William Gay Deserves Some Credit For The Steelers First Takeaway Of The Season

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay has not received enough credit for his play thus far this season and in reality, he deserves a little bit of credit for the first defensive takeaway of the year that was registered Sunday against the New York Jets by safety Ryan Clark.

On the play, as Tunch Ilkin pointed out on Monday, Jets tight end Konrad Reuland goes in motion to Gay’s side and the veteran cornerback does a great job of jamming off the line of scrimmage and inside the five yard legal area. This jam in turn throws off the timing of the entire play and allows Clark to make the easy interception as a result.

Gay, who started the game in place of Cortez Allen, has been thrown at 30 times so far this season and allowed just 19 completions for a total of 161 yards. He has yet to allow a touchdown and has defensed two passes and made 19 total tackles to go along with one forced fumble.

For all the abuse that Gay takes, it is amazing that people refuse to give him his due when he plays well. He is not perfect by any means, but he has stepped in well this season for Allen, who will eventually win back his starting job.


  • Dom

    Bang on, Along with Felix and Velasco there have been a few good FA deals this year

  • PA2AK

    Thank you. Gay was easily the best offseason move…outside of letting Harrison and Wallace walk.

  • Rosco

    Hopefully he gets his revenge on flacco this week!!

  • Douglas Andrews

    I’ve always thought Will Gay gets a “raw” deal from the fans. All he does is the little things that might not show up on the stat sheet.

  • cencalsteeler

    I, for one, must eat crow on the Gay signing. I was not a big fan of him coming back over, but a man admits to his mistakes. Gay has surprised me and is a pleasant addition so far. His coverage skills are good, but he could still use a little help in the tackling dept. All in all, a very nice offseason acquisition.

  • Joey

    Sad that in this I see Mclendon getting manhandled by nick mangold.

  • gene mann

    Totally agree on Gay he was a whipping boy for some fans. But the Guy has stepped up.

  • Dr. Doom

    Gay has been really good

  • colingrant

    When people establish biases, it’s very difficult for them to reverse there position, in sports or otherwise. If and when they do, it’s done so begrudgingly. Gay told Cortez Allen, he’ll keep his cornerback position warm, until the coaches are ready for Allen to start at corner again, and that the Steelers need Allen back as soon as possible, That’s a teammate. Gay is the ultimate professional. Need more like him.

  • Jonas

    Yeahy definitely not his best game. But he’s able to play the NT as a starter & he hopefully will show it against the Ravens after a game like that

  • Joey

    Agreed! I think he will have a beast of a game against the Ravens.

  • steeltown


  • steeltown

    He’s been very solid..and I’ve said from the start Im glad to have him back. Lets face it, C.Brown has not panned out and neither did Hawthorne

  • charles

    What is the difference between William Gay in 2010 and William Gay 2013 version? Answer: Carnell Lake. This is the twelfth man.

  • Jeff

    It was all too easy to jump on the “Gay stinks” bandwagon whenever he went off to AZ, but people liked to ignore that he had a pretty solid year his last year in Pittsburgh.

  • Steeler Wheeler

    Gay was terrible in his first stint and even worse this pre-season. All the crap he received up until September was very well deserved. Then…A miracle occurred and Gay turned into a football player!!! 🙂 I haven’t seen anything written badly about him except for a few missed tackles since the season started. Keep up the good work.