In Case You Didn’t Realize, The Steelers Don’t Give Up

By Matthew Marczi

The Pittsburgh Steelers just struck a blow to their 2014 Draft stock by busting out their third win in nine attempts yesterday against the Buffalo Bills. Did you really expect the Steelers to do anything different?

I sincerely hope that nobody actually thought that Pittsburgh would fold on this season just because their playoff hopes halfway through the year look pretty bleak.

Granted, they were still in the running in 2009, but after suffering five straight losses to fall to 6-7, they rattled off three consecutive victories to finish with a winning record. And they still managed to get Maurkice Pouncey, Jason Worilds, Emmanuel Sanders, Jonathan Dwyer, and Antonio  Brown.

They didn’t even give up last year when they were playing for nothing in the final week of the season, coming out victorious over the Cleveland Browns, and hurting their draft stock. While it’s still early, the immediate returns on investment on players such as Jarvis Jones, Le’Veon Bell, Markus Wheaton, and Shamarko Thomas are trending in the positive direction, with all four possibly future starters.

For all the bluster and cliché that may be associated with the notion of the ‘Steelers Way’, there is no question that Pittsburgh has a proud locker room that voluntarily binds itself to the tradition of the players that came before the current generation.

That is why players like Jones and David DeCastro considered it an honor and were proud to take the numbers of past Steelers greats as Greg Lloyd and Alan Faneca.

As Tunch Ilkin says, things are cliché because they’re true. It may sound hollow when you start off a season 0-4, but the standard is still the standard. The results may vary, but the standard to which the team holds itself, and the players hold themselves, remain the same, even if they fail to live up to it.

That is why the Steelers will never be a team that gives up on a season for the sake of a better draft position the following April. As long as the roots of the organization remain firm, they will never ‘Suck for Luck’.

This is not a rah-rah, rally around the team article. It’s not even a “these are your Pittsburgh Steelers” piece.

This is simply an explanation; this is why it would be foolish to ever expect a Steelers team led by the Rooney family and such individuals as Mike Tomlin, Dick LeBeau, and Kevin Colbert to fold on a season. It simply isn’t in their DNA. Call it systemic arrogance if you so choose. It is what drives them to succeed no matter how they might fail.

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Matthew Marczi
Passionate Steelers fan with a bit of writing ability. Connoisseur of loud music. Follow me on Twitter @mmarczi.
  • Ken

    In case u didn’t realize. If the Bengles lose Sunday or to any other team other than the Steelers. The steelers control their own destiny. I know it’s stupid. But it is a fact.

  • Paul

    Losing begets more losing, coaches want to win but this team is really awful

  • Chris Ranieri

    Systemic arrogance… I like that

  • Shannon Stephenson

    All we have to do is win the next 7 games….lol

  • WilliamSekinger

    If you can win 1, you can win 7 🙂

  • AndyR34

    Useless negative commentary.

  • SG

    In case you didn’t realize, if the Bengals lose Sunday, they would have 5 losses and the Steelers still have 6. And, the Bengals still hold the tiebreaker from having beaten the Steelers already. The only way the Steelers pass the Bengals is by winning 4 games and the Bengals losing three. Course, that fails to mention the Ravens and Browns, who, while they aren’t good, aren’t simply going to lose all of their games….and neither are the Bengals for that matter. So, no, the only thing the Steelers control right now is their position in the draft.

  • TheBlitz

    I’m glad they aren’t giving up on the season. Not because I think they will make the playoffs, but because a team that plays to underachieve will continue to underachieve and make excuses to underachieve and for the lack of achievement.

  • steeltown

    I knew they weren’t giving up, they wont ever, these are proud men playing for a proud organization. In the end, it might not matter, the hole is pretty deep, but I don’t ever want to see my Team throw in the towel

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Redskins were 3-6 last year and won their last 7, winning their division. I doubt the Steelers will do that this year, and I would definitely be playing some rookies to see what they have. If the young guys play great and they get in the play-offs, it’s a massive bonus as you see what you have before the off-season. Win-win situation.

  • Mike Carroll

    Wrong. The Steelers can win the division by virtue of the division record tiebreaker. Ken is right. Win the rest and the Bengals lose one other game (besides the Steelers game) and the Steelers win the division. Amazing, but true.

  • Mike Carroll

    And if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. LOL.

  • Callentown

    You guys are ridiculous. I do not mean to be mean. Just . . . wow.

  • Callentown

    One win over a team that is in the same lower league as the steelers are this year. One turnover against a rookie QB and team that have been giving the ball away nearly every possession. Sure, it’s a win.

    But can we skip the playoffs talk everyone. C’mon already. This team is vying for a top ten pick in the draft.

  • Mike Carroll

    I’m not saying the Steelers will do it. Not even saying they are a good team. Just correcting a mistaken post.

  • Johnny Loose

    Pittsburgh is going to win out and take the division from Cinci. #Steelers

  • SG

    Before the tiebreaker goes to division record, the Steelers would have to beat the Bengals in their second meeting and they would have to finish with the same overall record. So no, the Bengals losing this coming Sunday doesn’t put any of that into motion because they would only have 5 losses to the Steelers 6.

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Ridiculous? For knowing the rules? You my friend are the ridiculous one.

  • RW

    Yes, except he mentioned that we control our own destiny, meaning that even if the Bengals win all of their other games but two (one to us and one to someone else), our records would be tied. Don’t know about the tie breaker right now – it’s far too early to tell.

  • RW

    Precisely. I doubt anyone here wants them to fold, but missing out on the next all-pro LT, rush LB, stud corner or star WR would be dreadful if we don’t at least make the playoffs.

  • Jason

    All this back and forth arguing about playoffs will end when the Lions put up 30-35 pts and sack Ben 7 times. This isn’t a rookie led offense that Lebeau had the luxury of facing yesterday. 3-7 on the horizon.

  • SG

    Needing the Bengals to lose 2 games is not “controlling their own destiny.” Further more, it doesn’t take into account how the Browns and Ravens finish either. Even if the Steelers beat both the Ravens and Browns, it doesn’t guarantee that they finish above them overall. And if three of them finish tied, that opens up a whole other can of worms.

  • SG

    Pretty much. This team is bad.

  • RW

    Still have two games against the browns and one against the Ravens. If we win out, it won’t matter what those two teams do because we’ll control the tiebreaker over the ravens and browns. Only question would come down to the Bengals if we tied with them. And I’m suggesting that the Bengals would need to lose only one game outside of the game they play us in. It isn’t inconceivable and, technically, it doesn’t allow us to control our own destiny, but that was part of the original caveat: “If the Bengals lose sunday (or to any other team) and to us, then we control our own destiny.” This is a logical and mathematically correct statement to make.

  • Callentown

    No. Ridiculous for watching this team week in and week out and then come to a message board and talking about the playoffs.

    Again, I’m not looking to fight. I just can’t believe I’m seeing this conversation after watching this team play – especially last week.

    Whew! Enjoy whatever ride y’all are on.

  • Callentown

    MORE LIKELY ….. 5 – 11 and around the #10 pick in next year’s draft.

    “PLAYOFFS?? Don’t talk about . . . Playoffs? You kiddin’ me? Playoffs?”

  • RW

    Also, the second wildcard spot isn’t out of reach. I’m not crazy, though – I don’t think we’ll grab either. But, at least there’s some hope for the season.

  • Callentown

    My friendly response is I believe you go wrong when you start “If we win out..” Mathematical has nothing to do with it! lol

  • SG

    Original post said, “if the Bengals lose Sunday OR to any team other than the Steelers” which isn’t accurate. Regardless, Steelers don’t control their own destiny now and still won’t control it if the Bengals lose and the Steelers win on Sunday. And if the Bengals win, pretty much forget it and if the Steelers lose, get your draft party preparations in order.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    This team has a good buzz around them. Probably because they’re going to be wearing their “bumble bee” uniforms against the Lions on Sunday. Like the old saying goes, “If you’re going to erase hopes of the postseason, do it while wearing embarrassingly bad striped uniforms.”

  • RW

    It is accurate. Math isn’t that hard when it’s only addition – come on. If the Bengals lose to any one team, then the steelers control their own destiny by virtue of winning out, which already includes us beating the bengals. How do you not get that? This isn’t rocket science.

  • RW

    Math has everything to do with anything, and I don’t even think we can win this sunday, but the math still has us in it. That was my point.

  • treeher

    Buffalo one of the worst teams in the league besides Steelers … we had three first downs inside the 10 yard line and kicked 3 field goals. Come on, guys, you should be rooting for the highest draft picks, not the playoffs.

  • RW

    First of all, this isn’t Madden. If we have a chance at the playoffs, no matter how slim, every fan should be rooting for that. If we’re mathematically eliminated, then our fans should start looking toward the draft. Not before.

  • Shea Fahr

    Last time I checked, Bills had a top 5 Run Game and a pretty good Defense.

  • Callentown

    You are missing THE point RW. This team is terrible. Doesn’t matter if there are 6 games left to play or 16. Math won’t help them.

    And if you want to keep talking math anyway, why not look at this year’s stats to see some math that does matter.

    Enjoy brother!

  • RW

    I’m not saying that they’re going to make the playoffs. I’m pointing out that the math is correct. I understand that we’ve not been playing well, but why in the world would you not cheer for the team if they still have a chance? I remember 99% of Steelers fans giving up on the team in 2005 prior to the bears game. I travelled to Pittsburgh from a pretty darn far distance and saw Jerome Bettis truck Brian Urlacher like he was a cardboard cutout of himself. That changed the entire season. Again, I’m not saying we’ll make the playoffs, but why would you give up on the team until they’re eliminated once and for all? This is a team with some young players. I, like everyone, want a high draft pick, but I’m not even thinking about that.

  • Callentown

    Would love to cheer for great moments like the one you talk about above. Great and fun times. Here is the reason:

    2013 NFL Team Ranks – Pittsburgh Steelers
    Rushing – # 28
    Sacks – # 28
    Red Zone scoring – # 28
    Takeaway/giveaways – # 31 with Minus 11

    That is not going to compete in any year. Peace!

  • SG

    He didn’t say that! He said if they lose Sunday OR to any team OTHER than the Steelers. Reading isn’t hard when it’s plain English. They would need the Bengals to lose to the Browns and the Steelers to win out. The only thing I was wrong about was the Bengals needing 7 losses, but that’s only true if the Steelers win out. The odds for any of it happening are slim and none.

  • RW

    Okay let me break it down in plain english then. He first assumes that the bengals lose to one team other than the steelers. That puts them at 5 losses. The second thing he assumes is that they control their own destiny, meaning they would need to win out. That would put the Bengals at 6 losses, as well as the Ravens. The Browns would be at 7 losses. We would hold the tie breaker with the Ravens with two wins. We would then also hold the tiebreaker with the Bengals based on the division record. That is both correct english and math in several short and easy sentences. I’m not talking about odds here, just math. While we’re on the subject, though, odds cannot be both slim and none simultaneously.

  • Tom

    Playoffs? Don’t talk about—playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game! Another game!”

  • Shea Fahr

    The funny thing is Paul never brings his negative comments and stuff when we lose…but only when we win. He is still angry over his Bengals losing yesterday.

  • Rick M

    Gee, a professional football team in its 9th of 16 games doesn’t give up. Respectfully, and I sincerely mean that, i just don’t find that all that worthy of admiration. Maybe if it was the last game or two of the season, I’d get it. But Game 9 seems a little early to be applauding that.

    Congrats to the Steelers for a well-deserved and dominating win. As for ‘not giving up’, well I would hope so.

  • Dom

    Are you dumb or what stop arguing if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Dom

    You can’t just change his statement

  • Dom

    You are missing the point. You dumb or what? He said it is possible mathematically. Mathematics take form etc out of the window therefore his statement was correct.

  • SG

    Destinies can’t be controlled either.

  • Shannon Stephenson


  • Shannon Stephenson

    not really but we can hope though.

  • Ken

    RW many thanks for trying to explain the obvious. He is not going to get it. I’m glad you do.

  • Kevin Gobleck

    9-7 could easily win the division this year

  • Matthew Marczi

    One of my favorite sayings. I use it at least once a month.

  • Matthew Marczi

    The message of the article clearly extends beyond this season, if you read beyond the title.

  • Jason

    Very true and in that case we’ll finish around 3 games back of whoever that 9-7 team is.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    It’s so funny about the scenarios… if the Steelers win out, or if they win 6 and the Bengals lose two… etc. etc. They won’t get past this Sunday. My Roethlisberger injury meter says this will be the week he gets hurt…then the horse is out of the barn. I love Ben’s passion and affinity towards the Steelers. But is it in their best interest? If they can get three or maybe four picks and lose $14M of salary cap space, don’t you consider it? I mean, Ben hasn’t been a beacon of Steeler class and leadership. What’s the sense of having a Bull of a QB in a very big china shop.

  • Reader783

    Paul has commented on every single post in the last 2 days ripping the Steelers. We get it Paul, we get it.

  • Callentown

    No Dom. None of us here are dumb. We are all just a bunch of hopeless Steeler fans who are upset about a tough season.

    Now, to your point. The point, was about the Steelers not giving up. Scroll up and look at the title of the piece.

    Adding anything about having a chance to make the playoffs is misguided and comes from this team always finding a way. Except when they don’t.

    So, keep doing math if that helps you to get thru the pain. But you have to understand that a bunch of people have realized it’s not the same thing this year. And we’ve moved on from trying to convince ourselves there is still a chance.

  • r4kolb

    Here’s the math…Titans=Loss…Bears=Loss…Vikings=Loss…
    Raiders=Loss…3 – 6 = They stink. 5 – 11 = Top 10 pick

  • Jason

    Get a life old man. Just goes to show Bengal, Brown and Raven fans still get more enjoyment when the Steelers lose than when their teams win. Sad really because I’ve never once visited a Bengal website. Got better things to do.

  • RW

    You’ve got it.

  • RW

    I’m not arguing with any of that. If you look at what I’ve written in this thread, my argument is that the math still has us in a playoff hunt. I’m seriously starting to doubt some of the comprehension skills in this cohort.

  • gene mann

    I be waiting to see how they Handle Det next week befor i get in playoff mode

  • They can’t afford to deal him “Deal with it”