Steelers Injury Report: G Ramon Foster Practiced Fully On Wednesday

The Pittsburgh Steelers first injury report for their upcoming game Sunday against the New York Jets is now in and it includes some good news.

Guard Ramon Foster (pectoral) practiced fully Wednesday and as of right now appears to be on track to play against the Jets. Foster re-aggravated the injury that he suffered initially against the Chicago Bears during the first half of the game against the Minnesota Vikings. He failed to play the entire second half as a result.

Also practicing fully on Wednesday was quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (finger). The Steelers signal caller injured the index finger on his throwing hand in the loss to the Vikings, but it did not prevent him from finishing the game.

Limited on Wednesday was safety Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith (hip). He suffered a hip flexor injury against the Vikings and head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday during his press conference that he would be questionable this week.

Not practicing on Wednesday, as expected, was wide receiver Markus Wheaton (finger). The Steelers rookie has already been ruled out for the game Sunday after undergoing surgery last week to repair a broken pinky finger suffered against the Vikings.

  • chris ward

    Good news to hear Foster is practicing. Steelers are going to need him going up against a talented Jets D-line.

  • Afrazier9

    Yeah we will need help badly

  • Afrazier9

    I also wonder if any of you guys feel like we have the worst roster management this year why do we have so many oline men on the roster that we are scared to use (C.wallace, Gwhimper,and J.Long and even TE Palmer) why have these guys if you are not even going tu use them? We could use there spots for something else if they are not NFL caliber players. Tomlin is starting to make me rethink him being our coach

  • Kelly A

    Interesting assessment, so we are talking about practice roster players, yet you’re questioning Mike Tomlin because they are not being used. How do you even know for sure that anyone of them will not make an appearance? More so, what or whom are you going to replace these player with? Before jumping on this ‘Everything Tomlin does is questionable’ degradation train, please remember that they’ve only played 4 games so anything is possible.

    There is a fundamental problem with this Steelers fanbase and it has to do with narcissism. Everyone wants to see a move happen here, or a trade happen there not because it’s for the greater good of the team; but for the greater good of their own ego.

    Trust me when I say that I’ve seen teams go through worse that what this Steelers team is going through, much, much worse. In many ways, all those Superbowls and AFC Championship appearances have given this fanbase a self-entitled frame of mind which are validated with reasons such as “I pay money hard-earned money to watch this team” or “I have invested the entire year on this team” ; meanwhile, we forget that these reasons represented choices that none of us we forced to make, so at anytime we could chose to stop paying or watching this team if we do not like what we see.
    We all willingly chose to support this team, knowing fully well that with anything, there is dysfunction and hard times.

    So frankly speaking, when I hear comments such as the one above, I generally assume that in Tomlin’s place, you would do much better job. Am I assuming correctly?

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m hoping for a healthy dose of DMoye this game! Please!!!

  • HopalongCassidy

    Thanks for the free diagnosis. I hope you don’t mind if we narcissistic fans get a second opinion….eh Doc ?

  • AndyR34

    OK…here’s your second opinion…I agree with the guest! Too many fans are fantasy football and Madden experts and not NFL experts. You could go ‘root’ for the Jags and then you might actually be correct. The Steeler way of doing things is not perfect every season…so my guess is that you thought Tomlin should be fired after not winning the SB against the Packers…huh? I guess I don’t recall you asking that point.

  • Christopher Wilkes

    Every fanbase is negative when they’re losing, but narcissistic? I dunno about that lol. Oh, and when you go to delete your post it won’t disappear. Instead it turns into a ‘guest’ post.

  • Chad H

    The guest post is arrogant but not far off. I had to come to terms with being a spoiled fan and acting like one. With that being said there are issues with a losing record going back to last year. Coaches are paid to evaluate their players and if we need player changes. Why did Adams not beat out Starks last year? What did they see in preseason that said Adams was ready for starting LT? Now they have to address players they will need next year. IMO Foster is not a starting LG but can Adams play guard? Not the best player evaluator but Adams does not look like a tackle so move him inside and see what happens. Plenty of blame to go out and you can start with the head coach. Need to start addressing issues for next year as well so move some players around and see what happens.

  • Afrazier9

    well you make reasonable point , but my problem is are personel moves don’t add up we draft players who never develope and we supposedly scout these players and do are homework. well as tomlin would say OBVIOUSLY were falling short in are jobs to be above the line in the scouting and personel department