Polamalu: “When Tom (Brady) Is On Fire It Doesn’t Really Matter Who’s Out There”

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 55-31 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots, you can bet that there will be several notable player quotes that surface and safety Troy Polamalu has already weighed in with a few of his own.

After giving up a franchise record 610 yards of offense, Polamalu was asked if he knew how to fix the problems on defense.

“I don’t know. We’ll see if we can,” Polamalu said, according to Scott Brown of ESPN.com.

In the game, Patriots tight end Rob Gradkowski scorched the Steelers defense with nine catches for 143 yards and a touchdown and Polamalu was asked about the inability to cover him in the game.

“To be honest, when Tom (Brady) is on fire it doesn’t really matter who’s out there,” Polamalu said, according to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio.

I know Polamalu is probably frustrated right now, but that certainly isn’t the response that anyone wants to hear after a game like that. Tom Brady is indeed still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but to say it doesn’t matter who is out there is a bit over the top.

The Steelers season is pretty much over with half of it still remaining and looks like this locker room might be on the verge of exploding soon.

  • Luke Shabro

    I agree with you. Troy usually gets a pass and he was certainly playing his heart out BUT that’s a piss poor excuse and the wrong thing to say after an awful loss.

  • mlc43

    LOL…I’m sure you would say that, Troy. I mean he looked you off with that super powered Tom Brady stare and then bombed it up the middle where you should have been. No matter that there wasn’t anyone near the deep half of that side of the field. Oh well, you always have been a liability in coverage.

  • Jefferson_St_Joe

    I’m more disappointed in Polamalu’s play today than I am his remarks.

  • dgh57

    Admit it Troy all the DBs sucked in this game!

  • Chris Wilkes

    Right. Brady owned him all night.

  • Tom

    If that’s the case…..they should just get someone with a small cap number to get toasted.

  • Jeff Painter

    It’s time to gut this team inside out period end of story.

  • HopalongCassidy

    Polamalu’s errant wanderings all over the field are becoming a liability in pass defense. Everyone else has to be accountable.

  • Eric

    If it doesn’t matter, lets get a bunch of guys at the league minimum to not provide pass coverage. Put my 52 year old azz in the secondary for 1/2 of Troy’s pay check if it does not matter.

  • Chris Maxwell

    Yes Troy, it took you making bad gambles to get Tom hot. For every one good play you make you also make five bad gambles a game to hurt the team.

  • J&LSteeler

    Troy has been great for the Steelers and for the league as a whole. As softly as he speaks, people do listen. I wouldn’t be surprised if he rides of into the hall of fame sunset after this year (football is not the most important thing in his life). Two years at the most. Possibly the bad taste this season is putting in his mouth and the desire to finish respectably may see him back next year. Either way, I’d just say its been a great ride for #43.

  • mlc43

    I started out the season expecting another mediocre season for us. I thought we were a few players away from a solid team again. I was not expecting this. We need major help on the OL. The defense has so many holes it’s hard to say where to begin. What’s broke isn’t getting fixed in one draft and we all know how we are with FA. Might be a few years before we are competitive again.

  • Nick Sunset

    Tom Brady was unfire because he was playing the Steelers. He won’t have a game like that the rest of the year. Play that off on his receivers and you get that result don’t make the adjustments at half time and you get the worst beating in Pittsburgh history. We need a new Defensive philosophy sorry but it is time for Labow to go.

  • Well Troy, when Ryan Clark is arm tackling or flying pointlessly through the air. When Ike is lolly gagging, When William Gay is getting abused like a red headed step child. When Cam Heyward is the only d lineman buckling his chin strap and getting after it. Then it does not matter

  • CrazyTerry

    I am not a William Gay fan, but he has outplayed the rest of the DBs this year. He was in tight coverage on almost every pass which Brady just rifled through. The TD was a great back shoulder throw caused by our DL’s inability to bat down a single pass giving Brady a comfrot zone. Just a mere QB hurry does not bother Brady. Troy and Ryan were the worst DBs out there in pass coverage with the exception of that one play where Troy made the guy fumble. Ike was pretty bad too. Worst thing about Troy is how stupid he looked out there today. Random gambling with no rhyme or reason. Even in Troy’s prime, he was usually outwitted by Brady the way LeBeau was outwitted by Belichick except for that one game 2 years ago.

  • CrazyTerry

    My theory for Harrison refusing a pay cut other than his own stubbornesss that it was easy for him to resort to the disrespect angle because he was one of the very few the Steelers asked to take a paycut. Why didn’t they ask Troy was less productive last year? Maybe if Harrison felt like they were all in it together, he MAY have been a tad open to some renegotiating? Pure speculation , of course. BUt if you were goin got clean the cap up, why would you not ask Troy to take a paycut and why the hell would you redo a clearly over the hill Ike a few weeks ago?

  • Chris Wilkes

    lol Labow?

  • Tom


  • Virdin Barzey

    Hey Troy, Brady didn’t rush for almost 200 yards and 3 rushing TDs. Guess nobody could stop that either. What you should have said was “it doesn’t matter who we have on this crappy team, we can’t stop nobody.”

  • Poor excuse for Troy having a crap game, which started BEFORE Brady got hot.

  • Doesn’t make his point less valid.

  • He was terrible today.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Yr in yr out i say we should draft a top cb or wr first two picks instead we draft lbrs an ol through the 1-4 picks which play is mediocre we need to draft skilled positions in the first four picks good thing we have 14 picks next draft but if the coaches cant coach inspired an gm dont get draft right we are in for more upsetting seasons

  • Chris Wilkes

    Yes, it does. Most of us really have zero clue. If you can’t even spell his name you have less then zero clue.

  • Chris Wilkes

    They had no answer for Gronkowski, except for the guy that almost shut him down last year, but ya know they felt it was best to keep him on the bench and let Gay, Polamalu, and Clark cover him. Then they brought out Shark, who’s 9 inches shorter, to cover him. Unbelievable.

  • No, it doesn’t. The structure of his point, bad as it was, doesn’t take away from the core point: that Brady had a great day because our defense played bad, as opposed to Troy’s comments to the effect that our defense played bad because Brady had a great day. You may have no clue (and speak for yourself there), but most of us can clearly see that the defense, in particular the secondary, played horribly today. I don’t care HOW HOT Brady it, that does not cause Troy to leave a WR with an entire half of the field to himself because Troy misread the play.

  • WR play had nothing to do with this loss. The lack of a player big/athletic enough in the secondary/LB corps to cover Gronk and other big TEs is a serious point, though, and one that has been unaddressed for far too long.

  • AnonymUce

    I think we should all blame Troy for everything. I mean he’s the whole Defense of the Team.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    So maybe we should not of even came out in the 2nd half if that is the case.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Agreed and will admit we have had success finding good talent at wr in late rounds but cbs has been worrisome for some time now and i do believe lake is a good coach but they expect him to turn rocks into diamonds

  • cencalsteeler

    Not a fan of Troys comments at all. So, we were hoping Brady was not on his game, that’s why we jumped a plane and came to NE? Come on!
    Troy and Bens style is live by the sword, and die by the sword. Troys style is anticipation and it doesn’t work with cerebral qbs. His style has been exposed and coaches can game plan for it. I don’t blame Troy for his play, I blame the coaches for not adjusting the game plan according to the teams they play.

  • Nick Sunset

    Look I was to frustrated to look up his name after that butt kicking. We can’t get to the opposing QB even when we rush 5 guys and we are in Cover 3, corners are not pressing the receivers. The result is we get picked apart. Now I know the pass rush can be addressed in the draft, maybe not be this management. My problem with the defense is it is to hard for this era of defensive players to pickup the first year and we only have 3 years before we have to deal with contracts etc.. I took 3 years for the Organization to say Worlds was a bust, okay they never said that but we all know he is bust. We enable them an excuse for players not producing by blaming how difficult the defense is to learn and play. Lets get a defense scheme that is easier to learn and play so we know what we got compared to the rest of the league.

  • HopalongCassidy

    When Tom Brady is on fire, it is usually because the Steelers provided the gasoline and lit it.

  • Chris Wilkes

    Ummm durrrr, of course the defense lost us the game. Troy had a horrible game too as well as the rest of the secondary. You just like listening to yourself talk or something? You’re rattling off points I don’t disagree with. I don’t think ‘LeBeau’ deserves badmouthing because his players gave up tho. He’s a Hall of Famer. None of his players, with the possible exception of Troy, has a chance at that.

  • dgh57

    I’ll give Gay credit that he was the best DB on the field this game but really that’s not saying much! Gay was at least 5 yards off of Amendola for the 1st TD pass in the game, he missed some tackles, had a PI called against him, and finally to start the 4th Qtr. he never turned his head on the Dobson TD throw. Your DBs are your last line of defense in case of a breakdown up front. Evidenced by the passing/rushing/total yardage given up that last line of defense failed us miserably!

  • Dan

    Oh c’mon now. Everybody is just frustrated. Next year everything will be better. We just have to have faith like Tim TeBeau.

  • Dan

    Indeed there may be some truth in what he said, but not everything needs to be said.

  • Chris Wilkes


  • Alan Felicia

    Question, why does LeBeau get a pass every year even though the defense have been ranked #18th or worse in Sacks and in the bottom 5 in Turnovers in the past 3 seasons. Yet, the OC (Arians, Haley) gets the brunt of nearly every Steeler fans. We all know LeBeau is a HOF. Perhaps, its time for a change.

  • HopalongCassidy

    No, he’s just one guy running around all over the field like a wildman out of control, playing out of position and giving up many big plays per game while people swoon over him for making one lucky highlight play every few games that looks good on Sports Center. Other players could do that too but the coaches would bench them if they did it

  • Do you even read what you type? You are the one that started mocking him and disagreeing with point that you “don’t disagree with”. Make up your mind.

    And Lebeau being a HOFer (as a player, not a coach) does not put him above criticism.

  • Chris Wilkes

    He will be a HoF as a player/coach. One of the rare individuals to be recognized as such. Read what I wrote. I didn’t necessarily disagree with his point, although I don’t agree that LeBeau is to blame. You agreed with his point. I was just busting his balls for a hilarious spelling error.

  • Since we are busting balls, he went in as a player, as assistant coaches are not enshrined in the HOF, only head coaches…

    The blame DOES primarily fall on the players, but some of it has to be pointed at Lebeau, IMO, as the defense has struggled to make splash plays for a while now and he hasn’t adjusted the scheme to fit the players we have.

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    The problem is that we did not use the same defense we used when we beat them in 2010. DL reverted back to the 15-yard cushions instead of dialing up some press coverage to make Marsha hold the ball and give our rush time to get there.

  • disqus_7zCKYC2BSD

    Come on Troy!!! I remember a time when the steelers defense would strike fear in the opposing teams. It wouldn’t matter what the quarterback, running back, etc. they new the steel curtain would come down hard!!!!!

  • Fr33th1nk3r

    Speaking of which– Heyward is one thing to be happy about. Dude was in full-on beast mode yesterday. Too bad we don’t have a few more of those….

  • AnonymUce

    Exactly, ONE GUY. People will always blame him because he was the one who makes plays on defense in the last decade. And people will expect the same results and disregard his age and other players in the team.

  • Johnny Loose

    absolutely correct sir

  • greeny

    Steel Curtain is dead and has been since Tebow ran 80 yards in Denver.

  • Pit Boss

    Blame Polamalu all you want, this is a terrible defense overall. And guess what? Whenever they’ve been terrible in the past it’s because Polamalu was not playing. So they’ve been really bad for a long time, but Polamalu covered up for the glaring weaknesses. Now that he’s lost some steps, they’re playing exactly as you’d expect.

  • Pit Boss

    I don’t think you watched the game. Every db we have was horrible. Clark being the worst.

  • HopalongCassidy

    I did watch and they were all horrible. I’m not blaming Troy for that alone. I am just pointing out that he always seems to get a pass from the coaches who tolerate his out of control play.

  • HopalongCassidy

    That is LeBeau’s fault. He plays soft D against the Pats even though history has proven that to be a recipe for disaster over and over again. Putting pressure on Brady and playing tight man to man coverage is what does work although it carries some risk. LeBeau is afraid to stick his neck out and in doing so, he plays right into Brady’s hands.

  • Chris Wilkes

    Oh stop it. No matter what the hof says everyone recognizes LeBeau as a hof coordinator too.

  • The point is, if you are going to be a pedantic tool, than so can I.

    I am well aware he deserves to be in as a DC.

  • Chris Wilkes

    Lol pedantic. That’s a bit dramatic don’t you think?

  • Isn’t that kind of the point, when busting someone’s balls?

  • Riverstko

    Everyone may disagree but we need to draft more skill position players. We ve drafted enough linemen. Either a linemen has it or not (block or tackle). My first 3 picks CB, S, WR/TE

  • spockmckoy

    Hi Troy, no, with men who can cover, and pressure on Brady, Brady is quite mortal………..Clark is more interested in his next career move with ESPN than covering anybody. The Gay guy was awful his first time around in Pittsburgh, he is worse now. 24 is awful & slow. Troy, you may be dyeing your hair now (gray hairs showed last year, this year none) but it isn’t making you faster. …………I can go on, but I’ll stop now.

  • Chris Wilkes

    Uhhh no, not really.

  • Of course not, not when its YOUR balls being busted.

  • Chris Wilkes

    LOL, what did you bust my balls about? About LeBeau not being in the HoF as a coordinator, even though most people, including me, believe he is? Geez, ya got me there lmao! Get a clue, and stop trolling me. I don’t know if you’ve had a bad day, week, year, or life, but it’s really no excuse to try and take it out on me. I laughed at the guy for spelling his name wrong. Big deal. There’s nothing pedantic or dramatic about that. It’s funny. I never said I disagreed with him, and there’s maybe some truth to the fact that LeBeau needs to move on. All I said was I disagree with your assessment that his argument was less valid because he can’t even spell the guys name that he’s criticizing. Now, go away, get in a better mood, and try and not be such a tool yourself.

  • Not a all, I just think you are acting like a jerk throughout this whole thing. Am I trolling you? Yes. Why, because you earned it.

    I correctly pointed out that how he spells Lebeau’s name has no bearing on the validity of his points (take a course in logic sometime, maybe you will understand then…). You responded by first disagreeing, then by saying “If you can’t even spell his name you have less then zero clue.” You throw out personal attacks, disagree just for the sake of being contrarian, yet I am the one having a bad day? Get over yourself.

  • Chris Wilkes

    I never said I’d put myself past that group of fans that have no clue, but if I’m gonna criticize someone and ask for their job I would surely get their name right lol. Take that for what it is, but it’s what I believe. As fans we can see that the defense is playing poorly, but it’s almost impossible for us to understand the intricacies of what goes into that even if you are a student of the game. But, I wasn’t even disagreeing with him. I just laughed at his spelling of the name, geez! It’s funny! How can you not get that? Especially how closely he made it look like Tebow’s name lol. That’s hardly throwing out personal insults. You, on the other hand, are gathering quite the list. Oh, and “I correctly pointed out”? Talk about get over yourself omg. Feel free to keep trolling if it’s that important to you. I’m sure you have nothing better to do. I have the day off tomorrow and the wife is outta town, so I gotta full night of GTA 5. Woot! Cheer up. Life is good. (hugs)

  • Lol, I never said that you making fun of him was disagreeing with him. How could you miss that.

    You seem to be getting quite bent out of shape here. Take your own advice, enjoy it for what it’s worth.

  • WR is the deepest position on this team. S and CB are needs, but LB and OT are FAR bigger needs than WR.

  • Chris Wilkes

    Well, since I was only making fun of his spelling, and you said I disagreed with him, then what else would you call that? And, you’re right. These Dogfish 90 min ales get you bent for sure lol! Cheers mate! Gotta sleep.

  • sean mcmartin

    Much Respect to Troy P. Being a step slower and out of position helped Brady Destroy the defense.
    The only excuse I can think of , The D in training camp was practicing against our lame offense and still looked good enough to play on game day. Until the real season began and they get torched and shredded every game. and realized our O-line doesn’t compare to other NFL teams..
    I remember Bergers’ quote about no TD’s in PS “We are saving the TD’s for the regular season” Looks like an extended savings program.

  • sean mcmartin

    I think the big picture is the entire team is unfocused and without discipline. Whatever Tomlin is saying. The team is not buying into it. Time for change..