Steelers TE Matt Spaeth Offers No Clues As To When He Might Return

The Pittsburgh Steelers certainly could use blocking tight end Matt Spaeth back in the lineup and according to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the veteran hasn’t wore a boot on his previously injured foot for some time now.

Spaeth, who suffered a Lisfranc injury during training camp, is eligible to return to practice right now, but has yet to do so. Being as he was placed on the injured reserve list with the designated to return tag at the start of the season, he cant be placed back on the active roster until after week eight.

So, will Spaeth be ready for the week nine game against the New England Patriots? Being as he has yet to practice, that seems unlikely. When asked if he knew when he might return, Spaeth offered up no clues as it appears as though he’s been instructed not to talk about it.

“Yeah, I can’t tell you,” Spaeth said, according to the Kaboly report.

Just when it looked as though David Johnson was starting to play well as the Steelers second tight end, he suffered a dislocated wrist in the win over the New York Jets and was lost for the season. The Steelers then signed free agent Richard Gordon with the hopes he might could help, but he has been hampered by a great toe injury that he suffered during his very first practice with the team. As a result, he didn’t even play Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens as he was listed as one of the seven inactives.

The Steelers used tackle Mike Adams as a second tight end quite a bit against the Ravens and will likely continue to do so until Spaeth returns. Hopefully that return is soon.

“I am working hard every day and doing what I can do to get back,” Spaeth said.

  • NW86

    It’s hard to read these tea leaves, but I’m beginning to worry that the team doesn’t expect Matt to be ready for a while. Spaeth didn’t practice last week, and they picked up Gordon, who was a fringe guy who wasn’t going to contribute much in his first 2 weeks regardless of the injury. If they thought Spaeth was close to returning, I don’t think they would have picked him up.

  • Mike.H

    Please enlighten me: Steelers FO seems to be high on Spaeth — yet, if memories serves, Spaeth was less than adequate blocker and often injured with a hit after catch incident. [ deep thigh bruise]. ??

  • Jonathon Bert Schade

    And, those catches were few and far between. Maybe Mike Adams could convert to TE permanently? At least he would be earning his pay. As for more blockers, why don’t they try the same place they got Whimper and Velasco (sp)?

  • Jeff

    I’d rather have a TE on the field that can be a threat to catch the ball. Mike Adams is filling that role, and he’s one dimensional. If they see him come in there, they know he’ll be blocking regardless. At least Spaeth would provide a dual threat at the position.

  • SteelersDepot

    The same injury prone Spaeth that has played in 92 out of 96 games heading into this season? the same Spaeth that was the best blocking tight end in the league last season with the Bears? That Matt Spaeth?

  • Mike.H

    During Camp, I wonder if FO ever tested if Mike Adams had TE hands? If adequate, 6’7″, long arms, decent speed could prove to be a chain-mover and red zone left — Derek Moye being on the right.

    [ no thanks, I don’t want Haley’s job] happy being a comedian as is. 🙂

  • JohnnyV1

    I’ve been against using the only IR-Designated To Return tag on Spaeth b/c he isn’t a starter, and those injuries, particularly on big (tall & heavy) guys are hard to come back from. It’s not that I’m hoping that he can’t come back so I’ll be right. I’d like to be wrong every day of the week just so my Steelers win each week. I hope he comes back soon.

  • Milliken Steeler

    Thank you. I was about to reply to that. He has become an excellent blocker and has caught TD’s when thrown to. He doesn’t get the opportunity much but imagine having him and Miller inside the redzone together.

    He is going to help more than hurt us and I hope we have him back in the next 2 to 3 weeks.