Animated Gifs From The Steelers Win Over The Bills

Below are a few animated gifs from the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-10 win Sunday over the Buffalo Bills.

On the touchdown run scored by running back Le’Veon Bell, Mike Adams scored a pancake as he planted Bills linebacker Nigel Bradham flat on his back. Adams is doing his best to earn more playing time after being benched earlier in the season.

A patient Lawrence Timmons is rewarded with a sack of Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel after he is flushed from the pocket by linebacker LaMarr Woodley. This is a crushing hit by Timmons.

Rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones registered his first career sack against the Bills in the fourth quarter after he beat the cut block attempt by running back C.J. Spiller.

Finally, the Bills did manage to score a touchdown at the end of the game, but it sure looks like tight end Chris Gragg left before the ball was snapped.

  • dgh57

    I not sure if E. J. Manuel is still feeling that hit by Timmons or not but I’m sure Deebo would be proud of that hit!

  • Lamarr56

    Good to see Mike Adams excelling at his blocking tight end position. Hopefully he has built up some conference in his blocking.

  • treeher

    I wonder why the officials felt it necessary to give them a TD at the end. Anybody know if it affected a betting line?

  • Mike.H

    Hey, Mike Adams, how bout some syrup with that PANCAKE!

  • Mike.H

    This is a wild conjecture: Mike Adams hasn’t been playing well. He was stabbed in the pre season 4 months ago in the stomach.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Good to see JJ with a good sack. Hope this is a standard for him.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Here’s some conjecture.
    Coach PressConference should consider benching Gilbert and Beachum.
    Beachum gets constantly overpowered in 1-1s, got clowned by Jerry Hughes. Gilbert got beat on speed by Marcel Dareus (yes, that fat guy!!!). Yet Adams got in the doghouse , as a rookie, for getting worked over by future HOF player Jared Allen, with 90% of snaps being 1on1 blocking assignments.
    Disgusting hypocrisy.

  • Dale

    Who should be playing LT, then?

  • Kysteeler

    Adams is not a rookie…

  • Here is some conjecture, press conference is two words. An Mike Adams is in his 2nd year.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Hopefully he doesn’t get fined. I can’t be sure but I think they hit helmets.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    I meant rookie in the sense of playing LT in the NFL.
    I don’t think his snaps at RT last season helped prepare him for it much at all.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    That wasn’t the point.
    The point was if you bench one player at the position for having a poor game. Bench another when he does as well.

  • Fire.Mike.Tomlin

    Here is some conjecture: you are obsessed with stalking my posts.
    And see below, I meant ‘rookie’ as in 1st year at the position (LT). Finally, if you want to call people out about semantics…. “An Mike Adams…” LMAO…. cast that stone.

  • SG

    The refs practically went out of their way to let the Bills get that garbage TD.

  • chris ward

    How did the refs miss that, he clearly left before the ball was snapped. Refs should continue to officiate till the clock says zero.

  • Shelob9

    No, who you think should replace Bechum at LT is the point.

  • Don

    I think the line was 3, but I seriously doubt the Steelers would be two touchdown favorites against anyone right now.

  • r4kolb

    IF they did it wasn’t Timmons fault. Manuel ducks his head right before the hit. If Timmons gets fined for that they may as well just put flags on the QB’s and play flag football.

  • Ahmad

    That should have been a false start on the TE and I don’t blame Tomlin for being pissed at the end of the game. 23-3 sounds a lot better than 23-10.

  • Superdriller316

    The RT moved early too…

  • Bob Loblaw

    There’s plenty of examples of players getting fined even though the ball carrier basically ducks their head into the hit.