Steelers G David DeCastro, “I’ll Do My Best To Get Back As Soon As Possible”

The right ankle injury suffered Sunday by Pittsburgh Steelers guard David DeCastro Sunday in the loss to the Oakland Raiders will more than likely prevent him from playing this coming Sunday against the New England Patriots.

DeCastro, who was rolled up on from behind in the third quarter Sunday as a result of a block by wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery, didn’t sound like he would be ready to play this week in a Tuesday morning interview on 93.7 The Fan.

“I’ll do my best to get back as soon as possible,” DeCastro said.

Should both DeCastro and Guy Whimper, who suffered a left knee injury earlier in the game, be unable to play, the Steelers will likely have to start Kelvin Beachum and Cody Wallace at the two guard spots if Ramon Foster is unable to return from the concussion that he suffered in the game. That would also mean that Mike Adams would start at left tackle. In addition, Chris Hubbard and Joe Long could be promoted from the practice squad come the end of the week.

Head coach Mike Tomlin is expected to update the status of all injured players during his Tuesday afternoon press conference.


  • Callentown

    Since there are no comments here, I’ll take a little time with this one. Here is what I think needs to happen between now and next September:

    Steelers need to draft and sign FA O-lineman in bunches. I figure with Pouncey at C, Velasco at LG and DeCastro at RG, we still need about 4 new tackles and another 2-3 G/C types – because they lose so many O-lineman that they now need to carry more on the roster (this is a deliberate exaggeration).

    E.Sanders can go sign with someone else and Wheaton can take his place. Love what we’re seeing with Moye and Cotch as the 3 and 4.

    On Defense, replace Clark with Shark, draft another CB who can really cover. Depending on what we see from rookie LB Williams and what Sean Spence’s situation is, we may need to draft another LB. I also think we could use a nose tackle.

    Coaching wise, this is tough. I don’t think they will run both coordinators out of town, but I do thing LeBeau is set to retire. If Haley goes also, next year becomes yet another rebuilding year as the team will again have to learn all new plays.

    Well, at least we’ll have the Zone Blocking scheme to use 😉

    Thx for letting me go on..

  • steeltown

    Mostly agree… definitely are set at interior OL with DeCastro, Pouncey, Velasco (re-signed) also add Foster, Beachum and Embernate to that list

    Agree about Sanders, but I still think we should draft another big bodied WR to play with A.Brown and Wheaton, letting Cotchery and Moye round out the depth chart. Unless J.Brown explodes on the scene next offseason.

    Im ok with the ILB potential next year with Timmons, Vince Williams, Foote, Wilson, Garvin etc. What we definitely need is OLB depth, C.Carter is unimpressive and Worilds will be a UFA

    Also, agree about drafting a true NT and then maybe letting McLendon play DE opposite Heyward and in certain defensive sub packages

    We definitely need to draft 2CBs because we have no depth behind Taylor, Allen and Gay.. and Taylor will be in his final year.

  • Eric

    We definitely need a first round tackle in the draft. I hate drafting linemen instead of weapons in round 1 but it needs to be done. With Pouncy and Ebernate healthy, Velasco returning and maybe a low draft pick on the O-line, we might be OK next year. Just use the blocking scheme in the season that you practice in camp.
    Sanders and Cotchery will be gone. Cotchery will just be too expensive next year even though he plays well. Justin Brown can be added as a bigger body and probably a 4th round draft pick.
    On D, Clark will be gone so we need a big CB and another safety. I am guessing that CB will be the #2 pick.
    At LB, I am still hopeful that Spence will provide the inside depth and we find the outside depth we need from another team. I doubt Worlids will be back. Maybe an OLB with potential can be snagged in round 5. My pipe dream is to get Anthony Barr. Wouldn’t that be nice. LOL.
    Coaching will see Dick LeBeau retire and Haley stay. Both going at the same time is too much. Butler will obviously become DC. I have my doubts about Bicknell, but no in depth knowledge of his status.
    I am hoping our #3 pick is a Nose Tackle so McClendon can move to end, unfortunately replacing Kiesel. Hood is probably on the same Greyhound bus as Worlids.

  • Bob

    We don’t have our3rd round pick this year. We MAY get one or even 2 as comp picks for Wallace and Lewis, but then again we may not.

  • steeltown

    That’s a good assessment overall.. though I could still see Worilds staying for depth for a modest price, to which we would still need to draft another OLB because Carter is a nonfactor

  • Eric

    Bob, yes we shamefully traded our 3rd round pick to get Landry Jones, but we did so knowing that we would get at least a 3rd for Wallace. I think we are getting a 4th or 5th rounder for Lewis

  • Berlusconi

    I hope Ben does not get hurt. The Patriots do not possess a scary D-Line but if Jones is able to do to Mike Adams what Jared Allen did, goodnight.

  • Eric

    Thanx. Worlids was a 2nd round pick. I have no problem with him staying at or near the minimum, because that is all he showed he is worth. Every game I am amazed at how few tackles he gets. No argument whatsoever on Carter. I would love to find out the truth about Baxter and his dismissal.

  • dennisdoubleday

    No, we traded our 3rd round pick to get Shark. Landry was taken with the regular 4th round pick. (But it was still a wasted pick; I would rather have had Khaseem Greene, who is getting ready to start for the Bears next week.)

  • Eric

    Dennis, thank you for correcting me. I said the exact same thing about Landry Jones being a wasted pick and preferring Kasheem Greene the day of the draft. After the fact, I do not know if Greene would be a significant upgrade over Vince Williams and given the quality of our running backs, I would rather have taken Jonathan Franklin. Hindsight is 20/20 of course.

  • treeher

    Agree mostly, but I’d like to try to trade Sanders and get some value for him instead of just seeing him walk, maybe a 3rd rounder. We’re only $1.2M under the cap and we need to free up more cash for the rebuild. This means Clark goes, Ziggy, and probably Cotch. Restructure Miller and A. Brown.

  • enz1ey

    Nobody will trade for a WR who will most likely be allowed to test the market at the end of the season

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Wow….Cotchery blew that guy up!

  • Spencer Krick

    Without big Vince we should be able to run the ball between the tackles, though it will be harder without DeCastro.

  • Callentown

    With Anthony Barr, we would have three starting-level OLB’s. Seems like we have needs that we could use that pick for instead – to me.

    I hope they trade down and get an extra player. We need help!