Steelers Versus Raiders Week 8 Projected Inactive List

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Oakland Raiders Sunday at Coliseum and below is a best guess as to what the inactive list will look like this week. The official list of inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Landry Jones – Ho, hum, just another week inactive for Jones.

Marcus Wheaton – Wheaton was ruled out for the Raiders game on Tuesday as he has still yet to practice since having surgery on the pinky finger he broke in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Derek Moye will once again dress in his place.

Richard Gordon – Gordon was listed as practicing fully on Thursday and Friday yet he was still ruled out for the game on the final injury report with a toe injury.

Hebron Fangupo – Fangupo will likely be down again being as the rib injury suffered by Brett Keisel is not serious.

Chris Carter – With Jarvis Jones expected back this week, there is a good chance Carter will be inactive.

Isaiah Green – I am going to guess that Curtis Brown gets out of the dog house this week in order to help on special teams. One of these two will be inactive for sure.

Antwon Blake – The Steelers promoted Kion Wilson back to the 53 man roster, so if he is going to be up, you would think that either Blake or Terence Garvin will be down. Being as Garvin has been better on special teams so far, I will guess that Blake misses out on a helmet.

  • dennisdoubleday

    I’m beginning to wonder what was the point of signing this mysterious Antwon Blake? A purported ST specialist, he has played zero snaps

  • Douglas Andrews

    Hey Dave I know this is off the point of the article but do you think the Steelers could have placed Landry Jones on the PS and used his spot on the 53 for another player? Just curious since he’s inactive every week and I see a few teams only go with only 2 QB’s on their 53. Seems kinda like a wasted roster spot as he’s gonna be inactive for every game barring an injury.

  • SteelersDepot

    No, they wouldn’t risk that. Look at it this way, you have to have seven inactives every week, so if not Jones, it would be somebody else.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Got it thanks for the response

  • disqus_6wLDLEg5Ai

    Who would be our emergency qb if Ben and Bruce wennt down in a game??? I know ward or randel el were pst emergency qb’s, but any thoughts on who would pick up those duties now?

  • Jonas

    He played Gunner the whole Ravens-game. We’ll see later if he impressed the coaching staff last week. He will be inactive if Shamarko & CB are better Gunners. I remember a nice /key) block by Antwon Blake during Sanders’ kick-off return

  • Jonas

    Heath Miller is one of our emergency qb’s. Last year, he took QB snaps before the Chiefs game, as Heath would have replaced Leftwhich in the case of injury.
    I think Miller was a QB in high school.

  • joed32

    Bell was a HS QB too.

  • Douglas Andrews

    E. Sanders can fuction as an emergency QB