Steelers Jets Week 6 Inactives

Below are the inactive players for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2013, week 6 Sunday game against the New York Jets. The inactive list is released 90 minutes prior to kickoff.


QB Landry Jones

NT Hebron Fangupo

WR Markus Wheaton

C Cody Wallace

T Mike Adams

RB Isaac Redman

LB Chris Carter


WR Santonio Holmes

CB Dee Milliner

QB Brady Quinn

T Ben Ijalana

G Will Campbell

T Oday Aboushi

LB Troy Davis

  • Jonas

    So now Whimper is a better Back-Up than Adams?

    Let’s look on our new ST today. I’ll observe how good A.Blake’s ST-play is if I’m able to locate him!

  • dgh57

    How about that, C. Carter isn’t dressing being that I questioned his making the roster to begin with!

  • dgh57

    At this point in time between Adams & Whimper it’s six of one half a dozen of the other or in other words crappy play no matter which why you turn. They may be just sending Adams a message about his quality of play.

  • Mike.H

    Derek Moye gets a hat, hope he catches 2-3 passes with Wheaton down.