Report: Roethlisberger Expected To Ask Steelers To Explore Trading Him

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is expected to ask the team to explore trading him after the 2013 season. According to Rapoport, the team fielded offers for him last offseason.

Roethlisberger is under contract through the 2015 season and this upcoming offseason is when an extension is expected to be completed if he is to remain in Pittsburgh.

Trading Roethlisberger prior to June 1st would result in a dead money charge of $13.59 million, but would save $5.305 million in cap space as the quarterback is set to count $18.895 million against the cap in 2014 as it stands right now.

While I am not buying it, the Arizona Cardinals would be one of the few teams that could have interest in Roethlisberger as that would reunite him with former Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

Look around at the teams in the NFL. How manmy are there that would trade for Roethlisberger?

  • Matt Searls

    They expect him to ask for a trade? Nah he has said so many times that he wants to finish his career here

  • charles

    Suddenly, 2-14 looks possible and maybe even probable. Rumor and disarray. The kid from Oregon looks very good though.

  • Shea Fahr

    Ian must be desperate for attention…ridiculous.

  • Bell Cow

    Houston is an option. They’re a Super Bowl ready team.

  • treeher

    I’ve said before in other comments that by the time this team recovers sufficiently to be a playoff contender, Ben’s best days will be behind him. Trade him now, get value for the rebuild, and let him win somewhere else.

  • Bell Cow

    Agreed. I don’t think we’re going to contend for a Super Bowl in the next 2-3 years anyways even with Roethlisberger.

  • Tom

    Disagree….salary cap era football makes it easier to rebuild quickly.

    ……………See KC Chiefs.

  • GunsDontKillWoodleyKills

    Its hard to believe he would ask for a trade after the fans, city and team has supported him thru all the antics he has pulled during his career.

    If its true, then trade the drama queen.

  • Bell Cow

    They all say that. Montana, Favre, Peyton Manning, etc. probably never thought they’d finish their careers with a different team.

  • Bell Cow

    Kansas City had 8 pro bowlers. They were a sleeping giant who just needed a good coach.

  • Berlusconi

    If they decide to trade him and the Steelers indeed get a new Franchise QB, then i think by the time the Steelers renewed their roster, also this QB will be getting a new contract. It’s not the same situation like with the Seahawks or Chiefs where they had a good time, only a QB was missing. Ben not only gives the Steelers the best chance to win right now, but also in the next few years. You can also rebuild the roster around him.

    Give Ben an extension, why would you trade him away for a rookie you don’t know what you are getting in. The last thing I want to see is Ben being Ben for another team.

  • Berlusconi

    And a QB

  • Venkar

    That story is ridiculous. Will bet that Ben gets extended after this year by the Steelers. When will reporters hired by the NFL to support the NFL hype game lose all their credibility??

  • Bell Cow

    If this true, I just hope they weren’t counting on Landry Jones to be our future QB.

  • 2443scott

    must be nice to be a nfl reporter and spit out any thing they want to start a story ….guess the martin story is becomeing boreing for them …they always say crap about the steelers and now with a loseing season they see blood in water and feel they can say anything they want true or not they would love if steelers had loseing seasons they rather talk about 49ers dallas eagles or denver and pats ..but with steelers winning most superbowls just gets under their skins ..

  • Dale

    He’s been a good QB for us, and maybe the best QB in the league for us in particular given our shaky line. I’d be very worried to see him go and us replace him with an unknown quantity. Still, I’ve never forgotten the incident in Georgia. No charges, and we still don’t know what happened, but I’m not entirely easy about it. (I’m a lot easier about what happened in Las Vegas, which sounded consensual to me.) If we could put a winning team together with a different QB I’d be just a little happier than I would be if we were winning with Ben.

  • Bell Cow

    The front office must be fearful that Ben doesn’t have 3-5 good years left in his career. The way he plays, it would be a risky investment to give him another big contract.

  • Paul Jones

    there are so many needs on this team, why go and create another at the most important position. ben can win. i wouldnt trade him… but by the time this team is relevant he can be past his prime.

  • dgh57

    I only say this because it has now been reported, and my on personal feelings aside, I can’t say I blame him for asking for a trade if indeed it’s actually true. He’s on pace to be sacked over 60 times and he’s still in his prime so I’d be asking to get out of town also, especially if not much is done about improving the OL this off season the trade rumors may only heat up.

  • Tom

    Maybe Pittsburgh needs a good coach?

  • Tom

    KC still doesn’t have a good QB

  • MJD

    No one seems to realize we are a bad team, with players not living up to their contracts, no young talent, no depth, and we are way over the cap cap again next year. All the restructuring we do has finally caught up with us. Even if we wanted to sign Ben how can we? Who can we cut that would give us the money needed to add on an extra 5-10 mill a year for Ben? Any player who could give us that has been restructured and the dead money hit is getting us no where fast.

  • Jeff Painter

    I got news for everybody,this will happen. And if it does it’s the right move. This upcoming draft is going to be QB heavy. I think it’s time to clean house,the faster the rebuilding process begins the better.

  • greeny

    Why should he stay. The fan base hates him. The organization did not want him to have a relationship with his OC or even have input into the offense (lets play 1970’s Steelers football in an era that is pass happy). They have treated him like a rookie his entire career. Again, if we had anyone else besides Tomlin, we would have gone to more SB’s with the team we had from 2007-2012. I consider this to be very credible. Careful what you wish for my fellow Steeler fans. On the flip side, with how inept Colbert and Tomlin are at drafting compounded with the little resources the Steelers put into analytics and data when drafting, getting first round pick compensation will be a disaster for us. We drafted a tiny OLB (body of a safety) with spinal stenosis in the first round this past year and the majority of our fans still believe that was a good pick. How stupid is that. Found it curious of Joe Greene abruptly retired after this last draft. Rooney’s better make the right decision and get rid of Haley and Tomlin and Colbert….but they will not.

  • SteelersDepot

    The fan base hates him? Straw-man much?

  • Paul Jones


  • Kevin Artis

    I would definitely field some offers and see what comes up. If we can drop his total contract and no dead money charge I would look at what we can get. If nothing is remotely close to at least a number 1 and 3 pick and they take his contract then no way.

  • Mike Carroll

    1) Keep Ben, but no extension/restructure this offseason. Instead, get his contract in better standing by eating his large salary cap hit while the team rebuilds.
    2) Cut some other aging vets who won’t be productive 2 years from now.
    3) Rebuild team over next 2 seasons.
    4) Consider signing Ben in 2015/16 to a favorable contract when his market value will be lower on the heels of a few poor team seasons and he is that much older.

  • Tom

    Thanks for making me google search “straw-man”

  • greeny

    I live in Baltimore. Ray Lewis never tipped when going out to restaurants here even after demanding these places stay open way past 2:00am….oh and plead guilty to a crime. How is Ben received in Pittsburgh for poor tipping and being 25 years old

  • Eric Crook

    I cant see Ben leaving the Steelers…he probably just want Haley outta there just like everybody else!

  • jcsteel

    Did you see the game against Stanford? Mariotta folded under pressure, happy feet the whole game. Pass.

  • CW

    Think this is probably a “me or him” move on Todd Haley for Big Ben if it’s even true. Haley hasn’t rebuilt the ground game and seems to have a middling impact on the offense on a whole.

  • Tom

    Uh….he was playing with a sprained MCL.

  • Matt Manzo

    Someone please discredit this report! Ben was a godsend! I don’t wanna see him in any other colors!

  • Jeremy Skillings

    Don’t really love Haley or Ben at this point. Would love to get rid of Ben and get some value for him and get rid of Haley but probably won’t happen> Would be nice to draft a young QB and have him learn under Ben, but the NFL doesn’t seem to work that way any more, so would be good to get value for Ben. Enjoyed Ben while he was here and valuable, but he has never been good at reading a defense, and he is running out of the ability to just hold the ball until the d breaks down. Enjoyed his time in Pittsburgh, but him asking out may be the best thing for this franchise, as it gives them the excuse to put the aging veteran that gets paid more than he is worth to someone else, get some value, and try to find a new, younger, and cheaper franchise QB. (not that that is an easy pick)

  • mem359

    I’m thinking only an outrageous offer, like the Raiders did for Carson Palmer, would get the Steelers attention.

    In this case Arians (who likes Ben) reaches out to Ben (who likes Arians) to go to Arizona (who needs a quarterback). The Cardinals would seem to be the best chance of getting the Steelers management to at least consider the offer (even if they decide “no”).

  • mem359

    What I can believe is that Ben would understand if the Steelers were cleaning house of all the veterans, but that somehow gets twisted into him demanding to be traded away.

  • Anthony Hodge

    So then I’m guessing Cohwer should’ve won more SB’s also??? Cohwer lost SB 30 and won SB 40 in 15 years as coach…Tomlin won SB 43 lost SB 45 in 6 years..Both coaches were part of some bad drafting..Remember Huey Richardson — 1991 (No. 15 overall) and if you research his draft picks,you’ll find more…The point is some Steeler fans somehow forget about the bad years with Cohwer but because Tomlin is the current coach and is going through his bad years,they want him fired now…He’ll be treated the same as the last 2 before him….

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I can agree that Ben is fustrated and is not happy with the way this team is going and if any Steelers player is not I would question why he is playing football. As far as us fielding trades makes sense. I own a business and always looking to better my business and I would expect a organization to look at any decent offer. The one key is we cannot give up a really good QB unless we have someone to replace in which the articled suggest. I have NO PROBLEM with getting Bridgewater in the draft and trading Ben for a couple first round picks and a few other picks. This would drop our cap and get us a lot of talent infusion to turn this team around in a year or two for many years

  • Dennis Nevinsky

    Ben has been hit so many times that his body won’t last until the team is ready to contend again. If we could trade Ben and get a rookie franchise QB and a few other draft picks, we won’t have to wait 10 years for a contending team.

  • Dale

    Well, sure, the fan base IN BALTIMORE hates Ben.

  • sean mcmartin

    The difference is these guys left because they had QB’s waiting to take over for them.
    Steve young ,A. Rogers ,A. Luck.
    Franchise QB will stay..

  • Jello

    I’m not surprised he wants to be traded. He doesn’t like the direction that the Steelers ownership is taking the team, and as a fan, neither do I. It is very frustrating to watch the Steelers this season. Putting in Todd Haley as OC was questionable, but Todd Haley not compromising on his personal offensive terminology with Big Ben and the veteran offense was downright asinine; it shows this dolts arrogance and foolishness. He should have been fired yesterday. I hope the Steelers correct this OC BLUNDER before it’s too late for Big Ben to win another ring with Pittsburgh.

  • jcsteel

    Excuse. If he was too hurt to play than he shouldn’t have played. You play then you aren’t that hurt.

  • Tom

    I would say that playing on a sprained MCL is more than a excuse.

    When Ben was dragging his leg around in a boot against the 49ers a few years ago, did you expect him to perform at top level? That he performed horrendously obviously had nothing to do with his injury based on your line of thinking.

  • Pghhomer

    I would trade Ben to Minnesota for LT Khalil their 1st and 2nd.
    Get QB and WR Mike Evans with first two picks.