Steelers CB William Gay Listed As Co-Starter On Raiders Game Depth Chart

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay is having a great season thus far and as a result he is currently listed as the co-starter along with Cortez Allen on the latest depth chart released by the team Tuesday.

Gay registered three total tackles in the Sunday win over the Baltimore Ravens and allowed just three receptions for 29 yards in the game. While Gay was beaten deep for what would of have been a touchdown in the game by Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones, he stuck with the play and made up ground just as the under-thrown ball arrived from quarterback Joe Flacco.

Gay has logged over 300 snaps of playing time so far this season and will continue to be a big part of the Steelers sub packages even though he might not start later on in the year. Allen is slowly rounding back into form following his slow start to the season, but Gay very well could and should start his third straight game Sunday against the Raiders.

  • dgh57

    That’s good for Gay he has earned it.

  • Eric

    He has played great when it counts. He stunk it up in the preseason which created us doubters.

  • steeltown

    He has already been the starter for the last 2weeks, the depth chart I guess is just now paying homage

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I am one of those “anti-Willie Gay” Steeler fans. But even I must admit he has performed better this regular season than I expected. I have to tip my hat to him, both on his effort and his awareness, especially looking back for the ball and trying to make plays.

    I want to be clear, I do not hate the guy. As long as he’s wearing the black and gold I will hope that he plays well and helps us win. But I do believe the day is quickly coming where “pre-season Willie Gay” will re-emerge. I will not rejoice in that day, I just believe it’s coming. The teams we have played thus far have not had the personel or game plan to expose his weaknesses.

    I think starting Willie over Cortez is a mistake. Much in the same way I think starting Worilds over Jones would be a mistake. I would let Cortez go through his growing pains this year. He needs game experience to get better.

  • Mike Carroll

    I was glad Worilds got a chance to start last week and thought he would do more with the opportunity. But, his weak pass rushing performance may have sealed his fate as career backup, on the Steelers anyways. Doubt anybody throws much money at him in free agency so I think there’s a decent chance he returns as the 3rd OLB. Sure hope JJ continues to develop this season because the team desperately needs plays out of ROLB. 8 team sacks after 6 games is just sad.

    Cortez was a little bit underwhelming in coverage last week. I have no problem sticking with Gay for now. Cortez is still getting a lot of snaps.

  • steeltown

    Agree about Worilds, he has logged time on both sides and he is actually better on the Left side behind Woodley IMO, don’t think he’ll get many takers in FA so im hoping we can keep him as a backup swing OLB or backup to Woodley and maybe bring back Baxter to back up Jarvis… hoping

  • Jeff

    Does everyone forget that Gay had a good year the season he left the steelers for AZ? Sure, he had an awful year with AZ, but he was in a different role in a new defense. It’s really not all that surprising that he’s picking up where he left off in DL’s defense. I’m really happy for the guy that he’s finally getting some respect that he’s deserved. With that said, I really do hope that Cortez Allen rounds into shape sooner rather than later. He’s still not there yet, but you can see some flashes.

  • Steelhawk55

    If I recall correctly from articles earlier in the season, the plan was and has been to use Cortez in the slot when they bring Gay into the game as the third corner. If they have still been using this gameplan then perhaps his past struggles were due to the fact that he was being used mostly in the slot when we had Keenan Lewis. Perhaps he is better suited to the outside corner spot as opposed to the slot. If time permits, a breakdown of his coverage numbers in the slot vs outside so far this season would not go unappreciated. Being overseas it is hard to catch the games so I can’t see for myself how the defense is lining up every down.

  • steeltown

    IMO Cortez Allen is great in the slot, the problem with him playing outside was that he missed most of camp with the minor knee scope and then a injury (ankle) in the season opener against Tennessee which caused him to miss a couple weeks, so he has missed valuable reps at the outside position. I think its only a matter of time before he gets re-acclimated and takes over the #2 spot

  • cencalsteeler

    I noticed though he didn’t necessarily pad the stats charts, his play helped create a lot of disruptions and padded some stats for his teammates.

  • I think he’ll stay now.

  • All season really, more or less.

  • Jeff

    It would be ideal to have him come back as a backup OLB… If he did, and the current young guys progress nicely, the Steelers will be stacked at the linebacker position for a while…. That’d be a nice change

  • Shannon Stephenson

    This is a Tomlin move to get Allen to step up his game.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Perhaps… considering against teams like Pats, Broncos, and Bengals i’d much rather have Cortez Allen in nickel; those teams give everybody headaches with their TEs sets. To be honestly, I expect going forward that it will be a schematical decision on gameday. To play toward our strength against opponents’.

    Cortez already have his “growing pains”- its the recovering he need from that injury he had. If Cortez produces much more turnover strictly as a nickel CB, i’d keep him. Our sub-dime packages have been really successful that I’m comfortable with everybody in backfield except for Ryan Clark.

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    Um he didn’t have a bad year at Arizona. He OUTPLAYED his contract which forced Cardinals to released him, in order to save money (salary bonus). Everybody really should stop mixing up Willie Gay WITH Bryant McFadden. They two are completely different kind of players.

  • r4kolb

    I just watched the game again on my DVR. Scary, If you have access to watch it again check it out. I was expecting us to lose. “D” looked very average. All of Cortez Allen’s tackles are arm tackles. He definitely is afraid of contact. Flacco picked them apart for most of the game. Seriously watch it if you can, scary. The “O” better start putting some TD’s on the board in the red zone or this team will indeed be 8 – 8 again at best. 1 sack against a team who’s “O” line is struggling? Again NO turnovers. Don’t get me wrong I’m as happy as any Steeler fan for the win however, they will need to get a lot better on “D” to get enough wins to make the playoffs. Say 10-6 gets us in as wildcard, that means only 2 more loss’s rest of season. Here’s who’s left on our schedule. Is it possible? Here’s my prediction:
    W – L
    Oct 27 PIT @ OAK Loss 2 – 5
    Nov 03 PIT @ NE Loss 2 – 6
    Nov 10 BUF @ PIT Win 3 – 6
    Nov 17 DET @ PIT Win 4 – 6
    Nov 24 PIT @ CLE Loss 4 – 7
    Nov 28 PIT @ BAL Loss 4 – 8
    Dec 08 MIA @ PIT Win 5 – 8
    Dec 15 CIN @ PIT Loss 5 – 9 (The wheels fall off)
    Dec 22 PIT @ GB Loss 5 – 10
    Dec 29 CLE @ PIT Loss 5 – 11

  • Steelhawk55

    I was referring to Gay’s past struggles when asked to play the slot. When Cortez starts playing like he’s 100% again, I have no doubt that he’ll be the starter opposite Ike and then move into the slot when in the nickel. I was just curious if that was still occuring even with Cortez continuing to look hampered by the ankle or if Gay was actually the one playing in the slot most of the time this year.

  • Jeff

    Well, he was ranked 2nd worst cornerback in the entire league by PFF last year… Not gunna say they’re 100% right about everything, but they’re no slouch either

  • steeltown

    Ah I see now, I think Cortez has been playing in the slot when in nickel, for the most part

  • Alexander Sebastian Heath

    I’m glad you brought that up. Look at his stats. Not the PFF because on your contract; it doesn’t point out much you made mistakes… it points out toward the stats you produced. If you meet the expectation, you get bonus.

    Thought you knew this?

  • Jeff

    First, I never compared Gay to McFadden. I’m not sure where you were going with that. Based on your last comment, you’ve obviously taken something I said personal. Not gunna stick around to figure out what that was, but…

    IN MY OPINION, Gay had a down year in Arizona. They would’ve owed him 3+ mill if he stayed, and they DECIDED to cut him. He had an escalator in his contract for playing time. He started 15 games, which yes was more than expected, but that doesn’t mean he had a good year. Being better than the guy behind you doesn’t mean jack squat. In this league, you get payed what you are worth. Go look up what he gets paid to play in Pittsburgh. Yeah, it’s a lot less….

    I would think that AZ would have made more of an effort to keep him around if they had thought he played so well. I wouldn’t accept the “they had no choice agrument”, because they really did have a choice. AGAIN, JUST MY OPINION…
    IN YOUR OPINION, Gay did not have a bad year in AZ. We’ll leave it at that.

    Leave emotions out of it when posting on a blog.

    Good day.