just sucked?

  • Richard Edlin

    It’s also a shame though as this doesn’t exactly help deal with the stigma that is attached to mental illness. If more sportsmen were open about the mental pressures and illnesses they face, we’d do a lot to deal with the stigma – in two countries I’ve lived in, a single sportsman has really made a difference this way.

  • Dale

    I’ve wondered what kind of psychological support the team provides. I’m tempted to say that every team should have a team psychologist, but maybe as a player it’s better to see someone working for you and not your employer.

  • Richard Edlin

    I’d imagine they probably do and the pyschologist gets wheeled out in rookie minicamp & the nfl’s rookie symposium (or whatever). However, I’m not sure that they’re going to take much notice with everything else going on.

    I would be very interested to know what the players association does, since they’re probably the best-placed organisation to do something that’d be seen as independent.


    Eventually, yes. But he ascended to a level whereby he attained a National Championship Ring AND a Super Bowl Ring. One of the few who can make that claim. The inconsistencies in his behavior pattern off the field are indicative of something more complex that influenced his performance on the field.

  • Eric

    Dave, I got it. Love Steelers Depo and your articles. Chill.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I just pray that everything in his life is going alright. I assume the stress of a football life can get quite hectic.

  • Jeff

    This has nothing to do with the article, but I’ll always remember Sweed’s crackback in the Ravens-Steelers AFC Championship win a few years back 🙂

  • Vince Young has a Championship ring, where is he? Eric Crouch, They sucked! It does not matter if you were a world beater in college does not mean you will translate to the NFL -Brian Bosworth, Todd Marinovitch Tim Tebow none lasted beyond three seasons starting


    There is a difference between never having the skill set to succeed in the NFL (Tebow, Young, et al) and having your skill set diminished by medical issues, whether physical or psychological. (Marinovich, Bosworth, Sweed)

  • You don’t have to be crazy to be terrible at football. Sometimes you are just a bad football player, and a coach says hey I can make something out of this guy. But they eventually see you suck. Limas Sweed or Lima Beans as I called him sucked had hands like cast iron plates CLANG!! He had no skill he was just tall lots of people are tall I am tall doesn’t mean I should be catching passes.


    Sweed had confidence issues, I still have a draft mag here where it mentions it in his bio.
    When he dropped that ball, he needed careful nurturing, he was given the chance to redeem himself,…then he dropped that one in the EZ,……any confidence he had left got trampled on when he entered the MT doghouse.
    It was game over after that, a real shame because he could get open, and he proved he could catch when he was on his game.
    Curtis plain sucks, I could cover better than him, not sure what his problem is, he looks lost out there mentally.

  • Brendon Glad

    Maybe they finally figured out that he can’t play….a couple years later than most of us did.
    And being one of the better tacklers and one of the worst blockers on a horrible special-teams unit does not qualify someone as an “ace”. It qualifies as the only thing he was moderately decent at.

  • Don

    Not the S word


    You are correct in stating that “sometimes you are just a bad football player.” Your use of the pejorative “crazy” indicates a total lack of comprehension of a clinical medical condition. As much as “sometimes you are just a bad football player” is a real condition, so too are psychological problems. Without a doubt, Limas has dealt with and continues to deal with personal issues.

  • No one said that who had not had two beers about limas sweed

  • Do you know that for sure? Lots of people have emotional problems no one that I have seen had more than Ricky Williams. And still was a very effective player, Limas Sucked plain and simple. He flat out stunk!