Steelers Mike Tomlin Post Game Press Conference Transcript – Jets – Week 6

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin met the media following the 19-6 win Sunday over the New York Jets and below is a transcript of what he had to say.

Tomlin: It’s a significant win for us to get that started for 2013. I told the guys in the locker room there was nothing mystical about it. We maintained possession of the football and we got the football. In particular we got the football in the red area and that took points off the board. That was significant. Big splash plays defensively; maintained possession of the ball offensively. Hung together in the midst of the natural adversity football games present. Hopefully this is a springboard of things to come. That is going to be our intention as we look at this like we looked at the other four before it with the sole purpose of getting better for our next opportunity. We look forward to getting home and playing winning football in front of our fans. We’ve got a lot of work to do in order to make that occur. We look forward to getting back to work. It’s a good feeling, not like you won the lottery, but it’s still a good feeling nonetheless.

A couple of major injuries potentially. Levi Brown got hurt in pregame warm-ups. We are going to evaluate his triceps. David Johnson, hand/wrist area, we have a potential major injury there. We have to get that evaluated. Other than that some normal bumps and bruises associated with playing.

What about the injury to Brett Keisel?

He had ribs of some kind. We will take a look at it. He is probably going to be limited during the course of the week. He should perk up toward the end of next week. We’ll see, though.

What did you think of Ben (Roethlisberger)?

He made the necessary plays. He was him. He did a great job of communicating. Sometimes when you are in hostile environments on the road it becomes difficult. Aside from his play I thought he did a nice job of communicating with players and staff in the midst of it all throughout the game.

Did the offensive line and everyone kind of settle down after the first couple of series?

That’s the way it should occur when you are on the road. At times communication is tough, particularly when you come out of the locker room. You have to deal with it, settle into rhythm and I thought we did that.

Re: The defense shutting them out in the second half.

I thought the significant plays were the situational football plays, the red zone plays.

The red zone interception by Ryan Clark, the red zone interception by Lawrence Timmons after Jarvis Jones applied pressure to the quarterback. There are plays and then there are significant plays and splash plays, and situational plays. Today we made splash plays and that’s why we were able to win.

Do you feel like you rattled Geno Smith?

I will let them speak to that. I thought we played in the manner of which we wanted to.

Was your message going into bye week more passionate than normal?

Do you think the circumstances dictated it?



Did you get an explanation at the end of the first half how they were able to have had time to kick the field goal?

That occurs sometimes when you are the visiting team in terms of communicating with the white hats.

With Levi Brown is there a concern that it’s the same injury he had in Arizona?

I don’t want to speculate. I will categorize it as potentially serious. We’ll have to evaluate him. I’ll let the doctors do that.

How do you think Kelvin Beachum played at left tackle?

I thought he was above the line like we all were. Today we are winners. We’ll evaluate tomorrow.

Re: Were there any x-rays on David Johnson?

Not that I know of. Not saying it didn’t occur. I just don’t have that information.

How important is it for a quarterback to have consistency?

I think it’s important for any professional football player to have consistency. It’s often times not what we are capable of as far as our ceiling, but what does our floor look like. And all good solid professionals have a good solid floor and have consistent performances.

  • Eric

    Another Tomlin presser where he didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

  • Michelob

    Not one ‘obviously’ …

  • Aric Brown

    this should quiet the Big Ben haters up a little bit

  • John Hinton

    Finally our D creates a few TOs, our O protects the ball and our punter does what he was brought in to do. Nice win!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    winning football games comes down to turnovers and we won that. People like to make goofy stats and over complicate things but that is the key.

  • T R

    he must have watch that Obviously film… not one obviously this time.. or maybe “Obviously” is only used when we lose.. and he is rattled.. LOL

  • Arthur Branch

    What head coach actually gives out new information for his opponents to use in a presses. New England fans get even less than what we do.

  • Riverstko

    Its time for a winning streak now! One game at a time. Lets Go Steelers!

  • Bob Graff

    Finally , Something to build off of. The defense wins the day holding an NFL team to 9 points is no small task. Hopefully they can build from this. BTW what i have called the team’s overall weak spot [the o-line] is getting better Beachum started out slow but played pretty solid if you take away the first quarter. V. Williams , Timmons, Woodley , are starting to work well together. There are still weak spots on this team but a win always makes things better.

  • Gary A. Markette

    Looks ike a 6-10 season to me, with some luck. Does anyone honestly believe this team will beat the Ravens (twice), the Patriots, or the Packers? And neither the Bengals nor the Browns are going to be pushovers (not to mention the Lions). I’m guessing the Steelers beat the Ravens once, the Browns once, and the Raiders. That gives them 4 probable wins. Two more are possible, I suppose, perhaps against the Lions, the Bengals, or twice against the Browns. Forget about the post season this year, fans, and focus on some offensive linemen in next year’s draft. Are you listening Steeler brass?

  • John

    The only thing that makes playoffs a possibility is the schedule. It is fairly kind, except for supposed obvious losses in NE and GB. The next few weeks will show where things are. The home game against the Ravens is at best a toss up and the game at Oakland is about the same. If we can win both, we are on the road to being respectable. If not, the only real question will be what draft pick we will get and how we are going to restructure the roster for next year. Let’s enjoy the win and hope for the best. My current guess is first round pick next year is NT or DE.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. It was the Jets and against Geno….a rookie. Do the same thing to Joe Wacco and color me impressed.


    I’m kinda feeling the same way because of the OL/DL, but I’m not ready to admit it yet because there are too many games yet to be played.

    In DIV, every DL we play is better than our OL, so the old tried and true plays won’t work as well. That said nobody in the DIV looks complete…BAL will struggle on OFC all yr imo @ WR/TE…DEF will keep them in games. CLE, solid DEF will be tough and home, but no QB…CIN got away yesterday, nearly blowing that one…Dalton is hit or miss, and OC issues to me in CIN.

    Obviously CIN can sweep, but I think PIT will split with the DIV at worst…the trouble is GB, NE,@OAK, is never easy…to simplfy it…I think they will win the rest of their home games, and OAK to go 8-8 again, maybe 9-7 if they can get CLE twice.

  • Gary A. Markette

    You’re obviously a true-believer who, like me, forgot about Miami–another iffy game (I’d say 50-50). I’ve been a Steeler fan since I was 5. I go back to the John Henry Johnson era. In the past 20 years I’ve rarely seen the team look this bad. Without the twio interceptions, they barely beat the pathetic Jets. I hope you’re right and the team goes 8-8. I just don’t see 7 more wins on what I think is a brutal schedule. I think 4 more likely with an outside chance at 5. Either way, I think the team needs to go full bore on O-Line and maybe shore up the secondary in the Draft.


    I’ve been at a while, but you have me in the tenure dept. I’m a little more positive than you is due to parity, and lack of depth on just about every team…you just never know how these games will turn out.

    I don’t think they are really that far off…a real NT would do wonders for the edge rushers. As much as I would love a great LT anchoring the OL, those guys go top 5 and I don’t think we’re going to be top 5 bad. We’re going to have to develop whomever ends up there long term more than likely.

    SF didn’t get all those players picking at the bottom of the draft…they had some real lean years, and stocked piled.

    Someone told me a long time ago about pro sports, and it’s especially true in the NFL…the worst thing you can be is mediocre.

  • Donnie Richardson

    6 held he jets to 6 points

  • Bob Graff

    my bad