Heath Miller Says Ben Roethlisberger Called A Great Game In Win Over The Lions

After going 29-of-45 for 367 yards with four touchdowns in the Sunday win over the Detroit Lions, there is a good chance that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will win the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award this week. The Steelers quarterback played well in the no-huddle and after the game, tight end Heath Miller talked about the play-calling.

“A lot of credit goes to our quarterback,” said Miller. “He put us on his back, called a great game. We were in no-huddle most of the day”

Head coach Mike Tomlin was also asked about the no-huddle play-calling after the game, but his answer wasn’t as straight forward as Miller’s.

“It depends on the circumstance,” said Tomlin. “Obviously we have player to coach communication and it’s available to us, and we utilize it, but it’s usually a mix and match of several people.”

This will of course spark a ton of criticism against offensive coordinator Todd Haley and you can bet Roethlisberger will be pushing to use more no-huddle moving forward. There will be plenty of time to discuss that moving forward, but more than anything, Roethlisberger looked as cerebral and prepared as ever and the Steelers got the crucial win.

  • CrazyTerry

    Isnt it a credit to the OC if he lets the QB go no huddle. Even Ben’s favorite OC Arians refuseed to let him go into it a lot.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I honestly believe if we ran a fast tempo offense like the eagles we would strive i think our team is more suited for this style than the eagles if we practiced doing it because of bens decision making (for the most part) when he is in no huddle or scrambles out the pocket

  • Superdriller316

    Do what makes us WIN!!!!!! I don’t care what it is….

  • Brandon James

    We do not have a rushing attack at all. That high tempo has much more efficiency when having to respect the run.

  • Superdriller316

    Carlos Hyde

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Very much true

  • gene mann

    the biggest thing was it was a home game more easy to call the no huddle

  • Luke Shabro

    Ben called a great game so I hate to complain after a win but if we lost this one I think we’d be talking about a lot of overthrows by Ben.

  • CrazyTerry

    Shame on all the Steelers season ticket holders too lazy to even resell their tickets for half price online. All those empty seats in back to back weeks is a disgrace especially when you coinsider our fan base is quick to shame other teams fans for their lack of loyalty. i wish those idiots would be forced to sell their PSLs.

  • Brandon James

    Agreed, I literally made that comment the first time the camera panned around the stadium.


    It’s too late to give Haley credit. What about the Raiders game? We should of been running it all year but Haley was too stubborn. It’s funny he swallowed his pride this week when there were reports his job was on the line.

  • Nolrog

    Actually, if we lost, we’d be talking about how much Haley sucks.


    I agree but it helps when the lions have the worst pass rush in the league.

  • Curtis

    Both Ben and Todd on same page this offensive could be very dangerous.

  • CrazyTerry

    Haley is no great OC. I agree. But those like Ron Cook who keep saying Arians firing was a big blunder forget that we had red zone problems and point scoring problems under Arians too despite Arians having better players and a youngerfaster Ben.

    Arians is a better HC than OC.

  • Lamarr56

    Great game by Ben! I went to this game, and I think Ben played his best game of the year.

  • I saw that too right after the half..thought the fans were just up in the food court area escaping the rain

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    You guys using this to bash Haley really need to get a grip.
    First off you seem to forget the horrible and predictable play calling from Ariens.
    We only moved the ball at the end of the game when in the no huddle then.
    All these new plays we used in the end zone (even the easy ones Ben managed to miss) where classic Haley plays today.
    We have some very unique and interesting plays in our playbook and all we need is better execution from the players.

    That said I do not believe that Heath is taking a shot at Haley anyway here… I think he is just defending the value of his QB against all the trade rumors.

  • Aric Brown

    and another dropped TD by AB84

  • rizzo29

    all this negative talk about Ben this week,.All I have to say is Don,t get Ben angry you won,t like Ben when he,s angry,listen up Brownies and rest of AFC north

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I cannot say who called what all I can say was that Ben was great almost all game and he basically did it all off his arm.

  • Bob Graff

    You don’t get it !!! Ben was calling the game not Haley that’s why we scored. Haley does blow balls the worst and it even close O.C. in the NFL.

  • Chad H

    It was raining pretty good both QBs couldn’t grip the ball and had over thrown balls. Not Bens fault same with drop TD by Brown was rain induced that’s going to happen. IMO great game by Ben.

  • Bob Graff

    These are not the Steelers true fans / there backbone. They are families from the suburbs that wouldn’t live in Pittsburgh if you paid them.The true fan is the guy cooking out in the parking lot since 10am drinking beer and wearing a Joe green game jersey with a huge smile on his face.Not the guy that shows up at 12:45 with preferred parking pass and leave at 3pm while talking on his cell phone the whole time. Times have changed

  • Chad H

    I’ve never been to Pitt to see a game but have been to several other stadiums to see them. It’s my dream to get Pitt and see a game. Shame on you fair weather fans that live close and don’t attend the home games. Pick a new team to not go see. Lived in Seattle for awhile and they are the worst fair weather fans I’ve ever seen. You all in Pa remind me of that, disgusting.

  • Chad H

    Wished I lived there or had the bucks to go to every home game. Live in ND and spend the money on NFL package to see every game win or lose.

  • Riverstko

    The nfl and the media should know by now, Never count the Steelers out!

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    the staff came up with a game plan and except for a couple over throws and a few td passes dropped, it was executed very well. I guess no one paid attention to Ben AND Haley conversing on the sideline , discussing things and working the game plan between possessions. Guess it is much easier for people to put out a B S made up theory about what someone might do , blah, blah, blah. We still need big time help on the o line because we had some great chances to step on their throat if we could have run the ball in the red zone. Anyone thinks we don’t need an ot better think again., yeh and a big receiver,

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    Is it worse than ours???

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    No, we would be talking about 3 touch down passes dropped, 2 in the end zone and one at the 3 yard line with no one around.

  • Bob Graff

    Hey Chad if you ever go Take the stadium tour it’s only 5 dollars. they take you thru the entire stadium it’s really cool.

  • Bell Cow

    If they lost we’d be talking about how the defense gave up 27 pts in the 2nd quarter.

  • Mike Carroll

    The stadium tour is great.

  • Bob Graff

    Ben called the game not Haley see the difference keep bashing Haley till he’s gone. It’s so obvious that this man is a total idiot. If you didn’t recognize those formation they aren’t Haley’s at all. those were set sets used in the past by Arians and even some real old stuff from Mularkey. Haley’s bubble screens and middle draws put us in the mud in the middle of this game.

  • Bell Cow

    I must’ve have watched a different game than you guys. Who ever you want to give credit too on offense, they got the job done. The defense giving up 27 points in the first half is what could’ve lost the game.

  • Bob Graff

    Here’s what i noticed no useless timeouts because the play wouldn’t work . Ben might talk to Haley but i hardly think Haley has anything he is going to teach Ben . Roethlisberger has 100 times the experience of Haley . That’s the problem how can you tell someone what to do that knows 100 times more than you [if not more]. college golf boy doesn’t know more about football than our 2 time superbowl champ. why is he here?????

  • CrazyTerry

    I think the malaise is that the fans are jaded.How can there be so many fans who can afford to not even sell their tickets for half price? Are they that well off that they cant even be bothered to give away their seats? I usedd to watch Penguins games on the road from souther team fans trying to unload some of their season tickets for half price or even better sometimes. I bet if every fan sold their ticket or donated it for games that they cannot make, that stadium will be full.

    We still ahve the greatest road fans. Sadly, those who stayed home no longer have the same passion. I am one of those who trashed this team big time even in the offseason and was not looking forward to this season. still, I follow it.

  • Chad H

    I will do that Bob thank you. I hope to get out there next year. I have tickets to see them vs the Packers but now have to sell them because my son has a hockey tournament same weekend.

  • alex

    me too, im 0-3 watching the steelers lose in chicago, sf and oaktown…can wait to get to a game in the burg!

  • alex

    no doubt…

    we keep trying to play this old school plow-burgh offense, and guess what, we cant!

    there is zero OL consistency game to game due to injuries…they are learning to hold there own in pass defense, but still cant push anybody around in the run game…

    if we dont open every game with this urgency, then we are toast…

    best part, HUGE emotional roller coaster game to win for the team!

    gottta string some wins together

  • Bob Graff

    Yes we do have the best traveling fans. But the New season ticket holders could care less about tailgating and screaming for the Steelers. I remember when my dad took me to Forbes Field to watch the Steelers play everyone was so intense. Then 3 rivers was the ultimate i mean food ,songs, parking lot football, with some of the nicest tuff guys you would never want to see.And football heroes everywhere. Now you have million dollar pretty boys with fans to match. I sure do miss Myrone Cope

  • Mike Amaro

    It was actually 27 they scored all their points in the 2nd quarter.

  • Mike Amaro

    Living on the west coast ots my dream to see Pitt at home as well…..im 0-4 watching them live Twice in Oakland and Twice in San Francisco.

  • nikgreene

    Please be quiet.

  • Bob Graff


  • Bob Graff

    Football isn’t the movies if you don’t like where you are sitting go somewhere else.

  • HarryBackside

    I guess that depends on who’s idea it was. Did Haley make the decision, or did Tomlin pull rank and tell him that this weeks game plan would be built around the no huddle?

  • Chris Ranieri

    I live right outside of Atlanta, GA, and I would say 75% of the fans who were “fans” during last year’s 14-4 season don’t even know what the Falcons’ record is at this point! I know we are better than that. Our team, and our fans! Cheer them on if the opportunity is available, my friends.

  • Chris92021

    Haley actually has qualifications too. He called plays for a team that played the Steelers in the Super Bowl and called plays for a Chiefs’ team that won the AFC West in 2010. He’s not some idiot who walked off the street. I doubt the Rooneys would ever just hire a guy like that.

  • Chris92021

    The difference now and 2008: Arians was a bit more reluctant at times to allow Big Ben to go to the lightning package/no-huddle. But when he did, they scored points. Haley or Coach Tomlin allowed it today (I suppose; I am not exactly in the meeting rooms or anything). We scored points with that package. That 2008 offense was atrocious at worst and average at best. This offense has been atrocious and OK at times. The difference is that 2008 defense was historically good, constantly bailing out the offense’s ineptitude and even forcing turnovers (something this team is still trying to do, this week’s game not withstanding). The 2013 defense is setting all sorts of wrong records (including today’s 2nd quarter). Steelers are now 18-3 under Coach Tomlin when the offense doesn’t turn the ball over. That is what I took away, not who called the plays in the game today. No mistakes, the Steelers win. A lot of mistakes, well, we get blown out like we did against the Bears and Patriots.

  • 2443scott

    when bens in the so called no huddle hes more into the game because he likes to be on move with his feet and eyes if you make him sit in pocket and have guys just close in on him around the pocket they take away one his best traits his sandlot type play making …..most time it may look like a no huddle but they get on line which makes def on field stay in game so ben and oc can choose a good play they still run clock down to 1 to 3 seconds before the snap ….this is why i am under the impression ben needs to be rolled out more from pocket not stay in pocket …even handing ball off to bell on move makes the def chase after the play then sit in box and just sit and wait for the runner …i was also going to comment on how sports reporters all decided on the pregame shows that ben wants out pittsburgh but i will not give them the satisfaction ..

  • BigBrownRon

    Big Ben….Big Balls!! I don’t want to hear anything about Haley right now. His play selection is my biggest complaint, but Dick Lebeau needs to have his D playing like tha second half or his job my be in trouble.

  • Bob Graff

    Sure he isn’t. He’s a daddy’s boy hire who never even played college ball and has already wore his welcome out at 3 organization. And yes Rooney just went out and hired a guy like that

  • joed32

    It’s #30 in sacks so far this year but their over all defense is pretty good. Ben was worried about Suh and Farley but somebody on the OL controlled them pretty well. Suh didn’t even have a tackle.

  • Thumper833

    The first time I drove down for a Steeler game was in 2005 for Jerome’s last game(against the Lions!) and the tailgating was great right there in the vacant lots by the river. Been to a few since and we gotta park in a private lot and walk a half mile to the stadium. Still fun, but nowhere near what it was in 05. Kinda sucks.

  • Scott

    Why do we constantly blame Haley? Last year Haley’s offense was rolling along pretty well. If I am not mistaken, Ben was on pace for his best season until he got hurt. It was Haley’s offense. Granted we had a better team last year with Mike Wallace, but when Ben is in the no huddle he is still calling Haley’s plays. I think there is more to the story. Possibly Ben isn’t buying into Haley’s offense? How many games have we seen a wide open HB when Ben is in trouble, but he refuses to A) dump the ball off to the HB or B) throw it away? That’s Ben I love Ben, but sometimes he is his on worst enemy. That is what we get with Ben; he makes incredible plays and he wants to make those plays every time he touches the ball, but sometimes that hurts the team. Again, I love Ben and wouldn’t trade him for anyone else.

  • srdan

    offensively our team is very young and could run the no huddle/muddle huddle without tiring. But, if you do this and go two three and outs in a row, you put an older defense out there for a lot of the game. But….I don’t think our defense is nearly as old as the stats say. And where we are old, its the two freakish athletes on our defense, Ike and 43. The rest of our defense is very young, especially if you sit kiesel, wood(he is chubby, lol) and clark. I don’t understand how clark is still out there. Love the guy, but father time is here.