Steelers List Heyward As Starting Left Defensive End On Latest Depth Chart

According to the latest depth chart released on Tuesday, Cameron Heyward is listed as the starting left defensive end over Ziggy Hood.

As we pointed out this morning, up until now, Heyward has seen the field primarily in the Steelers sub packages. Most of those times, he has been replacing Hood. When Heyward has played in the Steelers base defense, he has mostly been doing so in relief of Brett Keisel on the opposite side.

Being as Heyward is listed as the starter now, you would think he would see more time in the base defense on the left side, so that’s one thing to look for Sunday when the Steelers take on the New York Jets.

In other depth chart changes, Kelvin Beachum is now listed as the starting left tackle and is backed up by the newly acquired Levi Brown. In addition, Vince Williams is now listed as the lone starting buck inside linebacker as Kion Wilson is no longer listed as a co-starter.

  • Luke Shabro

    Hopefully Cam steps up. Realistically next year we’re looking at Cam and Keisel as the starters. One had hoped at this point it would end up being Ziggy and Cam but Ziggy has been disappointing. I don’t think he’s a total bust but he’s never lived up to being a first rounder. I really hope that next year we’re looking at Al Woods and Brian Arnfelt as the backups with Nick Williams and/or a mid-round rookie waiting in the wings. Oh Aaron Smith, we will always miss you.

  • Mike Carroll

    Good! There is no reason this team shouldn’t be shaking things up and finding out who might be worth keeping in the future. I’m not sure how Heyward will do, but let’s find out finally. We know Hood is nothing great.

  • TheBlitz

    There is another report out there that Shark Thomas is going to see more snaps on base defense over Clark.

    Change is really coming!

  • Mike Carroll

    Great! I was hoping for that as well.

  • Dave Scott

    What site lists Heyward as the starter? I checked the Steelers official site and the depth chart there still says Ziggy is the starter at LDE. Maybe they already changed it. I hope Heyward does get the chance to start though.

  • chris ward

    Ziggy was non existent against the Vikings. Like the move by the Steelers in starting Heyward.Heyward has looked good at times this year, especially at getting his hands up and deflecting passes.

  • Mike Carroll

    In the end, Hood will probably go down as a bust. Drafted in the first round and given years of grooming only to play below the line. Again, so glad that Colbert did not extend anybody during training camp.

  • Bilgewater D

    He’ll go to a 4-3 team and dominate. He was miscast as a 3-4 defensive end.

  • Luke Shabro

    Dominate? Doubtful.

  • PA2AK

    Considering the sporadic and limited snaps Heyward has seen with visible impact…this can’t be a bad move. Ziggy’s technique (or lack of) is more of a liability against the run than the pass, imo (awful hand placement). I don’t see a major drop in the run D, but clearly see an upgrade against the pass. Heyward’s awareness in passing situations isn’t something that is coached.

    Adams being #3 at LT AND RT?! Welcome to the Tomlin Doghouse bud. Why is he not at least the #2 RT? In camp he was the man at RT, especially in run game. Because Gilbert was so weak at LT, they made the switch (or that was the reasoning at the time). Remember the reports of Adams pancaking Ziggy and Woodley on separate occasions? I used to be confident that the coaching staff new what they were doing…just not sure why Gilbert hasn’t had a re-evaluation over on the left or Adams on the right.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Now, bring Brian Arnfelt up from the practice squad and Trade Ziggy .

  • Good!

  • Dr. Doom

    Now if they would only list Thomas as a co starter with Clark, split snaps with Wheaton and Cotchery, and bring in competition for Mesko we might be getting somewhere.

  • Dr. Doom

    and backup maybe.

  • Eric

    I am happy with the trade to get Sharknado. I will forever hate the Landry Jones pick however. We could have had Jonathan Franklin instead.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    It isn’t lack of effort by Hood. Hopefully we can sign him as a back up at back up prices but I am sure someone is willing to give him a few M and try him out for a year or 2

  • Ike Evans


  • Richard Edlin

    Here’s hoping … by Week 17, I’d prefer Shamarko to start whilst Clark’s still here as a backup/insurance.

  • Richard Edlin

    PFF has been screaming for Heyward for ages too. Adams is #3 a) as a message and b) because he’s not going to dress on gameday.

  • PA2AK

    I understand why…I just don’t like the ‘doghouse’ coaching style. I don’t think it has worked on any single player since the beginning of Tomlin’s tenure here. I could be wrong, but no one has rebounded from it to be a better player. That’s what a coach is there for, right?

  • Richard Edlin

    They’ve signed Brown, so he’s going to dress; Whimper dresses for the interior positions, so there’s no room unless we have 8 OL on game day. So, even doghouse aside, he’s probably #3.

    I agree that I don’t think it’s going to work – but being fair to Tomlin here, they’ve tried being positive and believing in him; it didn’t work, and so they’re on to Plan B.

  • PA2AK

    Good point. The only thing they haven’t tried is moving him back to RT at his natural position. I remember they swapped them in camp because Gilbert was so bad at LT even though Adams was pancaking Ziggy and Woodley on the right. Nonetheless, your point kind of seals the deal there.

  • Richard Edlin

    Long term, I think that’s what happens; they’re probably going to carry on developing both he and Gilbert at LT so one can come in at a pinch.

  • Richard Edlin

    It’ll take a year or two before I think we can really judge Jones – and I don’t think it’s impossible that Jones eventually takes over from Ben.

  • PA2AK

    Hopefully they don’t bail on Adams or Gilbert just yet.

  • PA2AK

    Possible…also possible that Franklin would have been out for the season running in this offense, lol

  • Eric

    I would gladly bet on Landry not being the guy that takes over for Ben

  • Eric

    Good point, LOL

  • Rob

    Tomlin is a poor coach. He is resorting to repositioning the chairs on the titanic, after he drafted a bunch of chairs that did nothing but fold. We are now seeing desperation from a coach with no idea and no plan. He is just changing to be changing.

  • El Gunslinger

    I completely agree … he’s not an End