Mike Tomlin Says No New News On TE Matt Spaeth

According to Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin Tuesday during his press conference, it doesn’t sound as though tight end Matt Spaeth will be returning to practice this week and perhaps not even the following week.

“There is no update,” said Tomlin on Spaeth. “I hadn’t gotten the update from his evaluation today. I just have an evaluation from last week, so there wouldn’t be any changes in terms of what I said regarding his overall readiness last week. I’ll probably have another update a little later in the week in that regard.”

Spaeth, who suffered a Lisfranc injury during training camp, has yet to resume practicing and remains firmly planted on the Steelers injured reserve list with the designated to return tag.

Spaeth is eligible to return to action whenever deemed ready to do so, but once he returns to practice, the Steelers will then have a three week window in which he must be placed back on the 53 man roster or on season-ending injured reserve.

When Spaeth first went down injured on Aug. 9, the consensus seemed to be at that time that his recovery would take 8-10 weeks. On Friday, Spaeth will have been sidelined for 13 weeks.

  • JohnnyV1

    Not surprised at all. Not that it matters much now.

  • elcid01

    Maybe he put forth poor effort in recovery and is being benched in order to send a message to others on IR. …Obviously…

  • Mike.H

    — With a dismal cataclysmic season such as this, it deserves a wise crack from Mikey:

    Yeah sure, the return of Matt Spaeth would’ve solved ALL of our problems.

    Next! No soup for you.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I don’t think anyone who has had that surgery has come back in the same season.

  • gene mann

    Yep another TE that can’t get onto the field along with Gordon but we have enough already on the Roster. I hope they use Fangupo as NT this week.

  • 2443scott

    matt was released because he wasnt what steelers wanted so some one got hurt now he was good enough now hes with team and hurt …what good would it do to rush him back when seasons already ended …. i want the steelers in play offs but the writeings on wall they wont be so why rush these recovering guys back into a line up where season no longer matters …he more then likely will be released again since they released him before so play a guy who isnt hurt give him playing time …and coach the ones who arent hurt and stop coaching guys who havent played all season in the new and improved steeler offence ….

  • Matthew Marczi

    Small point, but Spaeth wasn’t released by the Steelers, his contract ran out and the Bears gave him a fair offer.

  • AndyR34

    Matt…there you go with those pesky facts again! Don’t you know by now that we are wasting time coaching guys that are in the tub and not coaching the guys on the field. We have finally found the root of all of this year’s problems.

  • Tom

    I hope that comment was made in sarcasm………..
    since a Lisfranc injury would seemingly be more about waiting for the healing process to occur, than actual rehab.

  • steeltown

    They wouldn’t have given him a 2yr deal if that’s how they felt, it would’ve been a 1yr qualifying minimum deal. They truly see him as an integral part of this offense moving forward, used primarily for blocking (which is exactly what we lack right now) if all goes well with his recovery he WILL be on the roster next season

  • elcid01

    I figured the “obviously” would sell the sarcasm.

  • Never released left as a free agent

    * When he became a free agent in 2010, Spaeth Signed with Bears*