Steelers Versus Ravens Week 7 Projected Inactive List

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Baltimore Ravens Sunday at Heinz Field and below is a best guess as to what the inactive list will look like this week. The official list of inactives will be announced 90 minutes before kickoff.

Jarvis Jones – Jones admitted on Friday that he really didn’t do anything this week while being checked out for a concussion. Being as he virtually missed all three days of practice, that usually doesn’t bode well for Steelers rookies when it comes to getting a helmet on Sunday. This really could go either way with him. If he winds up dressing, then cornerback Isaiah Green will likely be down. Will Jones play? I really don’t know.

Landry Jones – Jones is another easy one this week for the inactive list as he has been on it every game so far this season.

Richard Gordon – Gordon was signed on Tuesday, practiced on Wednesday, was injured on Thursday and ruled out on Friday. Welcome to Pittsburgh and the inactive list, Dick.

Markus Wheaton – Wheaton is still recovering from surgery to repair the broken pinky finger that he suffered in while in London and will not play this week.

Isaac Redman – Redman hasn’t dressed since he was demoted to the bottom of the depth chart, so it is not hard to guess that he will be inactive once again.

Guy Whimper – It looks as if Cody Wallace will finally dress this week as the backup center and being as Mike Tomlin usually only dresses seven offensive linemen, I’m going to guess that Whimper will be down this week.

Hebron Fangupo – This last inactive could go either way and it might very well be tied to Jones’ status. Brett Keisel is working through an abdomen problem, but appears to be fine, so I will guess that Fangupo will be down once again.

  • Bell Cow

    Speaking of Fangupo, has anyone noticed that Ta’amu is now the starting NT for Arizona? I was surprised the Steelers opted to keep Fangupo instead of Ta’amu.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    I still think that move was a mistake.

  • Apexsimba

    Don’t look too much into it. He’s only out there because they have no one else. He’s doing awful.

  • William Bigelow

    ‘Welcome to Pittsburgh and the inactive list, Dick’ …. Hilarious, almost spit out my morning coffee ….

  • ScottB

    Serious question. If cap space is an issue, why are they keeping Redman and his 1.3mil salary around? Or are they locked into it since he began the season on the roster?

  • ScottB

    I’m not sure Shamu is missed. He was a dumb pick in the first place.

  • Eric

    When he made the team, his salary was guaranteed all season.

  • Eric

    Lets not forget that we traded up to get Sha’amu in the 4th round. Either drafting him was a mistake or waiving him was a mistake. Rither way a mistake was made by the FO

  • Shannon Stephenson

    never liked the pick either.

  • CW

    The Cardinals lost their starting nose tackle for several games, can’t remember why.

    Dan Williams, the Cards starting NT, is actually pretty good.

  • steeltown

    Yea pretty sure his tender is guaranteed now, plus with Le’Veon returning from injury and Felix known for having injury issues, its smart to keep a 4th viable option with experience and good pass protection skills

  • steeltown

    Funny thing is, Redman was supposed to be the unquestioned starter..hell he didn’t even have to play in the preseason because he was a “known commodity” yea… how’d that work out.. now, with all said and done he is the most likeliest to not be on roster in 2014