Steelers CB Curtis Brown Excused For Personal Reasons

Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier today I wrote about Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Curtis Brown as it relates to him missing practice and being inactive the last few games and now Burt Lauten has taken to Twitter to sort of update his status.

Lauten posted in his update that Brown, who was listed on Thursday as not practicing once again, has been excused for personal reasons.

Being as Brown has missed both Wednesday and Thursday, you can probably expect that he will be listed as doubtful or out on the Friday injury repot and that means he will again be inactive for the game Sunday against the New England Patriots.

As for the personal reasons, I am not even going to begin to speculate as to what those might be. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Shame another wasted Texas Longhorn draft pick!. Well hope he get’s his personal life together.

  • Eric

    We are already responsible for his full annual salary, so why not waive him outright and bring somebody in that can contribute.

  • Anthony Renzelli

    Do you mean somebody that can “contribute positively to our efforts” to put it in Tomlin speak

  • Eric

    Yes, and play above the line, because the standard is the standard



  • Bob Graff

    Maybe he is sick of watching his team. Then being told our scheme is so complicated that he can’t play in it.

  • westcoasteeler

    And things of that nature…

  • 2443scott

    must be nice to have a job n never do it and still be paided i wonder how many people in pittsburgh would get that same treatment if they didnt do their work …another case where coaching staff has just no power over the players no wonder they dont do there detailed work as tomlin found away to single out jones who has been there for the team as a rookie and has given his all….

  • steeltown

    We’ll embrace it….the situation that is…

  • TheBlitz

    There are many people in corporate america who don’t show up for work or come in just for a couple of hours while their bosses are away on vacation or traveling for business and still get paid

  • Dutchess Hershberger

    when cowher and Colbert were together they hit home runs, not with all there picks but with enough to win super bowls, with tomlin in the draft room there drafts have been abysmal “we don’t enjoy it but we will chew on it”

  • Jones

    People who use phrases like “still be paided” don’t typically land those cushy jobs, though. 🙂

  • Hmm home runs sir look at this list:

    Troy Edwards

    Jermain Stephens

    Alonzo Jackson

    Jeremy Staat

    Anthony Smith

    Ricardo Coclough

    Scott Sheilds

    Nathaniel Adibi

    Steven Conley

    Trai Essex

    Kendall Simmons

    Willie Reid

    A lot of top 3 round picks in fact all were top 3 rounds Wow cowher sure hit a ton of home runs eyeroll

  • Chad H

    I like the word “paided” I will start using it more often. LOL

  • Chad H

    Along with Carter. Still wondering what happened with Baxter. That one is still puzzling?
    Depot did you guys find out anything on the situation with him?

  • Chad H

    I obviously concur with the standard being the standard, obviously.

  • “It crossed my mind, but it’s irrelevant at this point. I didn’t do it and that’s the bottom line.”-Cowher

  • Ike Taylor says stuff like that all the time lol

  • Chad H

    Dr. Dork aka Tomlin butt snorkeler,
    Take the context of the statement and apply it the situation in reference and it “obviously” makes sense.

  • Look I liked and like them both, but where were all of you arm chair gm’s in 2003 with the Tommy Gun Package? or 1997-2000? Exactly

  • “Like I told our guys – this has nothing to do with last year.”

  • Chad H

    Mostly in Bosnia and Turkey. Defending the right of freedom. Freedom of speech and the right to state your opinion.
    Where were you?

  • Just because you served does not make you any better than me. Not even slightly. Keep it to football

  • Chad H

    Didn’t say I was my friend. However, I was unable to watch my team during any of those years and many others. Just proving a point when you bash so many other post with your arrogant comments. Just because opinions differ doesn’t make anyone here wrong or right. None of us are the experts just giving our opinion based upon what we see and hear. You ask “where were all of you” I gave you an honest response.

  • Its not arrogance its fact, plain and simple about 45% of Steelers fans have selective memory when it comes to the Chin. He lost games, made poor quarterback decisions. Made bad draft picks, so he was obviously not perfect.

    You can’t argue with the truth

  • Heywood Jablome

    I just noticed that Alan Baxter is not on the Steelers’ practice squad (nor roster). Does anyone know what happened to him?

  • Chad H

    I can agree on selective memory. I believe Cowher was/is a better leader on and off the field. I also saw him getting max effort out of most of the players. I don’t see that with Tomlin. Of course Bill made mistakes, every coach and GM does. The last thing perfection is an unobtainable goal. Those who believe it is have already failed at achieving perfection.

  • RMSteeler

    Hope he can recover and contribute somewhere, if not with the Steelers. I see that Dolphins OT Jonathan Martin walked out on Dolphins this week and is on uninjured/reserve due to bullying of all things. 2nd rd pick by them in 2012 and Stanford pedigree. If released, maybe a stone is unturned for Steelers to consider? Trade deadline is past so don’t know what possible options.

  • No Thanks we have enough bad RT’s

  • Agree to disagree because I think of Cowher the same as I do Marty ball-Excellent regular season coach poor post season when it matters coach. And Cowher should have been fired twice 1998-2003. So where all the hate for Tomlin who still has not had his first losing season comes from is beyond me. Be careful what some of you wish for you may not be so thrilled if you get it. And if you do which won’t be this or next year what will you do then. We shoulda kept Tomlin