Timmons Says Pryor TD Run Was On Him

During a Monday night interview with Pittsburgh Steelers sideline reporter Craig Wolfley, linebacker Lawrence Timmons took responsibility for not properly defending the 93-yard touchdown run Sunday by Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor on the first play from scrimmage.

“That was on me, for sure,” Timmons said. “I was so zoned in on the dive (Pryor’s fake to running back Darren McFadden). That’s definitely a play I should have made. I’m supposed to scrape outside and make that play.

“I felt terrible. I want to be a player who makes the play for our guys, so that’s on me. Troy (Polamalu), any of those other guys weren’t in position (to make the play on Pryor) because they were expecting me to do my job.”

This admission will certainly upset the LaMarr Woodley witch hunters and being as this interview took place Monday night, nobody can be accused of throwing anybody under the bus.

  • steeltown

    Glad we got that all figured out and taken care of.. now if we can only figure out that pesky pass protection thing…

  • Good for him, still one of my favorite players.

  • Virdin Barzey

    He’s taking it all but don’t be fooled. Ryan Clark was supposed to stop it if he missed it and make sure that isn’t more than a first down. Period.

  • Mike.H

    Big Plays only happened AGAINST the Steelers 2013.
    Big plays aren’t made by the Steelers. Why

  • Jonas

    And Woodley has the backside responsibility!

    It was a team fail – live as a team, die as a team.

  • Did you miss Sanders 55 yd touchdown? Or AB tearing up the Bears?They do make some big plays just not enough

  • Timmons had backside responsibility Timmons-I was supposed to scrape and make that play. I was supposed to scrape and make that play. I was supposed to scrape and make that play. I was supposed to scrape and make that play. I was supposed to scrape and make that play.

  • Jeff

    “I agree, it was all Timmons’ fault.”

    -Ryan Clark

  • You have some people on the team making negative plays, (whispers 94) Ryan it just displayed on the ESPN ticker you were released. What where

  • Shannon Stephenson

    It takes a big man to step up and say that. I know Ben will say this is on me or Tomlin will say it starts with him but on an individual play that was this big it shows some moxie. I do not think when Ben or Tomlin say it that they really feel 100% that way. I could be wrong but I doubt it, that is why it is easier to say.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’m curious as to why that defensive play was even called. That close to the goal line and Woodley overmatching that tackle. Why are we needing to get fancy right out of the gate? There was confusion right away, for Timmons and Williams were shuffling around and eventually switched before the snap. With all the talk about the time zone difference and jet lag and so forth, you would think LeBeau would let these guys settle in a bit before pulling out the magic tricks.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    I bet if it was a microphone, Clark would have gotten to him.

  • Bob Loblaw

    While we should maybe not be pinning all of this play on Woodley, something should be said about him having such a quiet game on Sunday.

  • Eric

    and that running game thing

  • lone pistol

    I love arrested development

  • charles

    Your comment says the most so far. LeBeau has a very bad habit of defensive schemes. These schematics remove the player from his talent. I know that the NFL has changed, but classically you only blitzed because your front four could not get to the qb. Our defenses make the players unsure of what to do as you noted. Is this year going to be a record setter for fewest sacks and the resultant fewest turnovers over a THREE (!) year Period going to get whoever runs this team to take a closer look at whether Mr. LeBeau is actually contributing anything?!?

  • Don

    What?…Watched that play a few times and I totally thought that V. Williams was the guy that really blew it..he’s the LILB and was totally sucked in to the line of scrimmage on the fake..im no D.C. and the edge may not be his responsibility but he was in the best position on the field to make that play…??

  • Don

    Totally!.. that is after vince williiams on the left side got sucked in on the fake.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    What is a “Running-Game” ???

  • HarryBackside

    There was nothing fancy about it. Turn on any college football game that features a team the runs the read-option, and you will see do the exact same thing.

    The scrape exchange is one of the ways to defend the read-option. The QB is reading the weakside DE (or in this case, OLB) to decide if he is going to hand the ball of, or keep it and run. By having Woodley crash down on the run, the defense is forcing Pryor to keep the ball, because he thinks he has the backside open, and can make a play. If Timmons does what he is supposed to do, he would have filled in the spot left vacant by Woodley, and been in position to hit Pryor for a loss (assuming he doesn’t get blocked by Marcel Reece).

  • HarryBackside

    Timmons and Williams switched spots on that play. Timmons is lined up as the LILB, and Williams is on the right.

  • It was

  • Mike.H

    My bad. Sports fan tunnelvision. Perhaps from too much fap…my mother had warned me.

  • MC

    I remember seeing Peyton Manning throw an 80 something yard TD to Marvin Harrison against the steelers on the first play of a regular season game in 05. I was so annoyed with that start as they went on to lose by quite a bit.

    This play however didn’t start with the great Peyton it was a rookie qb who broke a record on us….far more frustrating to have witnessed.


    shhhhh…they don’t bash the Wood around here!

    It’s like his no tackle, no sack performance never happened….

  • cencalsteeler

    I understand the design of the scrape exchange. I just question them running it right out of the gate. Why? Watch the gif again. There is confusion and players are shuffling around before the snap. Timmons was obviously confused because like you stated, he didn’t do “what he was supposed to do” and didn’t “fill the spot left vacant by Woodley”. Therefore, maybe a more simplistic base Defense might have resulted in a different result. Pryor hands off, linebacker containment. Pryor keeps the ball, Woodley is there for outside contain. The scrape exchange is a well designed play for the read option, I’m just saying that you need to warm up your car before you pull it out of the driveway.

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    The problem is that Timmons is having to overcompensate for lackluster play from the other MLB this year, and it is throwing his game off.

  • Jonas

    Oh, very mature..
    Just look on the damn gif..woodley is pursuing the rb of the backside. So his responsibility is to prevent a cutback.

    You are saying he has no duty looking for a fake? If it’s a play action he also would pursue the rb instead of moving to the ball-carrier and bringing him down? I don’t think so. & it was still HIS side!
    Even if he has absolutely no responsibility for the cutback or the fake (what I highly doubt), it’s bad recognition by Woodley (b/c it was his side)

  • Timmons had backside responsibility Timmons-I was supposed to scrape and make that play.

  • Yiz

    Your wrong, Woodley’s responsibility was the McFadden on the dive. He said so himself, and now Timmons has confirmed it. Their assignments and responsibilities are based on what the D.C. designs, not by what you think you see on a gif. Sure, if you go off of what you see, then you would assume otherwise, however LeBeau had Woodley and Worilds go after the dive and the inside backers scraping the outside for Pryor. It’s called defensive responsbilities.

  • Don

    Oh shoot..I stand correct..didn’t notice they switched and just figured it was V.W. So yes it was Timmons…then clark.. ha ha

  • Riverstko


  • Jonas

    Okay, sorry – Woodley said it?
    Then I’m sorry!
    It’s still unusual that someone has the responsibilty just for the dive even if there’s no ball – don’t sounds like LeBeau. But surely it could be or, like you said, IS the case.