Steelers G Ramon Foster Leaves Raiders Game With Possible Concussion

Pittsburgh Steelers left guard Ramon Foster has reportedly gone to the locker room with a possible concussion in the game against the Oakland Raiders.

The Steelers are down 14-3 with just over 10  minutes left in the first half.

Foster was replaced by Guy Whimper.

Update: Foster ruled out for the game

  • Virdin Barzey

    This team looks out of sorts on both side of the ball. Doesn’t look like they were coached up to play. Poor first half so far. Can’t stop the run and weak on the pass coverage. Offensive play calling leaving a lot to be desired. Can’t seem to get this ship moving and looks terrible. Better make some half time adjustments since this group is not getting it done on either side.

  • Chad H

    Bad, really bad! Time to start drinking heavily again.

  • Virdin Barzey

    It will be real interesting to see what team comes out in the second half. Tomlin did not have this team ready to play at all. Poor, poor, poor, poor coaching all around. Poor, poor, poor, playing by the players all around.

    I don’t get it. They can’t beat the Raiders for nothing.

  • Reader783

    You gotta love the annual trap game loss that ruins everybody’s day! I think the Raiders have made a habit of ruining our season now. Any chance we score 18 unanswered in the second half?

  • Mike Sweeney

    The entire team has a concussion, as do I, from the first half.

  • Eddie Cruz

    This is a garbage performance. Even with the defense for in turnovers giving the offense a short field we settle for 1 fg and a misse field goal. This Punter mesko needs to be released immediately. He takes the ball into his gut and has an elongated kick and they are garbage punts at that. wtf steelers. This embarrassing. Hopefully they make some adjustments at halftime to attempt to salvage the season. If we lose this game the season is over.

  • Mike Sweeney


  • Reader783

    What is more quintessential to the Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steel Curtain, the WR screen or beating the eventual Superbowl champs with Charlie Batch and then losing to the Browns the next week?

  • Curtis

    All scoring and t.o. are suppose to be automatically reviewed. So can someone please tell me why 2 weeks in a row we have calls being called dead instead of being reviewed. Last week booth would of brought ball back on sanders, I get that. But to say a ball was illegally touched on a muffed punt? Even with the challenge it couldn’t be overturned because didn’t have enough video evidence. If were going to have this rule let the play on the field play out then review it and overturn it, if need be. These jag offs calling the plays are horrible.