Steelers Now Down Three Games In The Win Column To Everybody In The AFC North

The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to lose on their bye week as the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens all won their week five games, and all three are now 3-2 on the season.

In their 13-6  win over the New England Patriots, the Bengals managed to end the 52 game touchdown pass steak of quarterback Tom Brady while sacking him four times in the process.

The Ravens managed to hold off a late rally by the Miami Dolphins to win 26-23 as running back Ray Rice rushed for 74 yards and two touchdowns.

The Browns were the first team in the AFC North to notch their third win Thursday night thanks to their victory over the Buffalo Bills.

The Steelers will return to action next week and will face the New York Jets on the road.

  • TJimmy

    Hopefully more motivation for the Steelers to defeat the Jets next week.

  • T R

    Sad.. even on bye week we lose a game.. shameful…

  • rizzo29

    0-4 should be enough motivation

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Im guaranteeing a win against the jets time to turn this season around

  • rizzo29

    That,s great you playing

  • Christopher Wilkes

    The standard is the standard.

  • Aharon Moyer

    We accept that.

  • Aharon Moyer

    Such is life in the National Football League.

  • dgh57

    I thought 0-3 would’ve been enough motivation, but sadly it wasn’t!

  • TJimmy

    I think we’ll see a turnaround. They have been playing better on offense and Lebeau usually work out the kinks on defense…as he did last year.

  • StarSpangledSteeler


  • Kirby Hogenmiller

    I don’t know if I want to see a turnaround we obviously aren’t good enough to win the superbowl let alone make the playoffs. I mean come on do you guys really think we can beat teams like the Seahawks or the Broncos or the Colts or even the 49ers?

  • r4kolb

    We will unleash hell the remainder of the season…

  • Xclewsive

    1 game palyoffs from here on out. It took 4 weeks to dig this hole and it’ll take the entire season to dig out of it.

  • T R

    hush lol no more hell leashing.. LOL

  • Curtis

    When everyone else is on their bye they loose a game

  • Randy

    Well, lets tank this season and pick better in upcoming drafts.

  • rizzo29

    Aren,t they doing that already


    Only 1 DIV game played…looking at the rest of the DIV.

    BAL…solid DL will keep them in most games, but they will continue to be up and down on OFC. 9-7 was my projection

    CIN…another solid DL…Dalton can’t be trusted…coming off a loss to CLE I picked them against NE @ home…so many weapons you would think the OFC would be clicking better. 10-6 was m y projection

    CLE…most surprising, but to repeat…good DL, DEF overall and they’re making enough plays to win games…idk if this will hold up…8-8 was my projection

    Not of this means anything unless the team comes out gang busters and gets to 4-4.

  • Riverstko

    People must be crazy if they think the browns will win the division. We shouldnt take them lightly but we all know cin and bal has more potential to pull off at the end of the season. Must Wins for us!!! We will tie for first in the north with a 9-7 record with cin or bal not the browns.

  • rizzo29

    I,m all in for the Steelers to turn this around but they have to win a game first before you claim them winning the north.Stop dreaming sunshine